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Have you seen the conception story of Yuri on ICE called “ENDLESS NIGHT”

Figure Skating IRL doesn’t permit same sex duos to perform. Yuri on Ice aims to tackle similar such stereotypes.

The short animation is easily available on Youtube so don’t miss out

The gifset was made to show a story which I misinterpreted. I was heavily influenced by YoI with this. Anyways what I incorrectly assumed was:

Our grown up lead walks into the rink ready to do his routine and then thinks of his past. He grew up watching his idol on tv. His entire childhood was spent living and breathing about ice skating…….until he finally meets the guy on the other side of the screen and they train together.

Then the “idol” leaves once his job is done signified by the glittery petals

Back to the main guy, he skates he recalls the past with his partner again. All the memories they shared and the way they were so in sync was a message to say that they weren’t two individuals,but one. Both skaters merge into one being to emphasize this. Even if he was gone physically,he was present with him mentally.
Finally his routine is done and the crowd cheers. He is satisfied with the culmination of his and his partner’s efforts.

   Edit: Oh yes,I forgot to mention the characters aren’t the same but if we have a s2 I’d love for them to appear. 

Re-Edit:  I’ve been informed of another MORE PLAUSIBLE interpretation. It’s about a young boy with a passion for figure skating imagining himself skating with his future self. The duo represent the present and future self skate together until it is just the present. The sakura petals are symbolic of completion and satisfication of completing a major life event. (Which is why all them anime/manga character associate graduation with completion of a major life event)

When he’s is class there are petals.

Next when he touches his future self the glittery effect is not glitter but sakura petals. When this happens his past self touches his future self as if to say, “I’ll get there soon”.

Finally at the end when he completes the skate he has a showers of sakura petals raining on him. Now life is complete.

The poster should arrive at SE by Tuesday (according to tracking). So continue to submit FFXV fanart, cosplay, photos, messages until Monday night (Feb. 20th at 11:59pm CST). Remember, these current submissions are for the online page of the FFXV Fan Project that a QR code on the poster will take the FFXV team to!

Who’s it for: Tabata-san and the FFXV development team. (Square Enix USA also gets a poster.)

What to submit: FFXV fanart, cosplay photos, pictures related to FFXV (example: your merch collection), handwritten/typed messages/feedback.

Theme: This poster is a “thank you” to Tabata-san and the team for this wonderful game, though it is not required to incorporate that in your entry. Whatever you want to show Tabby is just fine.

If I already submitted to the poster, can I submit another piece as well: Yes! If you’d like to submit an extra fanart/photo/etc, do so! I encourage messages and feedback as well.

Where to submit: Simply message @verryfinny or email

Final Deadline: February 20th, Monday night (11:59pm CST)

hello everyone! a question that I get a lot is how to build and keep up with good study habits. here are a few things i’ve learned over the years that may help you create your own positive habits!

what are good study habits?

when you look at people that you think have it all together, it’s probably because they have some combination of the following habits:

start early

starting your work early – and not putting it off until the day before – means that you have more time to do the project and can then do it better, are more relaxed, and have more time to do other (more fun!) things.

do a little everyday

instead of a lot all at once. studies show that you gain knowledge best over time, and not by cramming all the info the night before. plus, by doing work for a certain amount of time it becomes a habit, instead of an afterthought.

stay on schedule

if you don’t already have a planner that you keep up with, go get one. right now. i’ll wait. but forreal – having a plan and sticking to it is essential to having a successful study session, and making the grades you want. make a habit of updating your planner with assignments and deadline, as well as times you need to study, as they come up and check it every morning to see what’s on tap for the day.

don’t overwork yourself

the fastest way to get burnt out is doing too much too soon. give yourself breaks to relax. for me, this means meals, anytime after 7, and sundays are study free zones – find your balance between productivity and downtime.

these are just a few examples of good habits that can lead to good grades, but play around and find a way to make your habits work for you. 

how to form habits

make a plan

decide what habits you want to form, and figure out how to make it happen. 

get started!

the best time to start a new habit is right now. 

stick to it.

this means make it something you enjoy somehow. do you like to draw? then try bullet journaling to make keeping a planner fun. take your daily study sessions to your favorite coffee shop so you look forward to it everyday. set a timer if you need to, but whatever it takes make sure you don’t skip a day.

never underestimate the power of a simple habit! making your bed can make your day, so get to it and go build a life you love!


Our hearts are still warmed from Captain Anderson’s speedy sprint - and costume change - in order to attend Captain Morgan’s prestigious achievement dinner last night! That’s romantic dedication however you spin it!

As our unsinkable ship sailed once again towards the high seas, with new passengers on board who joined us after last night’s shenanigans, we had another beauty of a submission pinned to the ship’s message board by an anonymous passenger. 

The submitter questioned the ludicrous cross promotion theory that conspirators are using to try to sink our ship. They are failing and helping to sink their own in the process, oops!

We think these screencaps put the rumor to bed once and for all!

I’ve seen a lot of people talking about how boring or unoriginal it would be for Rey to be a Skywalker but honestly where is the boring part???
Rey, a girl with no family and no history, finding out that the MOST INFLUENTIAL FAMILY IN THE GALAXY is her family. How does anyone even begin to process that??? And there is SO MUCH SET UP FOR IT.
Rey is a good pilot.
Rey is good with droids.
Rey is strong with the force.
Any other direction just sounds stupid. IT MAKES THE MOST SENSE.
And we get to see Luke in a roll we’ve never seen ANYONE in the entire CANNON UNIVERSE in. He’s the father who left behind us daughter, and I am SURE he knew damn well that she existed. I am SURE he used the force to guide and help her. How the fuck did she know how to fly the Millennium Falcon? Well if her father is literally the best/last Jedi in the galaxy and HAS BEEN INSIDE THE FALCON A THOUSAND TIMES do you think he wouldn’t sense her distress and send some good force advice her way? She’d think it was just intuition/luck, but she probably called out to him with the force and he responded.
Vader knew where Luke was. Vader could track Luke. What makes you think Luke couldn’t keep tabs on his daughter?
I want to see a guilty old man trying to patch up roughly two decades worth of a broken relationship. I want to hear what reasons he gives her. Did he know she was in danger? Was he worried about not being a good enough father? And where is Rey’s mother? What happened to her? Why couldn’t she take care of Rey? Did Luke leave Rey with her mother thinking she was in good hands but her mother maybe didn’t want a Jedi’s daughter? Maybe mom wasn’t the best person to raise a young force sensitive child. Maybe we have a father who would have been amazing but gave Rey to a mother who didn’t want her. How fucking dramatic and heart wrenching would that be?
Episode VIII is confirmed to get darker. What could be darker than Rey struggling with being a Skywalker? Going from a no one to someone with a family legacy like that?
Honestly if you don’t think Rey Skywalker would be a drama and dynamic story line for Star Wars, you clearly don’t understand the art of storytelling.
A story doesn’t have to have an M. Night Shyamalan plot twist to be good (and haven’t we all seen it can actually hurt a movie), it needs characters in conflict.
I think Rey Skywalker gives us conflict.