Veronique Meignaud

Canadian multimedia artist Veronique Meignaud beautifully merges her soft, painterly digital techniques with a variety of graphic elements. Her use of colors is oftentimes vibrant, airy and psychedelic, depicting a wide array of mysterious, feminine figures and gigantic hybrids between creatures, buildings and dissolving landscapes. Veronique’s diverse portfolio consists of digital and traditional illustration, motion graphics, game concept art and visual development.

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Maria Surkova

The sinuous inks of Russian artist and illustrator Maria Surkova portray wise women accompanied by mythical, sometimes grotesque animal familiars. No matter how disgusting these zombie elk, fish and wolves may seem, they guard their human allies ferociously. Maria’s women, in turn, appear to be a part of nature and the cycle of death and rebirth, carrying an ancient strength in their eyes. They are not afraid - they tame wild horses effortlessly, take care of wounded predators, and live alongside their animal companions in peace.

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For the Record

“The only thing Undyne likes about having the title of baroness is being able to protect and look after the citizens of Waterfall.

The tight, itchy dress that’s entirely too long to the point she often trips over it? The annoying, miserable dressy hairstyle with the millions of MTT-brand Blobby pins tangled in it? The entire “every leader must represent the underground through fashion and grace” bull that King Mettaton orders?

She hates it. Despises it. At the end of the day, she simply throws the damn thing on the floor, puts her hair up in her usual ponytail, and runs hastily to throw some comfortable sweats and a tank on to practice her fighting skills.“

-Snipit from unknown

You know what I’d find really interesting? Seeing the average player storyline from all the Dragon Age Keeps. Like, gather all the data people have put into that, all the choices players have made for their canon storylines going through the games, and work out the average game experience. For every important game choice, to see what most people ultimately went with.

I feel like it would be really interesting to see. There are some things I’m sure I could guess the outcome of: I’d predict Alistair would almost certainly be on the throne of Ferelden…I’m sure more people would side with the mages than the Templars in all the games…I’d bet good money that those who chose to desecrate Andraste’s ashes are in the small minority.

But then there are other things I find it more difficult to guess. Would most players execute Anders at the end of Dragon Age 2, or let him live? Who is the most common person to end up as Divine Victoria? The most common person for a Warden/Hawke/Inquisitor to romance?

The Dragon Age series is intended to be all about player choices, so what did we, as the vast fandom of this franchise, collectively decide to choose to be the story?

The Dragon Age Keep presumably has all this data, and I WANT TO SEE CHARTS AND STATISTICS GOSH DARN IT.

VIXX in MÉXICO ticket information.

Sales begin Monday 15th February at 11am.

General Admission

  • 990 MXN (around $54 USD)
  • Standing
  • Will only be sold on ticketmaster


  • 1990 MXN (around $107 USD)
  • Seated
  • Will only be sold on ticketmaster

St★rlights Autograph VIP

  • 2990 MXN (around $162 USD)
  • Entrance to Meet & Greet
  • Early access to the concert
  • Place near the stage
  • Hi-touch
  • Autographed poster
  • Will only be sold on and at Academia Ninshi from 11am

St★rlights Photo VIP

  • 3190 MXN (around $172 USD)
  • Entrance to meet & greet
  • Early access to the concert
  • Place near the stage
  • Hi-touch
  • Group photo with VIXX
  • Will only be sold on and at Academia Ninshi from 11am

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As per request, I’ve decided to do a second part to my “Ultimate Survival Guide” series (well I guess I can call it a series bc now there’s 2 yay). I’ve got some tips for any high school newbie. ur not gonna die fam. i got u.


  1. In high school, or at least my high school, we didn’t get to choose a whole bunch of our classes. We were told to follow the main curriculum and then we got to pick a few electives. I highly suggest a music credit. I was in band and choir and I loved it. There have been innumerable studies about how music positively affects the brain, so take a darn music class pls.
  2. High school teachers can be butt nuggets. I’m not going to lie to you. Some of them are upset that they have a Masters degree in education that took them 6 years to obtain and now they are teaching pubescent  teenage children. BUT some of them are literally the best human beings you will ever meet on this earth. So sometimes you just have to deal with some sucky teachers and be blessed by the great ones. 
  3. So in that same vein, don’t take criticisms too harshly. You are learning, growing, and becoming your own person. Don’t feel bad for not knowing quite who that is yet. Heck, I don’t even quite know who I am yet.
  4. Do as best as you can in classes from the get-go. It is significantly easier to start out with an A and relax all semester than start off with a D and then try to get it back up.
  5. Lanes is an awesome extension/app that doubles as a Pomodoro timer. It’s super cool.


  1. Use a planner or bullet journal. It is physically impossible to try to remember all the tiny things you have to do in a day. My current favorite (and the one I’m using right now) is the Me & My Big Ideas Happy planner. Plus, these are on sale since they’re 2015-2016! I’d say it’s similar to an Erin Condren planner, but more affordable.
  2. Don’t feel like you need to copy anyone’s organizational style just to impress others or some other reason. Do what works for you. Personally, I can’t put all the pretty stickers and stuff in my planner bc it distracts me and also I literally don’t have room for it. So don’t feel like you have to do certain things because it’s the “right” way to do it.
  3. Use a desk calendar. This one isn’t exactly necessary, but it definitely helps me. I write out all my exam dates so I know when they’re coming up and I can literally see when they are coming up. It’s a great way to keep studying priorities in check. I have one similar to this.
  4. In order to not forget things, write them down immediately. That way, you won’t forget after class and you’ll have everything down in a nifty lil spot!
  5. Get a routine down now, so college is easier. Going to university is a huge change in itself, don’t make it harder on yourself by not being ready. Establish a hygiene routine, study habits, etc. before the major stresses of college.


  1. This one is pretty similar to my previous guide. Most of the time, people are pretty decent if you just introduce yourself. 
  2. Whether you go to a small or large high school, you’ll definitely end up seeing the same people more than once. So take that opportunity to relate to them! Strike up a convo about how much you hate your math teacher or something!
  3. Sit with people at lunch. And don’t be afraid to say, “hey, can I sit with you?” What’s the worst that could happen? They say no and then you don’t have to talk to them ever again!
  4. Don’t get sucked into getting a zillion social media apps. They’re dumb. When I was in high school, was popular and there was sooooo much drama because of it. Just don’t be that kid.
  5. People that you think are “popular” don’t actually think they’re “popular”. So just be nice to them. People thought I was “popular” and I was just a nerdy choir kid who thought she was at the bottom of the heap. It’s all about perspective.


  1. Walk on the right side of the hallway. Also don’t block the hallway or stand in the hallway or kiss in the hallway or run in the hallway. JUST DON’T DO ANYTHING BUT WALK IN THE HALLWAY. ok.
  2. Do not get literally everything you own monogrammed. I know they’re cute, but you just look super juvenile. I suggest getting one item monogrammed, like a tote that you bring to school. I wouldn’t put them on lunch boxes, notebooks, pencil cases, and the like. Too many are just tacky. Here is the bag that I got monogrammed and used as a backpack.
  3. Be kind and confident! Smile at people in the halls and look up from your phone every once in a while.

I hope these tips help you out! Best of luck in high school and beyond! Much love beebs.