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do you have any resources on identifying common plants? I wanna try green witchery!!

Boy oh boy did you come to the right place! Buckle up kiddo, it’s about to get green up in here:


Go Botany

USDA Plants Database

Ladybird Johnson Native Plant Database

Vocational Info Center Horticulture Basics and Plant Identification

Dave’s Garden

Garden Plant Identification

Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture Plant Identification Key

Better Homes and Gardens Plant Encyclopedia

How to Identify Plants in the Field

UCONN Plant Database

Free Apps for Android:



What’s That Flower?

Herbal Guide

Garden Tags

My Favorite Green-Witchy Books: 

Nature’s Garden: A Guide to Identifying, Harvesting, and Preparing Edible Wild Plants

A Modern Herbal

Peterson Field Guide to Medicinal Plants and Herbs of Eastern and Central North America

American Horticultural Society Encyclopedia of Plants and Flowers 

Identifying & Harvesting Edible and Medicinal Plants 

Big Book of Plant and Flower Illustrations

Healing Herbs: A Beginner’s Guide to Identifying, Foraging, and Using Medicinal Plants

Medicinal Plants of North America

The Green Witch: Your Complete Guide to the Natural Magic of Herbs, Flowers, Essential Oils, and More

Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs

🌿 Good luck starting out in the green craft! 🌿  

[Masih Pertama dan Selalu Utama; Membela Palestina]

1917, tahun itu menjadi pijakan pertama Inggris setelah memenangkan perang Dunia I di tanah suci Palestina. Pasukan Inggris dengan pongah berbaris angkuh memasuki gerbang Baitul Maqdis. Dengan penuh dengki, mereka runtuhkan menara jam tertinggi di kawasan Masjid Al Aqsha, kemudian -sebagaimana baru disingkap oleh para Ulama- jantung analog jam itu kini menjadi pemutar jam Big Ben di London.

Menyaksikan Palestina jatuh adalah sebuah kepedihan yang dirasakan Umat Islam sejak tahun itu hingga kini tahun 2017, tepat telah 100 tahun kepiluan itu meluka ternganga. Kita bahkan lahir ketika israel telah mengklaim berdirinya negara yahudi -dimulai sejak 1948- di atas 70% tanah yang mereka rampas dari Umat Islam Palestina. Detik ini bahkan, menurut sumber berita terpercaya, israel menutup penuh seluruh kawasan masjid Al Aqsha! Yaa Salaam.

Kamu pernah membayangkan keluargamu mengungsi karena bencana ke suatu negeri di seberang jauh? Kamu mungkin mengira kamu akan cepat kembali, untuk itulah kamu bawa kunci rumahmu sembari berharap agar kelak bisa kembali, segera.

Mereka, umat Islam Palestina, diusir dari negerinya berjalan kaki ke negeri seberang, beratus kilometer jauhnya. Mereka mengira akan kembali pulang dalam waktu cepat, sampai-sampai mereka masih bawa kunci rumah mereka. Namun kini, sudah 3 generasi; kakek punya anak, anaknya punya anak lagi, dan mereka tak kunjung kembali.

Jumlah mereka yang terusir? 8 juta manusia! Terusir dan terjajah. Dihempas dan diperangi. Orang zionis dengan bangga menulis grafiti di tembok-tembok Palestina, “kill all arabs!” Betapa ngerinya.

Membela Palestina bukan urusan Bangsa Palestina saja. Tidak! Sekali-kali tidak! Palestina adalah tanah wakaf umat Islam seluruh dunia. Jika Al Aqsha runtuh sementara kita masih hidup saat melihatnya, sungguh dosa besar terpikul amat berat di pundak kita.

“Kamu tidak mau memikirkan dan membela Palestina, tidak apa-apa”, kata Ismael Haneya mantan PM Palestina, “namun ingat, nanti di padang Mahsyar, kalian akan kami adukan do hadapan Allah!!”

Yaa Rabb, jangan pisahkan Palestina dari kehidupan kami.


(Foto : [Palestine Info Center Arabic] Saat 1948, ratusan ribu penduduk Palestina dipaksa keluar dari rumahnya oleh serdadu zionis. Mereka pergi tanpa tahu harus kemana)


[INFO] 170729 BLACKPINK will be a part of YG Entertainment’s new sitcom “YG Strategy Center!“

Speak out against the Muslim Ban

If you have already called your representatives about Trump’s executive order banning people from 7 predominately Muslim countries from entering the US (with exceptions for Christians, of course), here’s some additional comment lines to try.  I haven’t called these numbers myself yet, but they seem like a good starting point:

  • DOJ comment line (comments may be directed to the new pro-ban Acting Attorney General, Dana Boente, who replaced Sara Yates after she was fired for “betraying” the DOJ by refusing to defend the ban): 202-353-1555
  • DOJ main switchboard: 202-514-2000
  • DOJ Office of Communications and Legislative Affairs (contact point for the Executive Office for Immigration Review): 703-305-0289
  • Customs and Border Security Info Center: 1-877-227-5511 / 202-325-8000
  • TSA Customer Service Contact Center: 866-289-9673

August 5, 2017
- Took some trains to move my base from Miyazaki to Hiroshima. Most of the day was spent at pit stops along the way
- In Oita, I explored the station mall and found a rooftop garden
- In Kokura, I discovered a festival going on this weekend only (Wasshoi Hyakuman Natsumatsuri)
- Due to the festival, I couldn’t find a locker for my luggage and left it at a tourist info center until 6PM (500 yen at Kokura Station)
- Explored the TOTO Museum
- Ramen for dinner in Kokura (and fried rice and 1-bite gyoza)
- Hiroshima Airbnb was upgrade from a 1-room apartment to a 3-room apartment with dining room at no extra cost (it became more 広い hiroi). It’s also on top of a pokestop.

Zone dialects

I saw @doodlesofall and @foodistheweapon talking bout this so I thought I would throw in my headcanons

So each zone has its own dialect and it drives everyone crazy

The city is the least weird, each syllable is pronounced clearly and smoothly. People in the city can say marry, Mary, and merry without them sounding the same. City born have speech therapy to weed out any imperfections.

Zone one being closest to the city has a very similar dialect. The real difference is that zone one can say the slang without it sounding forced.

Zone two is were the dialects start to differ. Words get slurred to speak faster and filler words; like, um; are put into sentences to keep the speed. The slang is about the same as in zone one and many City born killjoys can understand what’s being said.

Zone three and four have the same dialect but different slang. Someone in zone three might call a bug a pillbug while zone four calls it a Roly poly. Killjoys who live outside of these zones can still understand the meaning of what’s being said even if it’s said really fast.

Zone five is where things get weird. The fast talk and slurring of words makes most conversations confusing. The slang is the same but used at weird times. Zone five uses a lot of slang for multiple things with the only difference being how it’s said. It mostly has zone born killjoys who grew up with this talk.

Zone six is almost impossible to understand unless you grew up with it. People have their own set of slang for everything and more often then not talk in what seems to be riddles instead of actual sentences. Not only is the slang weird but the speed is too. Killjoys switch from talking really fast to really slow in the same sentence.

The difference in slang came from back when the zones were filled with underground info and trade centers. Messengers would have to be able to find those on their side easily SO invented code words to sneak into sentences. As BL/Ind took over the codes started being wiped out. Zone six sounds the weirdest due to still using most of the original code words and phrases. It survived out there because of the difficulty in getting to zone six without problems.

Romeo and Juliet: Ahkmenrah x Reader

Request: Could you please write an imagine where Ahkmenrah chickens out of telling the reader he loves her because he overhears her telling Teddy and Larry that she didn’t think Romeo and Juliet was a tragedy and that Shakespeare was making fun of love because you can’t love someone that quickly. And then she notices Ahk has been avoiding her and she teels him she loves him despite herself. I hope it makes sense, thanks

Word count:  1,282

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Leo info sheet (sun sign)
  • Duality: Masculine
  • Element: Fire
  • Quality: Fixed
  • Traits: Enthusiastic, powerful, expansive, creative, generous, extravagant, dogmatic, fixedly opinionated
  • Ruling planet: Sun
  • Info: Center of solar system.
  • Symbol: The lion
  • Glyph: ♌️
  • Represents: Two human heart valves; greek symbol for the first letter of Leo; two incomplete circles of the sun joined by a crescent moon to symbolize power gained from intellect and emotions
  • Keyword: I WILL.
  • Sister sign: Aquarius
  • Leo: Sign of pleasure and creativity
  • Aquarius: Sign of hope, wishes, and higher goals for people
  • Body part: Back, spine, heart.
  • Info: Emotional and physical strain cause back and spine ailments
  • Lucky day: Sunday
  • Lucky numbers: 8 and 9
  • Birthstone: Ruby
  • Represents: Protects against physical injury and insures faith. Calm mind.
  • Colors: Gold and orange
  • Why: Colors of the sun (magnetically)
  • Cities: Rome, Prague, Damascus, Hollywood
  • Countries: France, Italy, Romania
  • Flowers: Sunflower and Marigold
  • Trees: Orange and all citrus trees
  • Metal: Gold
  • Animals: All felines
  • Danger!!!: Provoking
  • Most likable trait: Exuberace

Submission: I volunteer at a raptor sanctuary that’s in a state park. Today this little guy walked right into our info center in search of who knows what. After he was safely outside again he followed me around while I fed the birds before wandering back into the woods.

We put up some more signs to discourage guests from feeding him if he comes back, because I’m guessing that’s why he was so “friendly.”

I like these types of stories, because they’re endearing but they also show the correct way to respond to this sort of situation. You can still think the behavior is super cute and be proactive for protecting the animal when the situation isn’t great. 



So excited to play Gigi on Broadway! I hope y'all will have a chance to see me in it when we open at The Kennedy Center!! More info here!

External image

Phantom and Christine costumes, with the “Art of the Mask” masks, Istanbul version. This is close to the food court.

The golden mask + the veiled ones were definite favourites!