The FINAL Final Fantasy XV Active Time Report just wrapped! Most of the information was about the Multiplayer Expansion: Comrades. Here’s some details from the stream:

  • Single player aspect of Comrades has a RPG style
  • In multiplayer you can play with people from around the world or AI
  • Collect meter shards to help generate power in Lestallum
  • Cid can help customize your weapons
  • Appoint refugees different roles in the town
  • Each royal sigil has its own special abilities and players can choose one to help determine what role you’ll play in the DLC (tank, healer, etc)
  • Nobuo Uematsu did the theme for Comrades called “Choosing Hope”
  • A second VR game is being developed
  • Additional content coming in 2018 based off feedback from fans. The content will be aimed to help deepen the story.
  • This was the final ATR, the team will find another way to communicate with fans.


For general commission info, visit my commission page

If you wish to commisison me, either send me a message, or email me at:


I figured with October and also Halloween just around the corner, I thought I’d offer something fun for commissions.

This offer Starts today (September 22nd), and ends October 21st.

And now for some extra details/commission rules:

Halloween costume commissions:

  • Have a character in a Halloween costume! Could be a character you like, an OC, your persona, etc.
  • As long as the costume in question falls within my commission guidelines, just about any costume is allowed.

Monster commission:

  • Turn a character into a monster! (Skeleton, vampire, mutant, etc.)
  • Same rules as the Halloween costume commission apply here!

Monster OCs get 10% off!

  • Is your OC a monster? Then you can get 10%off your purchase!
  • (Note: this offer only applies to OCs that are characterized as monsters. People/anthros in monster costumes don’t count)


  • The 10% off Monster OCS and the Monster-themed commissions can not be applied to one another. If the character that you wanted the monster-theme for wasn’t originally a monster, the 10% off deal does not apply.
  • The Halloween theme and the Monster theme cannot be applied to the same commission. One theme per commission image.


  • Nsfw (anything explicit like ultra violence, pornography, etc.)
  • lolicon
  • If you ask for shipping art, I will not draw pedophilia, selfcest, or incest
  • Creepy Pasta or SCP

If you have any other questions concerning commissions, feel free to send me a message or email me!

BUCK-TICK 2017 "THE PARADE" 〜30th anniversary〜

9.23.17 (Saturday)
“BUCK-TICK 2017 “THE PARADE” 〜30th anniversary〜 FLY SIDE”

9.24.17 (Sunday)
“BUCK-TICK 2017 “THE PARADE” 〜30th anniversary〜 HIGH SIDE”

Tokyo: Odaiba Outdoor Special Venue (J District)

I’m really excited for the next couple of nights. I can’t describe the feeling of knowing it’s been 3 decades since we made it big, since we started something that I think became much bigger than we could have ever imagined it to become. The fact that I have lived my entire adult life, from 22 to almost 52, doing what I love for a living with my best friends… makes it feel like it isn’t a job, and it’s really not. It’s just a way to share our love for music with the world, and I can’t wait to start touring again next month. I believe I speak for all 5 of us when I say that we thank our fans dearly for making this possible for us.

In other news, our anniversary best album, “CATALOGUE 1987-2016″ was released just a few days ago! We hope everyone enjoys it~.
See you soon, Tokyo! 🎸


Hello guys, I’m opening commission again for this sem break!

Reblog/share is appreciated! If anyone is interested, please contact me by message here or send me an email at*´▽`*)

Please don’t forget to include character refs and the most detailed description of what you’d like me to draw in your message! Mostly simple background for now, but it’s negotiable. Payment will be sent after you’ve reviewed the sketch. PayPal only! Thank you ʚ♡⃛ɞ(ू•ᴗ•ू❁)


🍂Fall = I should probably renew my commission info🍂

Hey there! I’ve updated a lot of stuff like my pricing list, and now offer chibis and icons! Additionally, all lineless or lined pieces come with minimal cell shading which they didn’t before.

What I will draw: 

  • Pets, people, fursonas, gemsonas, D&D parties, shipping pictures, comics, gore, mechs, robots, and all pieces come with a simplified background.

What I won’t draw

  • NSFW. Hyper-complex designs are fine, but you may require a quote.

Adding an extra character to a piece is an additional $5. There is also no slot system; commissions are on an unlimited first come first serve basis until notified otherwise. If you’re interested, feel free to message me on tumblr or email me at
As always, sharing this post is greatly appreciated!

Please refer to attached pricelist.

To get a slot, please send an e-mail to

All payments will be via Paypal (invoice). Payment will be required upfront when terms are agreed upon on both sides.

Yes, I will be sending lots of WIP updates as we progress!

To help me organise things, please include ‘Commission’ in your email subject and fill out the following form:

Commission Type: (lineart fullbody, sketch headshot etc.)
Character(s) & Continuity: (Please include a colour reference if possible - if OC, and it’s your first go, please include a detailed description! ^^)
Mood/Theme: (What is the character doing? Are they expressing any particular emotion?)
Tumblr/Twitter username: (so I can tag you when I post the commission - you can remain anonymous too! ^^)
Your PayPal e-mail:

Legal stuff:
Prices are in US$

You are not allowed to resell or use my art for further profits. It is intended for personal use only.

I retain all rights to my artwork. Leasing and copyright transferring fees may be arranged upon request.

I retain the right to refuse a commission if I don’t think I can do it.

If I am forced to cancel a commission, the client will receive a full refund.

[ARTICOLO] Ecco ciò che gli amici famosi dei BTS hanno detto per il loro comeback show

“In mezzo a tutto l’hype per il loro nuovo album, “Love Yourself: Her”, i BTS hanno preso possesso del canale TV MNET per un live del loro comeback show.

“Questa è stata la nostra prima volta in cui abbiamo avuto un nostro personale comeback show”, ha dichiarato Rap Monster in inglese proprio all’inizio dello show.

Durante tutto lo show hanno rivelato poi nuove coreografie per canzoni come “MIC Drop” e “Go Go”, aggiungendo alcuni throw-back di canzoni più vecchie come “No More Dream” e “I Need U”. Il loro grande impatto è palpabile in tutto il mondo, con il loro album che ha toccato il primo posto della classifica “iTunes Album” in 73 diversi paesi, un nuovo record secondo i comunicati stampa.

Anche gli artisti occidentali non hanno potuto fare a meno di notarli: cinque messaggi –inclusi artisti che hanno collaborato con loro, quali Wale e gli Chainsmokers–, preregistrati di supporto e congratulazioni per i ragazzi. Ecco cosa avevano da dir loro:


“BTS, Beyond the Scenes, Bangtan Boys, tutti questi. In qualsiasi modo vogliate chiamarli. Voi tutti siete miei amici, i miei ragazzi, i miei fratelli. Congratulazioni per il nuovo album. Voi sapete già cos’è, da D.C. to South Korea.”


“La cosa che mi piace dei BTS è, semplicemente, che sono i numeri 1, hanno un grande stile, e sento che tutto il loro vibe è a tutto un altro livello. Davvero uno stile fantastico, musica grandiosa, e anche video spettacolari. Ciao a tutti i miei compari in Corea e a tutti i fan dei BTS –so che siete davvero tantissimi– Volevo solo dire: io sono Charli XCX. Vi adoro. Peace.”


“Congratulazioni per il vostro nuovo album. È davvero spettacolare, e non vedo l’ora di vedervi e uscire con voi a Seul. Peace!”


“Volevo solo farvi le mie congratulazioni per “Love Yourself: Her”! So che sarà davvero incredibile. Avete lavorato così duramente, e siete così dannatamente pieni di talento! Congratulazioni, che è “Chukha Haeyo”! (in Coreano)”


Alex Pall: “Congratulazioni ai nostri ragazzi, i BTS, per il loro album “Love Yourself: Her”. Sarà fantastico.”

Andrew Taggart: “Sì, abbiamo lavorato insieme alla traccia “Best of Me”, che è una nostra idea che ci è venuta per la musica. E quando gliel’abbiamo mandata, loro l’hanno trasformata in questa bellissima canzone. Siamo super onorati di far parte di questo album e siamo super eccitati per loro. Buona fortuna. Sappiamo che sarà fantastico. Siete già gli artisti numero 1 del mondo, ma lo stesso congratulazioni.””

Traduzione a cura di Bangtan Italian Channel Subs (©Autumn) | ©Billboard


Symphogear Live 2018

Date: 2018 March 3rd, 04th
Venue: Musashino No Mori General Sports Plaza (Tokyo)

Cast: Aoi Yuuki, Mizuki Nana, Takagaki Ayahi, Hikasa Yoko, Nanjo Yoshino, Kayano Ai, Iguchi Yuka, Kotobuki Minako, Aoi Shouta, Hidaka Rina

Shoutan will be appearing in Symphogear Live!!!!