Final Fantasy XV’s survey is available with today’s 1.10 update. Vote for future updates that you’d like to see happen in the game. Items that receive many votes may be included in future updates:

  • Story content: Ardyn’s past
  • Story content: Lunafreya’s activities
  • Story content: Cor’s activities
  • Story content: the line of Lucis
  • Story content: Ifrit’s betrayal
  • Story content: the World of Ruin
  • Story content: Noctis’s disappearance
  • Playable character: Cor
  • Playable character: Aranea
  • Playable character: Iris
  • Playable character: Lunafreya
  • Playable character: Gentiana
  • Additional mode: Hard difficulty
  • Upgrade: improved Armiger abilities
  • Upgrade: new stat-changing magic

Which one will you vote for?


These are the buildings JYPE is using now: the main building (on the left) - headquarters, and JYP training centre (on the right) + 3 other small buildings. 

At the end of 2017 JYPE will be moving to a brand new building in Olympic Park where they’re going to have everything - there will be 1 building instead of 5. The old headquarters (shown in the first pic) were sold in 2014 but JYPE will be using them until the end of this year until they move.

anonymous asked:

Hello I have a question about your "acceptable and unacceptable" post about Tokyo ghoul. I'm new to the fandom. When you say that it's not okay to tweet spoilers at Ishida, what does that mean? He wrote it so I'm a bit lost.

Sure thing, Anon.

Here is the thing you need to remember:

What we are reading are Fan translations, done from pirated/stolen copies of the magazine Young Jump.

The week before the magazine goes onto stands, the copies are shipped to stores. This gives them time to get everything prepared, and is typical of any retail scenario.

So someone(s) get their hands on one of these copies of the magazine, and then sell it to people online. These groups then translate the chapter, edit it to have English text, and post it online.

Young Jump comes out every Thursday in Japan. That is the official release date.

So we are basically getting to read the chapter several days before the Japanese fans that purchase a copy of Young Jump. Ishida is aware that this is happening, and has only commented on it by essentially asking Western fans to RESPECT Japanese fans. If you send tweets to Ishida or Japanese fans about a new chapter, you are SPOILING THOSE THAT PURCHASE IT LEGALLY.

Ishida has explicitly stated more than once that he DOES NOT want this to happen.

So basically, it’s about being respectful. By tweeting Ishida about the chapter, people are doing two things are once that are shitty:

  1. Rubbing in Ishida’s face that they are reading a STOLEN copy of his work.
  2. Spoiling the fans that wait to purchase their copy legally.

Both of these things make Western fans look really bad.

Warding, a PSA

Due to some problems we’ve come across with this shop, we are adding a new requirement that you must meet before adopting a companion:

Knowledge of warding and protection both physically and astrally

The knowledge of these two subjects are imperative to have in order to keep both you and your companion safe. Diving into spirit work head first without any protections set up is basically telling everything around you,”HEY! OVER HERE! FRESH MEAT!” This is how you attract malicious spirits. 

A malicious spirit can not only harm you, but potentially your companion as well. Just because your companion is a spirit, doesnt mean they are immune to other spirits. Inviting them over without any wards puts them at risk, which is unfair. It is like calling over a friend to your ‘house,’ but not having any walls set up to protect them from the elements. 

Here is a post that gives a little info on wards and gives some examples on what you can do to ward

You must set up physical AND astral wards. 
“But J! I don’t know how to astral travel yet! I can’t set up astral wards if I can’t astr-”
Yes you can. There are plenty of ways to set up astral wards without astral traveling. Visualization is your friend. If you can think of it, you can use it. Go all out with your camouflage, anti teleportation, invisibility, etc when you’re setting up your wards. As long as you have a strong intent, the wards will be strong. Granted, some wards don’t prevent some spirits, so you will have to tweak them sometimes. 

Do not forget to maintain your wards !!!!! Check up on them weekly at least so they are at their strongest. Make them super mega thick with super mega layers. Make them rubbery so nothing can crack it. Do anything you want.

The way I set up astral wards without astral traveling is super simple.
Look at your physical room (or wherever you spend the most time/feel the most comfortable). Follow the lines of where each wall meets another and visualize white light trailing in the wake of your vision. Follow the lines of one wall first, and once you make a square with your white light (or whatever shape your wall is), visualize the square being colored or filled in with your wards of choice. Continue this procedure until all of the walls, floor, and ceiling is warded. Then, expand your wards out to the rest of your house to keep every room and everyone inside safe. Use your intent to make sure it is impenetrable. 

If this method doesnt resonate with you, make up your own! There are no rules, really. Be creative. There are plenty of warding methods that you can find on tumblr as well. Try looking here if you want

Physical wards are another layer of protection to keep you safe. For physical wards, I use:
- witchy jars
- plants
- salt
- sage
- incense
- sigils
All of these are filled with my intent to keep me mega safe, because lord knows i don’t need any more trouble. 

“But J! I am a closeted witch! I can’t do any of those thi-”
Yes you can. There are hundreds of tips out there that are for discreet witches. Sigils are easy to hide. Use an oil diffuser with essential oils that correspond with protection. Light candles with corresponding intent. Plants are inconspicuous. So is salt. I carry a salt packet in my phone case. Hoard all of those salt packets from restaurants. No shame. 

You can do anything if it makes you feel safe. Does hopping around on one leg in circles make you feel lighter and the room clearer? Then do that. Does making snow angels in the carpet make your room feel safe? Then do that. There aren’t any rules. Do whatever if it makes you feel safe, no matter how silly it may seem. Does that necklace that you found at the playground when you were younger just seem to hum with protective energy? Bam, use that. 

As long as you have measures set up that are supposed to keep you and your companion safe, you should be okay at first. Of course, you will have to renew them and tweak them every once in a while to keep them in their best shape. My dedicated day to ward strengthening is every Sunday on cleansing day (which is also an important thing to have, but that post is for another time), but if need be, I fix them through the week as well. No protection is too much protection. 

Stay safe, my friends.



Hello everyone,We are back again giving a second shot to the Bayojeanne Week, I hope this time we will have tons of participation. To make this week a real success and enjoyable for everyone. Here are some rules that you need to know.


♣ You have to post something new, that we never saw before.

DO NOT REPOST SOMEONE ESLE’S WORK! You can make something of your own no matter if it’s writing, editing, or drawing.

♣ Please use the tag #Bayojeanneweek or #Bayojeanne Week(It has to be in the five first tag that you are using.)

♣ You are not allowed to post a prompt before the exact day… (It’s going to be complicated if you don’t respect that). However if you are one of the people who are late to the party, you can still participate to the prompts even if the day is already finished.

♣ If you are participating to the week, you don’t have to do every prompt if you don’t want to.

♣ You are allowed to post NSFW but you have to tag it, but please don’t make it direspectful…

♣ Most important rule HAVE FUN!



DAY 1 - 07/10 - Beach Day
DAY 2 - 07/11 - Argument
DAY 3 - 07/12 - Amnesia
DAY 4 - 07/13 - Death
DAY 5 - 07/14 - Alternate universe
DAY 6 - 07/15 - Jealousy
DAY 7 - 07/16 - Dancing with you

BONUS DAY 1 - 06/30 - Gates of hell
BONUS DAY 2 - 07/17 - Childre
BONUS DAY 3 - 07/18 - Family

If during the week I didn’t reblog your work, please forgive me, it can be possible that I didn’t see it. So you can send me a message with a link of your work, I’ll make sure to reblog it.

If you have any question you can contact me on this blog or my other blog xall4one I’ll try to answer you as fast as I can.


Overwatch Anniversary Masterlist

Name - skin (if applicable) - emote - spray - voice line 1 ; voice line 2

Ana - Dance - Ace of Hearts - Follow me ; The adults are talking

Bastion - Dune Buggy - Robo Boogie ; Ten of Clubs ; Bew-woo bew-woo ; Doo dun dun woo

D.Va - Cruiser - Dance - Ten of Hearts - Level up! ; No way

Genji - Sentai - Dance - Jack of Clubs - I’m not impressed ; You seem nice

Hanzo - Cyberninja - Fisherman Dance - King of Diamonds - An error in judgement ; Just so

Junkrat - Running Rat - Joker - Dipstick ; Oops… dropped something

Lucio - Jazzy - Smooth - Jack of Diamonds - Everyone gets their +1 ; Have some Lucio-Oh’s!

McCree - Line Dance - Jack of Spades - Buckle up ; Next round’s on me

Mei - Beekeeper - Sunny Dance - Ten of Diamonds - I was only trying to help ; So mean! Honestly…

Mercy - Hustle - Queen of Clubs - Questionable judgement ; You’re welcome

Orisa - Dance - Nine of Spades - Satisfied with protection ; Your compliance

Pharah - Bedovin - Rocket Guitar - Queen of Diamonds - Fly casual ; Try me

Reaper - Dance - Ace of Clubs - I’ll see you in hell ; No one left behind

Reinhardt - Sweethardt - King of Hearts - Beer! ; Honor! Justice! Reinhardt!

Roadhog - Dance - Joker - I’m going hog wild! ; I don’t like talkers

Soldier: 76 - Cyborg: 76 - Dance - Ace of Spades - I’m not your father ; You’re the boss

Sombra - Dance - Queen of Spades - I need a drink ; Were you done talking?

Symmetra - Oasis - Dance - Nine of Diamonds - Setting up the car wash ; Your mind works

Torbjorn - Dance - King of Clubs - Trust me ; Hear me, baby?

Tracer - Graffiti - Charleston - Ace of Diamonds - Did I miss something? ; Too slow!

Widowmaker - Ballet - Queen of Hearts - Sorry ; What a bore

Winston - Dance - Jack of Hearts - It’s my time to shine! ; Oh yeah!

Zarya - Cyberian - Dance - Ten of Spades - Is that all? ; Peace through firepower

Zenyatta - Dance - King of Spades - Existence is mysterious ; How disappointing