info about jess

Since I’m feeling adventurous I decided if anyone is interested leave any question they may have about me or anything in my blog in my ask box and I will personally make a video of me answering in my own voice. Woooo everyone gets to see Jess cuz I’m oh sooo mysterious xD 

Anyways ill leave it open for about 24 hours or so before making the video of whatever I get with tid bits of me being random. 

I spent today with my mom for her birthday and I can honestly say I had a lovely time!

We got these amazing massages together (and now i smell even better than normal~ ahaha) Then we had lunch and saw The Great Gatsby which I thought had it good points and bad ones but overall was interesting!

Today I feel really good and im holding onto it.


Alright, I am sorry to say but my blog will be going on Hiatus starting tomorrow. I’m going away to work on myself for as long as it takes to make the changes I need in my life, so alas I cannot give a date that I will be back.

Ive set up a queue but it will only last a little while so if you follow me I apologize but that’s just how it is.

Thank you to everyone who has been sending me such kind and supportive messages you are all amazing!

Ill be back soon ( I hope)

xxoo <3


Im working on detaching myself from codependent and unhealthy relationships and realizing its okay to let go. It doesn’t mean you care less for the person, it means letting go of built up resentment over the things you simply cannot change about them.

You cannot make them take your advice, you cannot force them to like the same things you do, or hold similar opinions. Sometimes people will not be willing to accommodate your wishes and you cant make them change for you. Ive needed to accept this and let my anger go. The twelve steps, as cliche sometimes as they are, have a good ending saying at every meeting:

“God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference”

I get wrapped up in the idea that if they cared about me they would change, if they truly loved and cared for me they would keep in touch like they promised they would, or would follow through with plans or whatever it may be. However, its not that they don’t care ( I can only hope haha), its that they don’t know how to show their affections in the preconceived ways that I want them to. Not everyone should be held to my standard, and that’s been a hard thing to accept.

So with that, Im letting go. Ill have to check myself sometimes, since my immediate reaction is to feel hurt or angry with them and then myself, but soon I shall be able to be much more accommodating.

Such is life.