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It’s spring break and im opening these for the week! Special 10% off this week only, plus a higher chance I will be streaming your commission! I need to save up money for a potential trip this summer.. Anything helps!

Contact me through email by and payment is only through paypal invoice. Message me if you have any questions.

Paintings are also an option, just message me for examples/prices. Reblogs are appreciated.

MAMAMOO to Promote in Japan For First Time Since Debut

Girl group MAMAMOO has plans to promote in Japan for the first time since their debut.

On January 6-8, MAMAMOO will meet fans through their first official Japan promotions in Tokyo.

MAMAMOO′s promotions will begin with a fan sign meeting at Tower Records′ Shibuya location on January 6. On January 7, the girl group will hold a showcase at the The Shinagawa Intercity Hall. Through the showcase, MAMAMOO plans to perform hit tracks including Decalcomanie, You′re The Best, Piano Man, Taller Than You and Um Oh Ah Yeh.

Finally, on January 8, MAMAMOO will hold a mini live concert, talk, fan sign meeting, photo session and more at the VenusFort.

Meanwhile, MAMAMOO will be visiting Japan for their officially promotions for a total of 3 days beginning January 6 through 8.


mae here. car stuff is happening!! fun!! basically, my car broke down to the point where i had to get a new one, and… i sure do need a lot of money to insure the new one. cars are awful and the worst.

i’m pretty chill, but:

  • paypal only! i send invoices, so please provide an email.
  • prices are for personal use only! contact me seperately for commercial rates.
  • nudity is ok! low-key nsfw is usually also ok, but run it by me my dude and i’ll let you know if i feel confident in doing it.

if you’re interested, please send me a message, ask, or email to with your request, email, and character info.

signal boosts are appreciated!

stay classy, buddies

The drOne is hERe

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I always thought you couldn't "join" antifa in this way, like with a contract. I thought it's a way of life. So what is meant with this whole "join your local antifa"?

While there are different groups in many countries that do call themselves antifa or antifascist action, you don’t have to be part of any club or inner circle or whatever to be antifa.

“Join your local Antifa” just means get involved with antifascism where you live. This can mean becoming part of a smaller group of activists who are really on the organizational side of local protests, which in some cases may be a bit like actually joining a club because of security concerns, but I don’t think a contract will ever be involved :v

In many cases it can just mean following antifascist groups in your area on social media and coming out to the antifascist protests and actions, making or spreading antifascist propaganda, covering up fascist graffiti or removing election posters of racist parties, or anything else that helps stop the spread of fascism and racism in your area. There are also antifascist organisations in many countries that just gather info on fascist organisations and their membership and publish this for use against them, which is also incredibly important.

I for example don’t have that much interaction with Antifascistische Actie Nederland, the main Dutch antifascist group, but I go to antifascist protests organized by them or others, I make and spread antifascist propaganda, both online and as stickers/posters et cetera and I cover up racist graffiti when I see it. I’m still part of Dutch antifa even though I’m not directly involved in the antifascist action organisation. It’s just important to get involved in local antifascism, and there’s many ways to do that.


Emergency commission open! I need money to cover the surgery bills for my cat which might cost more than $200 USD by the end of this week 💦💦

My cat had tumours on her abdomen which actually already reduce in size due to medication but somehow grow bigger all of a sudden AGAIN yesterday and she was meowing in pain and it was heartbreaking for me and my fam… 😭😭😭

She actually had 2 tumours removed last time (which cost a total of $200) and now there are 2 more that urgently needs to be remove. The vet said the surgery this time might cost more as it will be complex because she…is pregnant….and we at least wanted her litters to be save too….😢😢😢

I know some people gonna point it out and ask why wasn’t she neutered but it was exactly because she had her tumour surgery last time the reason why the vet doesn’t recommend her to be spayed yet but then she went on heat and so….💦💦

In any case I appreciate any kind of help in spreading this, perhaps you could tag someone who might be interested on commissioning me or in one way or another. 💦💦

If you need more info you may ask me here through tumblr but I don’t recommend it because tumblr mobile is glitchy on me. Best way to contact me is either through instagram or twitter!
*Malaysian that is interested may ask me for local prices

Thank you! 😭😭😭

BODHI WEEK 2K17 UPDATE (signal boost)

In case you haven’t heard, we’re planning a Bodhi week! This will be like other character weeks and ship weeks, where we celebrate and give fandom love to Bodhi Rook through fics, art, edits, character meta, etc. We decided to do a week for Bodhi since he’s a character who has been shamefully neglected by star wars creators, frequently left off of official merch, and overlooked in fandom and fics.

All info and activity for this planned week will be posted from this blog going forward. We are still looking for admins to help plan and organize this thing. If you are interested in being an admin, please send an ask or a message to us! We will eventually probably make a group chat to discuss what needs to be done and to organize tasks, decide on dates and themes, etc.

DATES AND THEMES STILL TBA. We’re hoping to make this a big week with a lot of fan participation, so please spread the word and boost this if you’re interested! Also make sure to follow @bodhiweek2017 to stay up to date with what’s happening with this thing. 

See you all on Bodhi Week :)

-Mod Rey


i’ve been messing around with a bnha oc for a while! basic info:

- her quirk activates whenever someone touches her skin. she can’t control it, so basically anyone who grabs her first gets their quirk mega!! superpowered!!
- she hates people touching her for the same reason
- she kinda just hates people, actually
- yui is in the same generation as all might, endeavor, etc when they were teenagers
- hero?? villain??? who knows??

IBM Watson for mixologists

Don’t you just love it when a bartender knows what you want before you do? That’s what’s in store for those at SXSW right now. On Friday, IBM unveiled a Cognitive Cocktail Bar where bartenders use Watson’s cognitive capabilities to create the perfect drink for guests. How? First, Watson learns about bar patrons from data stored in their wristbands – info such as conference activity, personal preferences, interests and social media accounts. Then Watson analyzes this data to recommend a bespoke cocktail concoction. With Watson’s help, maybe some day every bar will know your name.

Not at SXSW? You can still experience your own cognitive drink concoctions through the IBM Watson Twist app.

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Shady anons always come around AFTER something has happened. When stunts are already in motion or have been foreshadowed by some SM activity. They like to capitalize on the uptick in blog activity. Their info is always couched in some fake ass warning. Language is always vague. Always full of shit.

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:Hi! Except the shady anon about the bears getting deleted, did we get shady anon who predicted something right ??

We got a few that were shady af tho, especially on The Bears era, when we couldn’t crack the mystery and an anon would magically drop a hint that led exactly where we needed to go or before BG broke and people were getting anons in broken english saying it was going to happen and literally no one believed and then… (also remember someone got an anon about the nasties going to UK a few hours before they did which it’d be impossible for people to know at that point since cousin A hadn’t even posted anything? Yeah…). But I do agree that 99% are just dropping obvious hints with info that’s already there and use vague language to try and sound shady 

today has overall been Gross™ but this morning i ran for a train and dropped my (3% battery remaining) black-colored phone and only realized it like 15 mins later (several stops down the line), and had to get off, switch trains, and retrace my steps looking for it

and a full forty-five(45) minutes after i lost it, i found it - propped against a black-painted light pole next to the train stop, battery completely drained

not only that, but when i took it home to recharge, i realized that in the recent apps it had “emergency info” open - someone had actively been trying to figure out who owned the phone before it died, and then, realizing it was out of battery, had stuck it somewhere relatively inconspicuous but where it could be seen if someone (like its owner) was looking for it

i really honest to god cannot tell you how much better it made my day to think of some random kind stranger doing this

whoever you are: thank you, i owe you like 10 drinks, you deserve every single good thing that happens to you in the near future

God damn it, Tumblr

Quit “fixing” shit that ain’t broke and ignoring the stuff that is.

Official QT KADA members!

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Voting is tomorrow, April 19.

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- wait in line as long as it takes
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These are the phone numbers to report suspicious activity:
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Your vote counts!

It’s my favourite time of the year! This month means my birthday, autumn, school holidays and meeting Richard Harmon, Daniel Sharman and Sachin Sahel (AND MORE) ✿ So now that I’m on break, and whilst i’m at peak happiness for the year, I wanted do a bunch of activities with you guys!


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send me which one you want and the required info for such activity (maximum of 2 per person, as I still have work and social events to tend to)
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**see what you can ask for below the cut**

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