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the idea of just adopting a shelter dog without thinking about breed is so harmful. Like, there are people who just walk into a shelter and say “this one is cute I’ll take it” and then pat themselves on the fucking back because “adopt don’t shop” but then be 100% unprepared for that dog’s breed specific needs. A Herding dog will be energetic. A Bull-breed will have a high chance of dog reactivity. A Sighthound will have a prey drive. A Nordic breed will be vocal. These are all things you need to think about BEFORE you look for a dog. Don’t go into an adoption blind, rescue or not you are doing yourself and that dog no favors.

2000 Special winner!

I told you guys I’d announce it soon! “but that’s to soon– *gets shot*” 


Let’s go to the point! The winner, with amazingly since I thought nobody would participate cuz those ship were kinda weird but I love them sjdhjs the most votes is…

ROTTENBERRY YEY! longlivetheblueberryships

Mah second OTP won, tha’s incredible o-o)!!!


There’s another ship that won. Why? Because a friend that I love, likes that couple and they wanted me to give life to a fanchild. That couple is ErrorNight.


Those two couples are going to have their Stage two! I’ll soon post some options for you to choose for them. In this stage, we’re going to choose their bones’ color (for the ErrorNight since… well, nightmare is ACTUALLY a white boned skeleton), eyesockets’ appeareance (like… having just pinprick and this being blue/yellow/red/white/howrever) and their outfit!


RottenBerry will have its RottenBerry week. This will come after the Inkberry week that I’m planing to make in july!


I still want to draw Kustard and AfterFell. I luv AfterFell

Have a Blueprint picture I made since I don’t wanna post this without one uvu

THAT’S HIS WEAPON BY THE WAY! A cute mechanical pencil that he use to write his stories draw and make blueprints! It can changes size and he keeps it in his little bag!

Love you all!

Crystals to Cleanse the Home

A list of Crystals that make great energy cleansers for your home.

♢♦ Smokey Quartz: A great cleansing Crystal, Smokey Quartz will remove dense energy & replace that with a clear, clean & uplifting energy. 

♢♦ Black Obsidian: An excellent protective stone. Black Obsidian works by absorbing negative energy. Keep two pieces on either side of your front door to prevent any unwanted, negative energies from intruding into your home. 

♢♦ Black Tourmaline: Works to diffuse negativity & transmute that energy into loving kindness. Place a piece in each corner of the room in which your front door is situated to repel negativity, & maintain balance & tranquility within your home. 

♢♦ Rose Quartz: Rose Quartz is a love stone. Keep a large piece of Rose Quartz in the bedroom, lounge, or any other room in which you spend a lot of time to help promote love of a nurturing kind, & to maintain happiness within your home. 

♢♦ Amethyst: This Crystal absorbs & transmutes negativity, helping to promote peace, & tranquility. Place an Amethyst Cluster in a room in which you commonly frequent to help maintain peace & happiness within your home. Amethyst is also a good creativity stone, keep a piece in your Kitchen to encourage creativity in your culinary skills. 

Things we know about iKON’s second studio album so far:

• More friendly (probably no diss tracks like rhythm ta or anthem)
• Many Choir like parts/polyphony (like in m.u.p)
• All members wrote & composed for this album
• One of the songs is based on Hanbin’s wet dream
• One song (written by dong and jinhwan) is based on donghyuk’s emotional struggles
• June created compositions in mass production
• 2 confirmed MV’s

ok clarification for those of yall who seem confused: the handmaiden is a korean movie, not japanese. japanese is sometimes spoken bc the plot takes place during the japanese occupation in korea, and back then, the korean language and culture was marginalized. the japanese govt illegalized the korean language and made japanese the official language of korea

and also, some ppl on tumblr are claiming that the movie is racist bc it casts korean actors as japanese characters, which would be completely valid criticism if the charas were rlly japanese. but they’re not. from what i know the charas are ethnically korean. the reason why some of the charas have japanese names is bc there was a law in 1940 that forced koreans to abandon their ethnic surnames and take a japanese ones instead, bc the japanese govt wanted to force koreans to completely assimilate into japanese culture

edit: few corrections to this post, bc I just typed it out with info I knew off the top of my head when I first made it: lady hideko is in fact japanese, altho her uncle (the guardian) is korean. it is not racist to cast asians interchangeably (for ex: casting a korean actor for a japanese character) in an east asian context. east asian media often intersects, and the race dynamics are just different there.

also, the movie takes place during the 1930s, which would mean the name change law was not in effect yet. during the 1930s, koreans would change their names to japanese names in order to mask their korean heritage and escape discrimination, not because they were forced to by law