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Hello lads,,,,, I’ve scrubbed this blog of all photos of me n references to where i live for Safety Reasons and I’ve made a smaller, secret blog where i can post photos of myself and of the city,,,,,,msg me if you want to follow it n I’ll give you the url


I’m Finally Open For Commissions!

Ever wanted a Rock ‘N’ Roll obsessed cartoonist to draw you something? 

Well,  here I am to fulfill your wacky fantasies! 

I’ll draw whatever ya want, but I specialize in cartoony pin-up art, punk art, zombies and Hot Rod fink art inspired by the almighty Ed “Big Daddy” Roth!

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also! I should say that if anyone ever needs an interview Hirsch did, or help finding a particular one, or if you’re having trouble accessing one or one gets taken offline, etc, I’d be happy to help. I’m not a total pro and I do forget stuff sometimes, but I’m already so in the habit of saving these articles, and it’s all info I really want to have so! need to know something Hirsch said, or something someone said or wrote about him? I’m your girl.

counter to this: if you find an article or an interview you think I should know about, tell me! I really wanna know all this stuff so you’re always welcome to ask me if I know about a particular article.


I saw a pic with Mishima in his full gym clothes and he was so cute this monster happened

anyway I feel like someone as tiny as Mishima playing sports would be so cute to watch? I like to think he’s pretty decent at it since he was in a sports club (I assume to stand out, but well things didn’t work out.… .)

i also like to think of Ryuji as the Tired Best Friend who knows Akira has a crush on Mishima but has to watch Mishima unknowingly side-step all the damn time (gdi ryuji, blocking me at the school fest too)

Last pic is kinda a sad thought :’)

anonymous asked:

Why are there still so many people who believe that cheetahs are the fastest animals alive when it's clearly peregrine falcons?

Listen, it’s all in how you’re going to split hairs or various other integuments on this one. Without any qualifiers, peregrine falcons are the fastest animal. However, they hit their record speeds of 320km/hr+ in free-fall - so, once you start getting into “fastest animal moving under it’s own power”, things get messy. When it comes to powered flight, peregrines only hit about 65-90km/hr.

Cheetahs aren’t even a close second in the unqualified “fastest animals” category though, with their speeds of ~120km/hr; a whole slew of other speedy birds who enjoy plummeting to their deaths just haphazardly smashed their way in there with no regard for those poor earth-bound mammals

So let’s get into some qualifiers. Fastest self-powered movement? Nope; Brazilian free-tailed bats noodle around at a casual 160km/hr - and, as you may notice, this also means cheetahs aren’t even the fastest mammal. It’s only once we rule out everything that isn’t a terrestrial mammal that cheetahs finally take the crown. You tried, cheetahs.

This isn’t even going into speed options beyond our restrictive, human-sized measurements - for instance, in terms of objective body lengths per second the Southern California mite just absolutely crushes it with 322 body lengths per second (whereas cheetahs only score at about 16). To translate, this is the equivalent of a human running 2,092km/hr

written by @nerdyfangirl57, Art by @beerwolves for @sterekreversebang 2017!

Stiles thought he’d never feel as guilty as he did the day he found out Scott had been bitten by a rogue alpha werewolf, little did he know things would only get worse as the struggle to keep his secret from his best friends drags on.

Then Derek Hale gets thrown into the mix, because of course he does.

anonymous asked:

Care to share why your anti CW Betty? You're entitled to your opinion but im curious to know why

Yeah dude! Here’s a short list:

1) The entire show is suddenly centered around her and her problems. Like, I get it, she has an unbelievably stressful and terrifying life but my boi Jughead over here is struggling with homelessness and his drunken father and his broken family?? And Ronnie is still struggling with the sudden loss of her dad??? And Archie is a victim of sexual abuse and trying to find himself???? Girl, I know you got it rough but you’re not the only one.
2) A follow up of the previous reason, this is RIVERDALE; this is a show about all of the main characters (that means that’s supposed to include Josie and Cheryl too) but it’s still basically a Betty Double Digest. One of the writers of the show also said she’s their favorite character which is why the entire plot revolves around her.
3) She is literally a Mary Sue. I think the writers were trying to make this fantastic, groundbreaking character arc from her but in episode one she was too afraid to try on a new lipstick shade and then suddenly in episode six she’s ransacking her mom’s purse and breaking into cars. That’s not a character arc that’s just the writers hopping from one personality to another.
4) Every other character is constantly villainized to make Betty’s character look better. Archie is portrayed as this complete asshole because he doesn’t feel romantically towards her??? She acted entitled to his affection just because she’s known him the longest???? Calm tf down like I get it, that sucks, but you can’t just blame him for it.
5) In the comics, she’s not like the ultimate character she is here. This is just because I’ve lived off of the comics since forever, but she’s suddenly got all of the best character traits leaving all the other characters to be portrayed as incomplete, the problematic fav, or just an antagonist. Like she suddenly has Veronica’s confidence, Juggie’s sass, Reggie’s complete devotion to his friends, etc. that just rubbed me wrong.
6) Torturing and almost killing a man is not “girl power” it’s just attempted homicide I’m sorry guys
7) She’s being paired with literally the only canon asexual (and seemingly aro) character I’ve ever seen and that makes me so angry

That’s just a few lmao

I am opening commissions!

Important info:

My email is If you are interested.

I accept $USD. It must be paid in full before I start. I will send an invoice before you pay though. So email me, we will chat, and we will see what we can do!

Additional characters will be +Half the cost for each character. Max 4 characters.

I reserve the right to refuse your commission if it makes me uncomfortable.

We will communicate with e-mail. Deadlines will vary because I work two jobs. I will send updates on progress. I will send you a finished sketch for you to approve before I color it. If you approve, then want me to change it after I started coloring, it will cost extra depending on what you want.

I will watermark and post it on my Tumblr after it is complete, unless otherwise requested.

Will draw:

  • Most fandoms (send refs for characters I’m not familiar with)
  • OC’s

Won’t Draw:

  • Mecha
  • NSFW
  • Gore
  • Anthro or Furry

You may use the commission for personal use, but you may not use it for profit. It is fine if you post it but please give credit to me when you do.


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Made some fun magic items which’ll be in my homebrew campaign later once it starts, some based on jokes or puns, but all usable! Well, maybe not the egg completely since the last result is heavily based on things in my own campaign, but discounting that you could use these if you’d like~ 


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