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so hey!!!! i’m gonna star taking commissions!! i don’t know how long they’ll be open, but if you’re interested, hit me up at my email!!!

Avatars & Icons 
what’s shown in the above image is going to be my default style for these. however, if you want me to do a different style, like the sketch or messy monochrome, that works too. regardless of style, it’ll all be $20. 500x500 pixels is the default size. 

Full Color Images
the price for these ranges from $30-50 because it depends on the size of the image and how many characters there are, and because the style i’m using takes me much longer to finish than the others. 

if it’s just a bust shot/waist up image of one character, then the price is $30. but full body shots add $10, and adding another character will be another $10.

Monochrome Sketch
these don’t take me very long, and are pretty simple to do. the price for these is $15, but an extra character will be another $5. full body or waist up doesn’t change the price of these.

Messy Monochrome 
these have a lot of texture and line to them, so they cost a little more than the regular sketches. extra characters will be another $5.

in general, i won’t be doing any sort of background unless otherwise specified. this will be an extra +$5 on all of the pieces.

What i’m willing to draw:

  • i’m willing to draw ships, however i refuse to draw anything that is abusive/pedophilic/incestuous or NSFW. and there are some ships that i really can’t stand that aren’t any of those, so i’m sorry about that.
  • self inserts
  • OCs
  • characters from manga/anime/cartoons/movies/etc

What i won’t draw:

  • as mentioned above, any ships that are abusive/pedophilic/incestuous or NSFW.
  • gore/horror
  • pretty much anything that falls into those categories

and also, if you’re going to request a self insert/OC or a character from a series i’m not familiar with, please provide me with a reference(s)!!

thanks for reading!!!!

edit: i’ll be accepting payment via paypal!!!!!

Before anyone sends anymore asks in, please kindly read the blog’s description. And if you don’t feel like reading that, then please read this. The ask box is only open at this time for answers over technical difficulties. Any other asks will be disregarded until stated otherwise.

The issue at this time is over Tumblr resizing images (specifically Mod Bol’s) and making them smaller than they should be. We would like to know if there’s any way around this, to keep images the size they should be when an ask is answered.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and thank you for your patience with us.


Hello, co-shii here! Now that I have finally graduated from fancy schmancy art school, I’ve decided to start opening up commissions to help pay for my student loans!  Please check out my instagram (or tumblr art page) for more examples of my work, and please keep reading to get more information!

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okay i should’ve made a post about this sooner ( and i’ll be making a more official™ one sunday for reblogging purposes ) but : i’m gonna be graduating from high school this saturday night, hosting my graduation party the day after, and then my family and i are leaving for disney world monday morning and we won’t be home again until july 3rd. i’ll have my phone with me, but no laptop. and i’d say i’m setting up a reply queue to run while i’m gone, but this is likely the last vacation all of us will be able to take together for a while, so making sure this blog’s activity will be kept up is really the last of my priorities – and everyone who has been here long enough already knows i’m incapable of shutting up and will be dash lurking / making posts anyways. 

I was accepted as an ambassador for Hungary on @hetaliafandomhub! I was born and raised here all my life and I was pleasantly surprised when I found out that Hetalia has a character for my country, because we’re generally so overlooked. However, because we’re so overlooked in international context, there tend to be a lot of inaccuracies regarding APH Hungary in the fandom.

That’s why I decided to apply for ambassador, because there aren’t many Hungarians who’re active in the fandom that others can turn to for help. I’ll mostly act as a passive ambassador, which means I won’t be actively posting info about my country but if you have any questions, I’m here to answer them.

You can send me questions about culture, customs, history and language but please be specific! Don’t send such broad questions like “What’s life like in Hungary?”. If you want to know more about a certain thing, just ask that! I will try to answer everything to my best knowledge or at least try to give you some directions on topics I’m not well-versed in.

I will also answer questions about how accurate the canon aspects of APH Hungary’s character are. Honestly, I don’t really ship anything with her but you may ask my opinions on ships too. Those will be my most subjective answers though, so ask at your own risk. (Also, please censor the shipnames, so my answers won’t show up on the search pages!)

The only thing I will avoid 100% is politics. Dealing with them in real life riles up my anxiety enough, I do not want to have to deal with them on my anime blog too. So any kind of political questions will be ignored. (A quick google search can probably give you more up-to-date and detailed info on these topics than I could anyway.)

My tag for answered questions is Ambassador QnA.

sportacusisgay  asked:

Sometimes, sportacus has nightmares in the middle of the night and his airship plays soft music to calm his subconscious down so he doesn't wake up.

!!!!! Oh my goodness that is adorable! I love the idea that the airship is semi sentient / magical so it’s tuned into Sportacus’ physical, mental and emotional well being. Like in the middle of the night, it notices there’s a change in heart rate and brainwave activity. Pulling info from data banks suggests a nightmare is occurring.

It plays soft music or maybe even natural forest sounds, like the kinds he’d hear back at home, noting how the music helps calm down it’s charge on a subconscious level. Sporty, who had been squirming and brows knitted together relaxed and slipped back into normal sleep. 

There’s a pleased sort of hum in the ship as the music slowly lowers to background noise. 

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Another Sprite Poses Set, will be for now long time the last one, the next poses set will be something more useful for not “game developer” or just Artists they have problems with Sprite poses!


i’ve been messing around with a bnha oc for a while! basic info:

- her quirk activates whenever someone touches her skin. she can’t control it, so basically anyone who grabs her first gets their quirk mega!! superpowered!!
- she hates people touching her for the same reason
- she kinda just hates people, actually
- yui is in the same generation as all might, endeavor, etc when they were teenagers
- hero?? villain??? who knows??

sherlock-sparkles  asked:

The carnival/arcade game they always win without fail- 4 main bois again ppftt (dunno if Ara goes to carnival thingies but still ppftt-)

Ara: NoOPE he doesn’t really do any of that stuff, 1 no money- 2 he doesn’t care ofr it bUT If he ever tried it he’d probably love it

Azi: He usually doesn’t play any either- When he does he never wins

Shadow: He couldn’t care less about those thinGS

Wild: He and Azi would play this stuff and he would win, probablyyy air hockey?? is that a game that goes in this list?? idk maN

marvelmaxx  asked:

I dont know a whole lot about your mob au yet but i saw you said grillby was in the military and i thought itd be cool if he was also sans' go-to intel guy? Hes a bartender, so he probably overhears a lot of shady conversations and things, right?

You and I think alike, my friend! In my headcanon, I also believe Grillby is the go-to intel guy whom Sans visits to gain inside infos. Though Grillby doesn’t actively collect them, he does get to hear good number of interesting conversations in his bar. :D


Volkswagen Tiguan GTE Active Concept Debuts

Today in the country that popularized the Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV), the Volkswagen Tiguan GTE Active Concept made its world debut at the North American International Auto Show. The vehicle’s most striking innovation is its efficient plug-in hybrid system that uses two electric motors and a gasoline engine, which can supply all four wheels with power, either automatically or at the push of a button. This concept proves how much potential plug-in hybrid systems have. The all-wheel-drive system’s technology ensures that this SUV can offer supreme off-road performance, even in all-electric mode.

The five-seat concept is based on the completely redeveloped second-generation Tiguan. The GTE Active Concept reflects the great technical versatility of the new SUV, which will arrive to the U.S. market in 2017 with a longer wheelbase and available seven-seat functionality. For Volkswagen, the new Tiguan marks the kickoff of an SUV product offensive that will significantly expand the range of vehicles offered, especially in North America.

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Hello all!

This summer I am living on my own for the first time and could use some extra money for groceries and all that fun grown up stuff. So, I am opening commissions up again! Yay! I am open to most subjects although I do not draw NSFW (i will draw PDA just nothing explicit). If you want a work with multiple people or background ect we can work out a fair price in context with prices listed above.

my art tag is here if you want to check it out 

If you are interested please contact me  at!

Thank you!

Oh that’s cute, you need to register your identity and contact info AND be an active member that makes meaningful contributions to the community in order to make a post in the Arachnoboards classifieds now. Otherwise, your post gets deleted. Yet another thing baby boomers have turned into a bureaucratic meritocracy. Should I be prepared to solicit my friends to prove I have experience and references? If you’re pulling this kind of capitalist shit, you’d better be paying your mods instead of expecting them to patrol the boards out of the “goodness” of their hearts. And I was a forum mod once so I fully mean “goodness” facetiously.

At least now it’s marginally harder for people to scam one another the way I got scammed back when I had my MM Androctonus.

IBM Watson for mixologists

Don’t you just love it when a bartender knows what you want before you do? That’s what’s in store for those at SXSW right now. On Friday, IBM unveiled a Cognitive Cocktail Bar where bartenders use Watson’s cognitive capabilities to create the perfect drink for guests. How? First, Watson learns about bar patrons from data stored in their wristbands – info such as conference activity, personal preferences, interests and social media accounts. Then Watson analyzes this data to recommend a bespoke cocktail concoction. With Watson’s help, maybe some day every bar will know your name.

Not at SXSW? You can still experience your own cognitive drink concoctions through the IBM Watson Twist app.

anonymous asked:

I always thought you couldn't "join" antifa in this way, like with a contract. I thought it's a way of life. So what is meant with this whole "join your local antifa"?

While there are different groups in many countries that do call themselves antifa or antifascist action, you don’t have to be part of any club or inner circle or whatever to be antifa.

“Join your local Antifa” just means get involved with antifascism where you live. This can mean becoming part of a smaller group of activists who are really on the organizational side of local protests, which in some cases may be a bit like actually joining a club because of security concerns, but I don’t think a contract will ever be involved :v

In many cases it can just mean following antifascist groups in your area on social media and coming out to the antifascist protests and actions, making or spreading antifascist propaganda, covering up fascist graffiti or removing election posters of racist parties, or anything else that helps stop the spread of fascism and racism in your area. There are also antifascist organisations in many countries that just gather info on fascist organisations and their membership and publish this for use against them, which is also incredibly important.

I for example don’t have that much interaction with Antifascistische Actie Nederland, the main Dutch antifascist group, but I go to antifascist protests organized by them or others, I make and spread antifascist propaganda, both online and as stickers/posters et cetera and I cover up racist graffiti when I see it. I’m still part of Dutch antifa even though I’m not directly involved in the antifascist action organisation. It’s just important to get involved in local antifascism, and there’s many ways to do that.

anonymous asked:

idk about the abuse claims, but Cole Sprouse is pretty active against racism and and stuff... If referring to the Tyler the creator tweet, it's a joke bc his nickname is The Beast..?

can you provide me more info regarding his activism? thank you so much for taking the time to tell me this ! i appreciate it !