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I find it interesting how whenever someone knows my shop but not me personally they refer to me as a woman in a way of “oohhh yes i know her shop!!!!” and I’m just wonderin, do people assume it’s too gay for men to be crafting fetish jewelry or is it just something so unusual and extraordinary that nobody pays attention to my shop info where I state the shop owner is a dude


Updating my commissions for the new year!

The prices listed above are for full-body drawings of a character. Bust or torso drawings will be up to 40% cheaper.

More details (including other discounts) under the cut. Feel free to email me or send me an ask if you have any questions!

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Finished up these three today! Now I am working on sheaths. Then later I will be doing some forge work! The skinning knife and bigger seax are spoken for. The “Ranger” is still available! Just visit my etsy shop for more info.

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Thanks everyone!

Commission - Mirita and Ghorbash for Eazzy–Pink!

This painting was so so so fun and despite the commission only calling for a lightly detailed bg, I just loved these two so much I had to add more atmosphere.

♡ Thank you kindly for your support, Pink! ♡

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♛ Art Shop ( Updated with new works today!! )

Shop Anime/Manga Merch in Tokyo

To the anon going to Tokyo! I’ll try to keep this as organized as possible. This will get long, so it will be under a read more. 

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