This is my absolute favorite book series. I read it all as ebooks but recently decided to buy the first book in paperback to reread it. Plus, the author self publishes and I love her and want her to have my money. She has shared such a wonderful story with the world and she deserves so much for that!

I’m so in love with this story. I can’t even properly express how many emotions it gives me just to hold the physical book in my hands. This series got me through a pretty rough time, so it just means so much to me. Please consider checking it out!


Okay, so I’ve had the pleasure of doing business with two separate custom button makers for 1.25″ buttons so far, Lava Alley and Disjointed Images. I wanted to do a quick point-by-point review of the two with Cost, Communication, and Construction. As a disclaimer/preface:

The example buttons for the Disjointed Image photos are from an order I made around two years ago, while the Lava Alley buttons are from an order I received today (5/13/15). I have another order in with Disjointed Images which I am picking up on Friday.

The only change I made to the design itself on the comparison buttons was removing the line of contact info along the edge of the button, as Lava Alley’s templates did not specify an “edge” area (I’ve since removed the edge text altogether from the button designs anyway). Lava Alley uses a universal button template and I will not be reviewing image placement on either set of buttons because each company uses a different style of template. Image placement did vary more on Lava Alley’s buttons, but variation is expected.

Onto the review!

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Successor to the Galaxy Note Edge could become phablet version of Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Successor to the Galaxy Note Edge could become phablet version of Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Along the statements of JK Shin himself with the official presentation of Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is belied in July there are new rumors about the phablet not solely itself, but on thenext generation of Samsung Galaxy Note Edge . Info is much less surprising for the reason that revelation of some of its possible traits leads us to believe that the system developed beneath the code name Project Zero…

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I am so proud of myself for this design; it isn’t the most complicated of designs however it is a simple little piece which allowed me to practice my illustrator skills. I learnt how to curve my text, and bring life to my initials. A thin black line separates my initials, making them the focal part of the sticker. The online info flows around the edge making it easy to read; not too big, not too small. 

I used the font Didot; I feel like it looks professional yet playful… Me in a nutshell I guess!

NDTV News - Technology: Zomato Gets Rs. 155 Crores Investment From Info Edge India

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Zomato Gets Rs. 155 Crores Investment From Info Edge India
Apr 10th 2015, 12:33

Info Edge India’s funding will be used to further expand Zomato’s business.

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