Shark finning is the gruesome act of catching sharks, slicing off its fins, then throwing the body back into the ocean to drown or bleed to death. Without fins, sharks cannot balance or move, so it slowly sinks to the bottom of the ocean, where it suffocates or bleeds to death.

Sharks kill only 6 people each year. Over 100 million sharks are killed yearly, and 11,480 hourly. Because of this, shark populations are plummeting very, very fast. Some shark species are close to extinction, with some populations being dropped by 99%.

Sharks are greatly misunderstood, and are absolutely crucial to healthy ocean ecosystems. But some species of shark are in danger due to hunting and over fishing. There’s a lot to be done to make sure these vital predators have a secure position in the oceans. As a starting point, here are seven small ways you can help the cause.

Block B fans organize a protest against Seven Seasons for their treatment toward Block B

Some Block B fans are drawing their sleeves up in protest against Seven Seasons.

Seven Seasons (KQ Entertainment) announced the release of a DVD for the boys. However, fans decided to stage a boycott and not buy the DVD set for a number of reasons. The first reason is that the boys have barely promoted as a group since 2013 - only a meager 93 days since the boys signed with the company. The Seven Seasons YouTube was deleted without any notification or announcement, meaning Block B lost all the viewcount on their MVs. The account has been reinstated, but the information was not given to fans via an article instead of a Twitter or an official fancafe announcement. Furthermore, their ’V’ app channel has not been used for 2 months.

The Block B Instagram has also not been in use since 15 weeks ago, although the claim was that the account was created to communicate with fans. However, the Japanese Instagram account is updated frequently, further frustrating Korean fans. After the site’s official page’s domain expired, the company did not renew the domain until three days later. Even after the site was back up, it was not updated and showed Block B’s profile photo as from the ’H.E.R’ era even though it had been 7 months after “Toy”. The site was updated after fans trended a hashtag on the protest, but Zico’s birthday was listed as September 4th when it is September 14th.

Block B’s fanmeeting celebrating 2000 days since debut (in Korea) was only open to overseas fans, and Korean fans were not allowed to attend. Since 2015, the boys had two concerts in Korea, but had 22 concerts in Japan.

Furthermore, Seven Seasons allegedly does not promote the boys’ activities at all, leaving promotional tweets and such to the members themselves and sometimes even fansite masters.

The label had also previous promised to be a label for Block B, claiming they would not take any trainees. However, the label has since then changed to KQ Entertainment and has accepted trainees.

Source: AllKpop

Post updating day 2 of this boycott 

If you don’t know what’s going on this post will explain it all. I hope to see more IBBCs on Twitter supporting 

BBCs are still mad that KQ not answering them

People that don’t fully know what’s going on is getting pissy with KBBCs because they clearly don’t understand that we are only a cash cow to them. That all they want is money and not buying anything from them will affect them. Some email not going to matter. They will sit around saying “Oh the babies are mad at us how cute! They even wrote us a list like we didn’t know we did these things! Have the intern write them an apology”. We don’t even know how much the members will even get from these DVDs. At the end of the day they only care about money and to change anything or really get a reaction you have to affect their money.

KQ is mad and not answering KBBCs that are trying to reach out to them. They are mad at us…I wonder why! There word from JBBCS because Kyung’s rescheduling they are now trying to resell their tickets for their Japan event. Like anyone even buying them since JBBCs are sick of the same old playlist and having to spend all this money on lotteries. Getting terrible edited MVs for the Japan songs.

Honestly the ship is sinking for KQ. First it was KBBCs. Then English speaking BBCs started to spread the word for them in the international fandom. Now more and more BBCs are speaking out. Fansite masters are speaking up more and more. JBBCs their biggest cash cow seem to be raising their voices (from what I can see on my end). The more they make us wait the more upset we are getting. Hashtags are getting banned but we keep on making new ones. Their site they made was a half-assed job!

I didn’t know Jiho’s birthday was the 4th not the 14th! (they have fixed it clearly showing they are paying attention to our comments) (Jiho’s birthday is the 14th and the photo under is before they fixed it aka proof they are not paying attention)

Their backgrounds and photos don’t have the full group

Their little photo thing doesn’t make sense at all. A Few Years Later, Jackpot, Toy, Her? Is that how the comebacks happened? Where Very Good? (update: they seems to have removed this)

All their profiles were copied and pasted 

All in all no one giving up until KQ gives us feedback and not run to news sites to say things. This boycott is already made it on pann and instiz so how much longer does BBCs have to push KQ into a corner for them to change. We are not even asking them to spend money on like a comeback or something crazy but them to pay attention to their one group. Stop making Jaehyo do things with his bad knee. Stop telling Jaehyo his ideas are terrible. STOP bringing down Jaehyo. You’re not even trying to use him but when he wants to be with BBCs you tear him down and give him bad conditions. Promote all your members! You know why Taeil was 65th on the charts? Because KBBCs didn’t know he had a solo!!! SS didn’t promote it well. Tell us what’s going on with the group with active updating since KBBCs legit have to go out of their way to even know what Block B been doing. Actually be their company and do what companies do and get them on shows. Zico is attacked all the time for being the only successful one in the group and being this ‘terrible’ leader that leaving everyone behind when it’s all your fault. You rather allow the blame to go onto someone else then yourselves. That Keep Calm And Like Block B seasons greetings was so shady. I spoke on it and I was shutdown but this was around the time we were really getting tired of you and you tell us to ‘calm down’ aka shut up.


Watch 25 minutes of Final Fantasy XV gameplay on the PS Access EGX 2016 Livestream. (starts at 2:50:40)

A summary of Daniel’s panel with Ian Bohen today:

  • Unfortunately, Daniel can’t talk much about the project he has with Carver brothers, but we will all know soon. (x)
  • Daniel stated that his favorite thing about the French fans is their accents. (x)
  • Daniel believes that Malia and Isaac would get along well. (x)
  • Daniel says as long as Trump is not president, he doesn’t care who is. (x)
  • He says that he was sad about Bernie did not get the nomination, however he still encourages young people to vote. (x)
  • Unlike Isaac, Daniel actually likes small spaces so he didn’t mind being in the freezer. (x)
  • “It was a pleasure to shoot with Jennifer Morrison.” He also said that she was a wonderful person, and a true professional and example. (x)
  • Daniel liked doing car scenes because he got to sit and rest, and he didn’t have to do much. (x)
  • Daniel claims Ian is a Hufflepuff. (x)
  • Daniel thinks that he’d be sorted into the Slytherin house. (x)
  • However, Daniel says he’s not very familiar with Harry Potter. (x)
  • Daniel’s two favorite movies are Lawrence of Arabia and Once Upon a Time in the West. (x)
Leeteuk: It's time to slowly wake up, because we're having a comeback! We'll see you guys in October 2017!

160922 KTR - Leeteuk: Our promotion periods got longer, Sukira’s also over 10 years old, there should have many people who grew up together with us. It’s time to slowly wake up everyone, wake up slowly. Because we’re having a comeback next year! You’ve rest for a long time right? ㅎㅎ  It’s time to wake up now. I’ve set the dates that we wish to have our comeback. It’s definitely either September or October. We’ll see you guys in October 2017 ㅎㅎ ©

160922 KTR: LT: everyone now it's time to get up slowly. Our comeback next year! you must wake up now. I've confirmed the comeback & the wanted date. September October..... In 2017 October we will crazily meet everyone ㅎㅎ

[160922 KTR/슈키라]LT: 이제 여러분들 슬슬 깨어날 시간입니다.저희 내년에 컴백하니까! 이제 일어나야 됩니다.제가 컴백하고 싶은 날짜를 정했어요. 9월이나 10월에는 무조건 나올 거거든요. 2017년 10월에 여러분들 만나도록 하겠습니다ㅎㅎ


160922 KTR:
LT: everyone now it’s time to get up slowly.
Our comeback next year!you must. Wake up now. I want to comeback confirmed (?)
September October…..
In 2017 October we will crazily meet everyone

(Rough trans)