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Anyone who reblogged that original post on Kaiba's "death" with the FB posts, PLEASE immediately delete it! There is personal information on there that is causing serious work related problems and the information in the post is spliced, out of context, and not missing half the information that was in the actual thread. PLEASE delete the post immediately if you reblogged it. Thank you.

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What jobs can you get as a History major?

These links have some pretty cool info. They breakdown history jobs by industry.

Hope this helps!

(Edit: commissions are closed, my cat is okay now, thanks for all the reblogs!)

I’m opening emergency commissions, please read!

So the thing is that my cat is sick and i don’t have any money to take her to the veterinary, and right now i don’t have any money income so i’m opening commissions. The prices are low because i need money asap, i honestly appreciate any help i can get! I only accept paypal

If you can’t afford one please reblog!

The only things i wont draw are nsfw or very graphic gore, and if the character is too detailed the price might be higher.
You can either contact me here on tumblr, dm my instagram (@vianerds) or email me to so we can discuss about the commission

Okay well as far as cracked gemitis symptoms go, I think “creepy yet cool reflective mirror eyes” beats “living googley-eyed meme made out of silly putty”. Sorry, Amethyst.

Brenda Casting Call

Brenda’s casting call has been released, but not to the general public. If you have an agent or some sort of manager, they should try to get you an audition. Agents, managers, and casting directors should have received this info in their breakdown services:

“A striking young woman around 20, tough, smart, savvy, emotionally guarded, a natural leader”

And it’s open to any ethnicity right now!