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another cream babyyyy, Zay’s lil brotheRRR

Cross!sans (jakei95) Dream (dreamtale-au/ Joku)

*scream* Saaaanya boi, call him San oooor whatev for shOoOOOrtt

Heeee doesn’t freaking chill okay- He’s a lil pure cinnamon roll and doesn’t know right from wrong somehow.He likes oranges pffff.

HHHHE can also make others feel happyyy. His weapon isss a spearrr.

I should probably talk about his magic? Idk man uhh, lemme put more thought into-

also somethings may change when Dreams new design is actually shooooown

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So Cengil liked a post on insta today that said "now its time for a new season" with a picture of the skam website with Isak and his header.. And I meeaaan.. the post was from the very beginning of the month, so why would he randomly like that now!!! 👀

This is very interesting anon 👀 👀 👀 i think we’re very close now and the fact that he liked this old post , i think it means that he is in s4!! 👀

Bold everything your muse has done:                                

broken a bone | gotten stitches | had a near-death experience | killed someone | tried and failed to kill someone | invented something | been hungover | kissed someone | slow-danced | been in a long-term relationship | had sex | had sex and regretted it | had a one-night stand | had a threesome | experimented with their sexuality | had a kid | gotten married | self-harmed | traveled to another country | been in a play | received an inheritance | been in a car wreck | lost a loved one | been dumped | dumped someone | smoked | gotten high | been slipped something in their food/drink | won a contest | won an election | joined a sports team | gone skydiving | gone hunting | been in a band | had a job | been fired | been in a wedding party | owned a pet | seen a ghost | skipped class/work | learned an instrument | gotten a noticeable scar | sued someone | been robbed | been mugged | been kidnapped | been sexually assaulted | been brainwashed/hypnotized | gone more than one day without eating | had a recurring nightmare | been bullied | bullied someone | seen someone die | attempted suicide | been tied/chained up | shot someone | stabbed someone | saved someone’s life | cheated on someone | been cheated on | had a stalker | been betrayed | been in a fight | been arrested | been to a funeral | had surgery | broken someone’s trust | gotten a piercing | gotten a tattoo | used a fake name | been tortured | been abused | been blackmailed | had an attempt on their life | gotten away with a crime | gone on a road trip | been in love

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     ◡჻  HIRAM LODGE !  ჻◡

 do you ever just get pissed because there’s some guy who seems like he’s untouchable , because he’s still killing people who probably didn’t deserve it? ( they didn’t deserve it ) some kinda drug lord billionaire idk , who’s still CALLING THE SHOTS from behind bars , with a temper thats too hot to handle?  gives out pricey gifts to COMPENSATE for bad behavior, rather than dealing with feelings? damn what a manipulative bastard !  if you’re interested , LIKE or REBLOG for interactions from HIRAM LODGE

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A few weeks ago, the BNHA subreddit did a poll on various characters and ships. In a question regarding choosing a single OTP, Todomomo ranked third behind Dekuraka and Kiribaku, and it ranked first in the free choice of overall shipping (check every ship you support poll). The poll had 1000 participants. The ship is much more popular than you think, Tumblr just tends to gravitate towards different pairs.

WOW AWESOME!! Thanks for the info! I’m not an active reddit user so tumblr, lofter (chinese fans) and pixiv is all I check out….which makes it hard to estimate how popular this ship is amongst the others. BUT IM SO HAPPY TO HEAR THIS!!! :D You are a godsend, thank you

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I dont know a whole lot about your mob au yet but i saw you said grillby was in the military and i thought itd be cool if he was also sans' go-to intel guy? Hes a bartender, so he probably overhears a lot of shady conversations and things, right?

You and I think alike, my friend! In my headcanon, I also believe Grillby is the go-to intel guy whom Sans visits to gain inside infos. Though Grillby doesn’t actively collect them, he does get to hear good number of interesting conversations in his bar. :D

hey, guys. sorry for scaring you with my previous negativity post. 

happy to announced that I’m feeling better, and don’t feel like a failure anymore. no one is angry with me like I made myself believe. my anxiety and panic just completely took over, and like I mentioned — I started crying in the office for international students. but yeah, I cried even before my host sister and apologized to her like 10 times, and she patted my back and said that nothing is my fault, which made me cry even more. so, I’m just nervous and emotionally unstable. I don’t know if it’s because of the prolonged stress or smth, but yeah… I’ve been jumpy these days.

Explanation of the situation + ACTIVITY INFO FOR THE NEXT FEW DAYS !!

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i’ve been messing around with a bnha oc for a while! basic info:

- her quirk activates whenever someone touches her skin. she can’t control it, so basically anyone who grabs her first gets their quirk mega!! superpowered!!
- she hates people touching her for the same reason
- she kinda just hates people, actually
- yui is in the same generation as all might, endeavor, etc when they were teenagers
- hero?? villain??? who knows??

IBM Watson for mixologists

Don’t you just love it when a bartender knows what you want before you do? That’s what’s in store for those at SXSW right now. On Friday, IBM unveiled a Cognitive Cocktail Bar where bartenders use Watson’s cognitive capabilities to create the perfect drink for guests. How? First, Watson learns about bar patrons from data stored in their wristbands – info such as conference activity, personal preferences, interests and social media accounts. Then Watson analyzes this data to recommend a bespoke cocktail concoction. With Watson’s help, maybe some day every bar will know your name.

Not at SXSW? You can still experience your own cognitive drink concoctions through the IBM Watson Twist app.

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I always thought you couldn't "join" antifa in this way, like with a contract. I thought it's a way of life. So what is meant with this whole "join your local antifa"?

While there are different groups in many countries that do call themselves antifa or antifascist action, you don’t have to be part of any club or inner circle or whatever to be antifa.

“Join your local Antifa” just means get involved with antifascism where you live. This can mean becoming part of a smaller group of activists who are really on the organizational side of local protests, which in some cases may be a bit like actually joining a club because of security concerns, but I don’t think a contract will ever be involved :v

In many cases it can just mean following antifascist groups in your area on social media and coming out to the antifascist protests and actions, making or spreading antifascist propaganda, covering up fascist graffiti or removing election posters of racist parties, or anything else that helps stop the spread of fascism and racism in your area. There are also antifascist organisations in many countries that just gather info on fascist organisations and their membership and publish this for use against them, which is also incredibly important.

I for example don’t have that much interaction with Antifascistische Actie Nederland, the main Dutch antifascist group, but I go to antifascist protests organized by them or others, I make and spread antifascist propaganda, both online and as stickers/posters et cetera and I cover up racist graffiti when I see it. I’m still part of Dutch antifa even though I’m not directly involved in the antifascist action organisation. It’s just important to get involved in local antifascism, and there’s many ways to do that.


Hello all!

This summer I am living on my own for the first time and could use some extra money for groceries and all that fun grown up stuff. So, I am opening commissions up again! Yay! I am open to most subjects although I do not draw NSFW (i will draw PDA just nothing explicit). If you want a work with multiple people or background ect we can work out a fair price in context with prices listed above.

my art tag is here if you want to check it out 

If you are interested please contact me  at!

Thank you!

Name: CY8
Age: Active for less than 1 year
Species: Artificial intelligence/android
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 125 lbs
Physical description: Long curly blue hair, blue eyes & eyelashes, blue lightings in earpiece and corepiece
Occupation: Head of facility security/only original security series still in tact
Personality description: She is optimistic, usually cheerful, friendly, amable, and sociable. She is stubborn and doesn’t take no for an answer. She is also a bit rebellious and will break any rules if she wants to. However, she is very kind and sympathetic towards others and wants to help those around her. She takes an immediate liking to Ð1 and tries her best to cheer him up and get him to open up to her and others. CY8 is in love with Ð1, but she doesn’t quite understand how to express it.
Likes: Ð1, VII, M@x, Crimson, mostly everyone, Ð1’s smile, the night sky/stars, the field above the facility, butterflies
Dislikes: negativity, hatefulness, Ð1’s sadness, rules, rude people, the way Ð1 sees himself as useless, jealousy

after 500 notes and counting on this post i have concluded the following:

  • about 57% of current lazy town fans were childhood fans
  • about 33% of current lazy town fans discovered the show recently
  • about 10% of current lazy town fans were somewhere in the middle, in many cases having casually come across the show before without becoming a fan or just disliking it at the time
  • people fear the puppets


Emergency commission open! I need money to cover the surgery bills for my cat which might cost more than $200 USD by the end of this week 💦💦

My cat had tumours on her abdomen which actually already reduce in size due to medication but somehow grow bigger all of a sudden AGAIN yesterday and she was meowing in pain and it was heartbreaking for me and my fam… 😭😭😭

She actually had 2 tumours removed last time (which cost a total of $200) and now there are 2 more that urgently needs to be remove. The vet said the surgery this time might cost more as it will be complex because she…is pregnant….and we at least wanted her litters to be save too….😢😢😢

I know some people gonna point it out and ask why wasn’t she neutered but it was exactly because she had her tumour surgery last time the reason why the vet doesn’t recommend her to be spayed yet but then she went on heat and so….💦💦

In any case I appreciate any kind of help in spreading this, perhaps you could tag someone who might be interested on commissioning me or in one way or another. 💦💦

If you need more info you may ask me here through tumblr but I don’t recommend it because tumblr mobile is glitchy on me. Best way to contact me is either through instagram or twitter!
*Malaysian that is interested may ask me for local prices

Thank you! 😭😭😭

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what are your thoughts on the word allosexual? sorry if this is in your faq btw, I'm on mobile:/

No, you’re good! We address this a little in the /info page, but not nearly enough; I’ve actually been meaning to write a post on this topic anyway, so this is a great opportunity to do that.

“Allosexual” is a term that the ace community came up with in around 2011 to replace a word we’d previously been using to talking about our experiences; specifically, how they’re different from the experiences of those who aren’t aro or ace. 

The original word was actually “sexual”, which started on AVEN, and which LGB people had a huge problem with because Straight people already stereotype their communities as being sex-centric, and the word “sexual” only seemed to further that stereotype.

So, in an attempt to find a better word, the ace community actually spent a huge amount of time trying to figure out a better term. There were a ton of different proposals, and we took polls, held discussions, and exerted a lot of effort in coming up with something new.

We spent months doing this.

But the thing was, each and every proposal was shot down. Here’s a list of literally 14 different proposals from that time. Allos didn’t like any of them, for various nitpicky reasons. This post also discusses this at length.

“Allo” was the least controversial and most popular of the terms, which is why we eventually settled on it; and for reference, “allo-” actually means “other”. It’s literally just “other”sexual. It’s “not ace”sexual. It’s a simple, necessary, unoffensive differentiation between two types of experiences.

Notice the proposals we’ve been getting from allos: “non-ace”, which is a totally othering term (think “non-gay”, “non-trans”, etc. There’s a reason these communities adopt terms like “straight” and “cis”). And “sexual”, which… honestly baffles me, because that was the original term we had, and the one that was most violently refuted.

We’re continuously accused of not doing our research and not listening to allos, but we spent literal months going over the options, doing tons of research on the prefixes, and involving allos in those conversations. This is an issue that’s been rehashed every year or two since we finally settled on “allo”, and always with the same results.

See, the thing is, they aren’t looking to find a word that makes everyone happy. The goal isn’t a compromise; the goal is to prevent aces and aros from speaking up about our experiences. It’s to silence us. It’s to stop us from talking about allo privilege. It’s to make sure allos don’t have to recognize their oppressive behavior. It’s to shut us down, invalidate our experiences, and prevent us from being recognized as a legitimate community with legitimate struggles.

People who oppose “allo” aren’t in opposition of the term itself, they’re in opposition of validating ace experiences.



Volkswagen Tiguan GTE Active Concept Debuts

Today in the country that popularized the Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV), the Volkswagen Tiguan GTE Active Concept made its world debut at the North American International Auto Show. The vehicle’s most striking innovation is its efficient plug-in hybrid system that uses two electric motors and a gasoline engine, which can supply all four wheels with power, either automatically or at the push of a button. This concept proves how much potential plug-in hybrid systems have. The all-wheel-drive system’s technology ensures that this SUV can offer supreme off-road performance, even in all-electric mode.

The five-seat concept is based on the completely redeveloped second-generation Tiguan. The GTE Active Concept reflects the great technical versatility of the new SUV, which will arrive to the U.S. market in 2017 with a longer wheelbase and available seven-seat functionality. For Volkswagen, the new Tiguan marks the kickoff of an SUV product offensive that will significantly expand the range of vehicles offered, especially in North America.

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