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10 different fandom favorite characters!

Tagged by @linabigface thank you so much! Dang I was not expecting a thing like this to come! I wasn’t ready at all. As many of you know the only thing I watch is Inazuma Eleven (that is not transmitted on TV) luckily I watch TV so I will mention from my favorite cartoons and Youkai Watch (because I luuuuv it too)

Rules: list ten of your favourite characters from ten different fandoms (in no particular order) and then tag ten others.

Also to not get out of ideas I’ll separate inazuma eleven in IE, IEGO,IEGOCS and IEGOGALAXY (I’m a freaking genious!!)

1.Inazuma Eleven- Mutou Satoshi (this little tiny bit important and beautiful boy) and Afuro Terumi (I needed to include my beautiful angel too, so I broke the rulz! XD

2.Inazuma Eleven GO-Amemiya Taiyou

3.Inazuma Eleven GO Chrono Stone- Alpha

4.Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy- Ibuki Munemasa

Uh, is Inazuma already done? Alright, then other cute things I watch

5.Youkai Watch -Kyuubi (perfection)

6.Star vs the evil forces- Star Butterfly

7.Steven Universe- Peridot

Oh! I was sure I watch tv but suddenly I’m out of ideas!

8.The amazing world of gumball-Gumball Watterson

9.Gravity Falls- Uncle stand

10.Clarence- Clarence!

Ok, so now is time to tag, I’m pretty sure you ways watch more anime and series than me, I think I won’t be able to tag 10, but some

So I tag you beautiful people: @03ranmaru-kirino @shawn-and-aiden-frost-9 @inazuma-eleven-translations @darklephise-art @iuniu @inazuma-eleven-lover

V’s Route Chatroom times + general Info (Spoiler Free)

I’ll keep this post updated!! ALONG SIDE OF ME PLAYING!! (Should be finished for now. Unless someone can confirm the amount of guests you need for the good ending.)

Hey Hey, so Cheritz has thrown V’s Route out for us android users yesterday. iOS users have to wait a couple more days, unfortunately. But I guess iOS users have the advantage over Chatroom times for now. 

If you have general questions, my ask box is always open and I’ll try to answer as much as possible. If you guys have any spoiler related questions, I’ll be tagging it as “v route spoiler” so you can maybe block that tag, or I’ll see how I can make a cut, so you do not see anything you don’t want to. 

I also wanted to use this post to thank you guys for following and supporting me with this. I’m really glad I can help you guys out. ♥

General Info: 

Another Story is really expensive. 

  • Unlocking Another Story: 300 Hourglasses
  • Phone calls to V and Saeran: 10 Hourglasses
  • Missed Chats: 15 Hourglasses
  • Unlocking the next day: Ranges from 150 - 300 Hourglasses. (I’m extremely salty about this one.)
  • The Common Route contains A LOT of story. There’s a lot of Visual novels. 
  • It seems unlike in the other routes, you need 17 Guests in order to get the good ending, instead of 9 / 10 (I’m not 100% sure how many. I’m still kind of looking for confirmation on this one, 17 looks like an awfully odd number.)

Email Answers Guide by @ haengbokaeyo

V’s Route Tips Day 1 - 11 (10)

Calling times by @khaleecia

First Day: 

23:25 +VN

Second Day:

1:19 + VN
7:50 + VN
12:00 +VN
13:57 +VN
15:24 +VN
18:26 +VN

Third Day: 

00:31 +VN
12:22 +VN
18:24 +VN
20:11 +VN
23:07 +VN

Fourth Day:

2:34 +VN
8:15 +VN
12:00 +VN
14:41 +VN
17:36 +VN
21:53 +VN

GAME BRANCH - Congrats if you made it through!
(I’m genuinely glad I made it ahaha)

Fifth Day: 

00:03 +VN
02:00 +VN
7:30 +VN
10:52 +VN
15:11 +VN
17:59 +VN
19:36 +VN
21:00 +VN

Sixth Day: 

02:43 +VN
12:33 +VN
14:42 +VN
16:19 +VN
18:23 +VN
20:00 +VN
22:02 +VN
23:11 +VN

Seventh Day: 

2:32 +VN
6:55 +VN
8:46 +VN
11:51 +VN
13:16 +VN
15:38 +VN
19:24 +VN
21:39 +VN
23:11 + GAME BRANCH VN! 

Eighth Day:

00:44 +VN
01:59 +VN
09:27 +VN
11:00 +VN
17:52 +VN
22:00 +VN
23:16 +VN
23:24 +VN****

Ninth Day:

00:56 +VN
02:43 +VN
06:21 +VN
09:04 +VN
12:07 +VN
14:11 +VN
16:39 +VN
18:35 +VN
21:49 +GAME BRANCH VN (??)******
23:24 ******

Tenth Day:

00:46 +VN
02:32 +VN
06:21 +VN
08:38 +VN
14:05 +VN
16:12 +VN
21:53 +VN

Final day:

12:00 PARTY!

(??)***** I am not sure if that is correct. I was looking up my history for V’s route. Somehow, I’ve gotten the same chat twice in there, for whatever reason. 

anonymous asked:

Who's Erica

Erica is Taylor’s assistant although she has often been referred to as her tour manager (but she’s definitely an assistant). You can spot her somewhere around Taylor at pretty much any, even remotely, work-related thing or to put it this way - if Tree is around, there is 95% chance that Erica is too.

You might remember the #EricasExpressions hashtag that was somewhat popular during 1989 Tour, mostly because she has this facial expression which screams unimpressed and uninterested, like her soul is leaving her body… Like this:

However, she quickly became a darling of fans because she’s been Taylor’s ride or die for a very long time, and look - she smiles! (X)

…also, she seems to be as close to some of Taylor’s friends as Tree is, like this time Gigi made sure to give her a hug in midst of all that chaos:

You might also remember her from “Blank Space” music video BTS:

Anyways, her full name is Erica Worden and while I’m not sure for how long she’s been around (absolutely sure about Red era and 1989 era), I think I read somewhere (could have been some loft 89 story, someone that talked with her or some other blog post) that she’s been with Taylor pretty much since the beginning. So, let this be little tribute post to Erica and all her years of service and loyalty to Taylor.

Okay, since it’s now canon that percy is a swimmer, here’s some things to consider:
-he wakes up super early for morning practice and sleeps through his math class
-broad shoulders!
-eats constantly. constant snacking. lots of food in his bag. so much food.
-what’s that you say? cap tan? and goggles tan? gods, percy wear sunscreen during outdoor practice
-lots of chlorine means hair that won’t smooth down eVER
-back muscles. b a c k muscles
-don’t tell me percy would be anything but a sprinter. one time he swam the five hundred and got out after a two hundred. he’s all about that 50 life
-he’s got a big old speedo bag filled with a mix of mildewy towels, broken goggles, and old camp shirts
-annabeth timing at his highschool meets and showing up with big signs at club ones

Waist up: 

No color (Black and white): 16,00 EURO 
Extra character: 10,00 EURO

Full Body:
No color (Black and white): 20,00 EURO 
Extra character: 13,00 EURO

Coloring (including shading) : 5,00 EURO extra per character!

- I use Paypal and the prices are in EURO ! Payment is upfront please
- On average it takes about 1-3 weeks to finish a commission, it depends!

 If you have questions or are interested in a commission, you can contact me on Tumblr or through my E-Mail: !


“ Its all up to him now…”

Part 1/Part 2/Part 3/Au info

Free! Cast: Things I've actually heard College Students say
  • Nagisa: Look how pretty my notes are!!! Too bad I'll never study them.
  • Nitori: I might look fine in class but I'm dying inside.
  • Rei: I've never seen Frozen and at this point I'm afraid too.
  • Haru: When the professor shows up Im just gonna get up, make eye contact and leave.
  • Gou: Shut the fuck up and eat your shitty Frosted Flakes.
  • Momo: Is it acceptable to throw myself out this window after the exam?
  • Nagisa: I need more gay people in my life I'm suffocating in straights.
  • Haru: I think I'm gonna sleep outside and let the snow bury me until I die.
  • Rin: Why the fuck would I pay $5 for a grilled cheese? Oh wait they're delivering them? Buy 3.
  • Makoto: I feel like a child but I look like an adult and I think it throws people off.
  • Momo: Yo look at this dog! I want this dog. This dog is a straight g.
  • Nagisa: I got super drunk and told everyone I was a lesbian.
  • Rin: I've only done anal twice okay!!!!!!
  • Gou: Instead of studying art we should make art with our bodies!!

So I’m off for the next few days, I’m not doing anything, and could use some extra cash, so I thought I’d actively broadcast I’m open for commissions for the next week or so. 

I’ll only be doing rough lines and simple colouring, such as with the image below, and it’ll go 25usd for fullbody, 15usd for waist up, 10usd for bust. +10 an additional character. 

If you’re interested, hit me up here or at Thanks guys!

Elves in the Witcher world

I gathered some info about the elves from the Witcher book series. I tried to collect as much as possible - can be used for writing refferences.

Contains spoilers for the Witcher series!

  • Both Aen Seidhe and Aen Elle seem to have same appearance - big cat-shaped eyes, attractive features, narrow lips,tall figure, small teeth lacking canine teeth
  • Elves never built castles but they built châteaux
  • Aelirenn lead the young elves into the war with humans. The old elves were againts the war because they knew they don’t stand a chance and they could never bring the glory of their people back. They wanted to survive so they decided to destroy their cities and hide in the mountains and wait till the humans die out. They hoped humans would die out. Aelirenn got the support of young elves and lead them into the war. They all got massacred.
  • Only young elves are fertile and can have children but most of the young elves died in the war with humans or join Scoia’tael.
  • They’re known for their attractive appearance but still are heavily discriminated by humans.
  • Humans with elven blood and half-elves aren’t uncommon but they face discrimination and hate same as true elves.
  • It’s possible to recognize elves just by the way they walk.
  • Elves look down on humans and feel superior towards them.
  • Scoia’tael are mostly young elves, it’s typical for them to wear squirrel tails - thats where they got their name from. They enjoy killing humans but sometimes spare innocent ones.
  • Elves weren’t first who arrived to the Continent. Gnomes were the first to live there.
  • They’re long lived same as Tolkien’s elves
  • During the war with Nilfgaard Scoia’tael sided with Nilfgaard because they were promised to have their own land. Francesca Findabair - the ruler of Dol Blathanna “an elven state” let Scoia’tael be massacred even though they could have stopped fighting and return to Dol Blathanna to protect it. Francesca said she is forbidden to help Scoia'tael in order to have peace with Temeria and Kaedwen. It was Emhyr’s order. Filavandrel protested because elven children - Scoia'tael - the last hope for the future for Aen Seidhe died in vain and were massively massacred every day by humans even though it could be all avoided. After the war Scoia’tael were forbidden to enter Dol Blathanna and were labeled as war criminals. Remaining leaders of Scoia’tael units were killed. Only Isengrim Faoiltiarna managed to run. The rest of Scoia’tael became exiles and were hunted.
  •  If Scoia’tael captured humans they used pretty cruel torturing tactics on them
  • Their architecture is so beautiful no human could ever build anything as breath-taking as elven buildings
  • Avallac’h mentioned sex being boring for elves after they become over 100 years old. Humans on the other hand were never tired of it so bored elf females and males decided to have sex with humans. Elven females ovulate once in 10-20 years but they ovulate every time when they reach orgasm with male humans. There isn’t any explanation for that.
  • Half-elves usually share lot of elf features
  • It seems Aen Elle find humans more disgusting than Aen Seidhe do. Aen Elle can hardly imagine having sex with humans. They took over different world inhabitated by humans and killed them, they only keep female humans as slaves.
  •  Its impossible to tell their age. 30 years old elf looks the same as 130 years old one.
  • True Aen Seidhe rarely find humans attractive.
  •  Make up was invented by them and humans started using it too.
  • In some lands marriages between humans and non-humans are forbidden Humans are disgusted by these marriages but they still happen and its practically impossible to find humans without Seidhe Ichaer - elder blood in them.
  • Elves dont make differences between girls and boys when raising them (for example they both learn to ride on horses, shoot from a bow etc.)
  • Elves arrived to Continent 1000 years before humans did
  • Elven cities were rebuilt by humans to human cities for example Novigrad, Oxenfurt, Vizima, Tretogor, Maribor, Cidaris, Cintra
  • Geoffrey Monck went to Loc Muinne to convince elves to accept human kids who were to be taught by elven mages. After few years marshal Raupenneck from Tretogor went to Loc Muinne and killed all the elves living there. That’s how the war between elves and humans started and it ended at Shaerrawedd where all the elves were massacred
  • Elves move faster than humans
  • Their clothes usually have their favourite leaf pattern
  • Scoia'tael dont wear armor
  • They believe if you visit place where something important happened it may happen again
  • Elves are bound by their land - territory while dwarves live in clans - thats why its easier for dwarves to live among humans than for elves
  • Elven callendar is divided into Solar holidays - Solstices (Midwinter, Midsummer) Equionoxes (Birke, Velen) and Lunar holidays - Imbaelk, Belleteyn, Lammas, Saovine.   
  • Elves are usually in good body shape/condition
  • Very low percentage of elven blood in humans wont influence human features and no one can tell if the human had some elf ancestor
  • Aen Saevherne are small group of elves who are known for their big knowledge on various subjects, they have prophetic powers and knowledge of magic though not every elven mage is Aen Saevherne. Known Aen Saevherne are Auberon Muircetach, Lara Dorren, Avallac'h and Ida Emean aep Sivney.
  •  Lara Dorren was destined to have an unordinary child. She felt in love with a human - Cregennan of Lod and got pregnant with him. Their relationship wasnt accepted well by some humans and elves and humans were the reason why both lovers died. Before Lara died she gave a birth to her child who got saved and could pass Lara’s gen on.
  •  Aen Seidhe and Aen Elle dont share the same language - Aen Seidhe talk in Hen Llinge while Aen Elle talk in Ellylon.
  • Torc is a symbol of a ruler. Auberon wears one.
  • Elves hardly show any emotions in front of humans and dont talk much to them
  • Aen Seidhe eventually left the world of humans through the Gate - according to Nimue they took all their art and statues or destroyed them

Costlemark Tower Paths to Trap&Sealed Room and to Jabberwock&Royal Arms

#1 Start @ Upper Right [NorthEast] Panel (Green Path)

  • Enter
  • Floor
  • Floor (fight x3 Flan)
  • West (fight x2 Ershkigal)
      • Floor (west)
      • Floor
      • Trap Room
  • ROUTE B (Return to MAIN ROOM)
  • Floor (north) (fight Yojimbo)
  • North (fight Shrapnel + x3 Flan)
  • West (fight x3 Ershkigal)
  • West (fight x4 Bussemand)
  • South
  • South (fight Yojimbo)
  • Floor
  • Floor

#2 Start @ Lower Right [SouthEast] Panel (Blue Path) TRAP ONLY

  • Enter
  • Floor (fight x3 Ershkigal)
  • North
  • West (fight Yojimbo)
  • Floor
  • North (fight x4 Flan)
  • Floor
  • Floor
  • Trap Room

#3 Start @ Upper Left [NorthWest] Panel (Orange Path)

  • Enter
  • Floor
    • Floor (x3 Flan)
    • East (Shrapnel + x3 Flan)
    • East (Bussemand x6)
    • Floor
    • Floor
    • Trap Room
  • ROUTE B (Continues on to Jabberwock)
  • West (Ershkigal x3)
  • South (Bussemand x6)
  • East
  • South (x4 Flan)
  • East (x2 Bussemand)
  • South (Shrapnel + x3 Flan)
  • East
  • Floor (Yojimbo)
  • Floor (x3 Ershkigal)
  • East (Shrapnel + x3 Ershkigal)
  • Floor
  • Floor

#4 Start @ Lower Right [SouthWest] Panel (Pink Path)

  • Enter
  • Floor
  • South
  • South (x3 Bussemand)
  • East
  • East (x2 Bussemand)
  • Floor (x2 Ershkigal)
  • East
  • East (Shrapnel + x3 Flan)
      • South
      • Floor
      • TRAP ROOM
  • ROUTE B (#3 Route B picks up here)
  • East
  • North (x6 Bussemand)
  • Floor
  • East
  • East (x3 Shrapnel + Yojimbo)
  • South
  • East
  • East (x4 Flan)
  • North
  • West (x3 Bussemand)
  • North
  • North (x3 Bussemand)
  • Floor
  • North (x2 Ershkigal)
  • Floor
  • Path to Jabberwock
  • Show Time: Yoon Jisung (center), Kim Samuel, Ha Sungwoo, Lee Woojin, Kim Sanggyun, Noh Taehyun (leader), Park Woodam.
  • I Know You Know: Kim Taedong (center), Kim Donghyun, Seo Seonghyuk, Jang Moonbok, Kim Yehyeon, Kwon Hyunbin (leader), Kim Donghan.
  • 열어줘 (Open): Joo Haknyeon (center), Im Youngmin, Kang Dongho, Kim Yongguk, Yoo Seonho, Kang Daniel (leader), Takada Kenta.
  • Oh Little Girl: Park Jihoon (center), Bae Jinyoung, Jung Sewoon, Choi Minki, Ahn Hyeongseop, Lee Gunhee (leader), Lee Euiwoong.
  • Never: Lai Guanlin (center), Hwang Minhyun, Ong Seongwoo, Kim Jaehwan, Park Woojin, Kim Jonghyun (leader), Lee Daehwi.

cr. mnet101boys

What We Know About Purple

This is so long omg, sry.


He just wanted to do something exciting for the fans, respect that!!!

1. The announcement was made on the 1 year anniversary of Prince’s death.

2. The announcement was made in movie theaters across Chicago.

3. The initial release date for whatever is happening was on 4-28-17, but was moved up to 4-27-17, which is Patrick’s birthday.

4. Pete has previously stated that “someday we need to make the purple one” in regards to fob’s previous albums on Instagram.

5. Fob filmed a music video around two weeks ago, which was stated by a fan in the area who witnessed filming.

6. Pete backed this up through his now-deleted-tweet that said something like “this week was 😑and the next is😎” around the same time of the music videos filming. (I don’t remember the actual wording of the tweet, but it was something like that).

7. This now makes sense that the video he was talking about was probably either an actual music video or the teaser released yesterday.

8. Purple is probably an album because of all these previous statements above and the many hints both Pete and fob have dropped.

9. This is also the start of a new era, which is defined by the gif of a purple wave that is now of fobs official website and their new twitter layout.

10. Pete has a string of tweets that have the emoji 🔮, which is purple, and sound like lyrics. (Documentation of these are on this site somewhere)

11. The album is probably titled something like “young mania” or “young maniac” because of Petes current twitter name which is “yng mnc” with purple emojis in between.

12. The teaser for the movie theaters was also in a purple color wave and started off with the words “Mania Entertainment”. This is a music production company.

13. Late last year and into this one there was some drama about fob maybe leaving island, their current label to our knowledge, so maybe this is their new label? This is backed up by some of Pete’s tweets during late 2016 and early 2017.

14. If this is new music, it is probably a mixture of previous fob music styles with something new. This is because all of their previous albums have been red or blue, which switch every album cycle and red and blue mix to make purple.

15. They have a show scheduled in Brazil in September of this year.

16. It has to do with the ocean because of the theater teaser and the wave gif on fobs site.

17. DCD2, Pete’s record label, has been tweeting more actively lately. Idk if this means anything, but it would also add more credibility to the whole “leaving island thing”.

18. Island Records hasn’t tweeted anything about the fob news to my knowledge, so maybe they really did leave the label?!!?

19. I’ve seen some speculation on this site that this is their last album. This is because all of the previous albums fall into either a blue or red theme in order (tttyg-blue, futct-red, ioh-blue, fad-red, greatest hits bnd-blue, srar-red, abap-blue). Purple breaks this cycle and thus may be their big finale. All the hype going on alludes to this as well.

(If this last point is true I will die)

And lastly, whatever this is, I can’t wait. It’s definitely something new and I want to be supportive in any way I can 😊!

Thanks to anyone who read through this long post. It means a lot.

If anyone else has more info feel free to add onto this post.


I used this demon generator thingy and did a new oc

Atilio and other demons call him ‘Fratris’, he doesn’t tell his name to anybody for the fact that he doesn’t like it/doesn’t want to say it. Atilio started calling him that way cos he is like a big brother to him. Fratris had to take care of him at the beginning when Atilio became a demon, so he stayed around him teaching him stuff and training him.

When Atilio fails killing Daren, he decides to stay and not go back to hell, because then he’d get killed for not fulfulling the order that he got. Fratris is the only one that is close to Atilio so he goes to him and finds out that Atilio discovered many stuff about himself, and about humans (it was the first time Atilio got out of hell) Fratris doesn’t really like humans, he gets mad at Atilio for staying for too long around them. 

Atilio talked with Daren about this, that if he doesn’t come back with him dead, someone is going to search him and bring him back. Daren promised him that he’d protect him if this happens. When Fratris comes to them Daren knows it’s for trouble, but even if Atilio showed him that Fratris is a close friend, he wouldn’t hasitate to fight.

Fratris and Atilio never liked hell and how they were treated. Fratris is a servant, he had to do many stuff that he didn’t/doesn’t like/d to do, so of course he thougt about running away. Being around Atilio made him feel less bad about the stuff he did, he even sees him as a little brother. When he realizes what happened with Atilio on earth, he gets mad yes, but Atilio tries to convince to stay and trust Daren and the rest of the group. Fratris doesn’t like the plan but he wants to be free.