NU’EST Ren, JR Shoots First Magazine Pictorial Post-Produce + Greetings For Labiotte

More good news rolling out today as NU’EST Ren and JR are announced as part of @Star1 Magazine’s August issue lineup! The two flowerboys had shot the magazine pictorial presumably with a flower-theme, as seen from the bouquet in the Instagram post.

Either way, the duo decked in chic monochrome outfits looked absolutely dashing, and fans can grab a copy of the magazine when it drops on 21 July. More behind-the-scenes can be found here at the moment.

Screencap of the IG video.

That’s not all, as the two members also sent their greetings to fans via Labiotte’s official Instagram, confirming their participation as the brand’s new models! Briefly talking about Labiotte’s brand story of using premium, natural elements, they asked fans to look out for their future activities and the CFs.

In related news, JR and Aron has been teasing fans about potential activities to meet L.O.V.Es as a group very, very soon on yesterday’s Vapp, which you can watch here in all subbed-fineness.

Are you ready for the CF and the magazine?

Source: atstar1magazine ; labiotteofficial
‘Star Wars’ Han Solo Spinoff: Lord & Miller Fired After Clashing With Kathleen Kennedy (EXCLUSIVE)

“Some insiders believe that while Kennedy wants to make a splash by hiring young indie directors such as Gareth Edwards (“Rogue One: A Star Wars Story”) and Rian Johnson (“Star Wars: The Last Jedi”), she’s ultimately unwilling to empower them to make their own creative decisions.”

So much for all the “They’re so hands-off!!” bs everyone’s been spouting since celebration xD JJ probably only battled for TFA and got his way because he’s JJ fucking Abrams. So I’m not sure how poor Rian’s fared so far.

For those who don’t know, Variety is the tv and film industry’s #1 news and info mag- everyone really trusts it so there are no “fake sources” in this publication. So, I’m liable to believe what’s being said here and frankly everyone, especially Kennedy, looks pretty bad right now.

6w7 vs 4w3

Hey guys, I’m having a hard time distinguishing these two types. Can someone who knows a lot about enneagram help me out? I’m asking for @infp-the-new-coffee . I’m going to tag some people that might be able to help but if you don’t want to provide info it’s fine.


Thanks for your help if you do help :)

K-RUSH releases JRen- no, MinRen’s preview!

Turns out that K-RUSH editor has decided to release a MinRen preview instead, as revealed by their latest tweet! 

Original tweet: 

【4月25日(金)発売K-RUSH VOL.10】先出し未公開ショットNU'EST本日は……JRen!!といきたいところですがJRenさんは明日発売の誌面までとっておきまして(笑)、本日は花も霞む華美男ミンヒョン&レンさんペア

L.O.ㅅ.Es who ship JRen would have to wait for one more day, as the magazine would be released tomorrow. Instead, let’s enjoy this special preview featuring the flower boys of NU'EST, Busan-line Minhyun and Ren!

While it’s no JRen, we certainly wouldn’t mind some MinRen, right?

Source: K-RUSH official @KRUSH110723
NU'EST To Be Featured On March Issue of RIVERIVER

Following Ren’s recent update on his photoshoot for Japanese Magazine RIVERIVER, the magazine has since updated their Instagram with a repost, confirming the band’s upcoming feature in the magazine for the March issue.

Ren’s photo on his personal Instagram

RIVERIVER is a Japanese magazine featuring Korean culture and celebrities. 

The issue with the boys’ photoshoot (taken in Seoul) will go on sale on 31st March

The magazine also has an official Tumblr, which you can check it out over here.

Source: Ren's Instagram / RIVERIVER Instagram