Top 5 Cards for EDH from Ixilan

Ixilan, the land of dinosaurs, pirates and amazing elevator pitches is finally with us. With it, as with every new set, comes an influx of new and incredible deck pieces for EDH. Mythics that will never see play elsewhere, and rares that will absolutely destroy every format the touch. All of it can be found here on Ixilan, and I would be remiss to say I’m not excited for what is in store; what we haven’t noticed yet. 

And with the prerelease having just happened, many people will likely be wanting to fill out their EDH decks with the cards they picked up from their sealed pools. As such, I’ve pushed back my planned piece to talk about a few of my favourite picks. That is, my Top 5 cards from Ixilan for EDH. Now, EDH is a deeply subjective format, and so my picks will only be my picks. You may have already found your favourite goofy, or powerful card that I may miss. Which is okay! I would love to heard what you already love from the format. But in terms of overall pliability, I’ve picked 5 cards I think will see a lot of play.  

Note: Card sizes will be weird. As of writing this, none of Ixilan is on Gatherer yet. 

5. Revel in Riches

Alternative win condition cards are almost always a mainstay in EDH. As is the nature of the format. Just dealing 40 damage multiplied by how many players there are, it isn’t always realistic. As such, finding a way to circumvent the traditional win conditions, is something players strive for. And Revel in Riches is more than just an alternative win condition. Unlike previous cards like Hedron Alignment, or Biovisionary, which were either impossible or very difficult, Revel in Riches is self sustaining. As with the death off an opponent’s creature, it gets ever closer to winning. Additionally, it helps produce you mana. This turns it only only into a win condition, but a genuinely playable card despite that. Sure, 1 mana for each dead creature isn’t much, but in a format built on the back on wrath effects, it won’t be shockingly hard to get value. Suddenly a Bontu’s Last Reckoning isn’t too back breaking. 

Ultimately, I expect it to see a fair amount of play across Black decks. It may seem like a 5 mana do nothing enchantment, but the value it creatures, plus the threat of an easy victory, is enough to make it more than playable.

4. Vraska’s Contempt

The long search for good spot removal in EDH is always going to be a tricky battle. Unconditional removal is not only expensive, but often slow. And conditional removal is often subject to EDH’s unpredictability, despite how cheap it can be. What’s more, simply killing a creature is very rarely enough. I believe, then, Vraska’s Contempt pushes the envelop as much as possible, in terms of creating a playable 4 mana piece of spot removal. It’s better than Hero’s Downfall by 2 relevant factors, that make it worth the 1 extra mana. Alternatives that come close, are typically in Orzhov, and so are ultimately limited in non-white decks. I truly think this is the premiere 4 mana mono-black piece of spot removal. Exile is very different to simply destroying. And that 2 life is a small, but relevant detail. 

Sure, in decks that can run Utter End, you’d rather run Utter End, but as a mono black alternative, I truly believe this is the powerful option.

3. Vance’s Blasting Cannons // Spitfire Bastion

Red is often at the mercy of other colours due to it’s lack of reach. Often burning out quickly, and unable to close the gap as other player’s board states develop later in the game. But with Wizard’s push for more inventive solutions to this Vance’s Blasting Cannons and (more importantly) Spitfire Bastion are created. These are both one card, but it’s the second half of it is what matters to me. A land that lets you Open Fire every turn, as well as tap for {R}. Even the first side, though understated, offers an easy method of flipping itself. All you need to do is cast 3 spells. With a low curve, and fast mana, this isn’t hard. And suddenly you have the consistent removal to deal with small threats, or the power to consistently deal 3 damage to a player. Failing all that, it’s a land that taps for red. 

A red enchantment that’s easy to flip in EDH, that helps itself get flipped. After that it’s a land that lets you cast Open Fire every turn. Powerful removal, but a game closer. 

2. Axis of Morality

There are a lot of control cards in magic. Very many are reactive to a degree where you never quite have control of the game, as much as you are untouched by the game. But a few cards come up that really do give you control of the nature of the game. And Axis of Morality is exactly that. If, by some miracle, it can live until your upkeep, you are able to exchange life totals, as your discretion. Swap your own with the highest life total. Take a huge blow at the end of last turn, and suddenly punish that player. Or even, ensure that the easiest player to attack is on the Throne. This card runs deeper than just as it reads, as that kind of control is back breaking. And as an enchantment, it’s much harder to remove than any old creature. 

A powerful enchantment that truly lives up to the title ‘Control’. You now control life totals, and what you do with that power is yours.

1. Growing Rites of Itlimoc // Itlimoc, Cradle of the Sun

Perhaps the hype has gotten to me. Perhaps my wallet is singing that I can finally play a Gaea’s Cradle that doesn’t cost me $300 for a legal copy. In fact, this is even better than Gaea’s Cradle, in terms of raw abilities on it’s land side. Being able to tap for {G} without a creature may make a difference in the end. However, even it’s front side offers an advantage, and criteria that isn’t hard to meet. Looking at the top 4 cards of your library, and either filtering them out, or getting a creature. Then, flipping with only 4 or more creatures. This is made all the easier by triggering that your end step, as you don’t need to cycle through 3 or 4 other turns before finally seeing the Cradle. Running the risk of wrath effects, or sorcery removal. This all going without even talking about the power of a land adding {G} for each creature you control. That fact stands on it’s own, truly. In wide creature strategies, it’s exceptional, but even without that, it may just be an untapped land that taps for {G}{G}. Which, alone, is nothing to sneer at.

Growing Rites of Itlimoc is an enchantment that generates advantage, without being hard to flip. And once it does flip, it shows us the power of one of magic’s most power cards, now “fixed”. A untapped land that taps for more than 1 mana. Is it truly a fixed alternative? Or is it just as busted as it always was. It is hard to say, however I hold true that it deserves to be my most anticipated card of Ixilan. 

Reblog with the cards you are most excited to see out of Ixilan. I’m sure there are even better cards, in different formats. Or simply personal favourites that I completely looked over. Whatever they are, I would love to hear about them!

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So touched by the influx of messages in response to the big Who’s Your Character ask.  Lovely insights, lovely stories, lovely people!  I’ve still got a few in my inbox that I need to respond to but I’m heading to bed for the night so I’ll get to them tomorrow.  Goodnight, friends!  <3

hey…. whats up my dudes. i suddenly got an alarming influx of followers and all i did last night was post things that would disappoint my highschool teachers. i’m friendly!!! feel free to say hi if you’re feelin it

Thoughts and theories post S307

We got a clue to how the different dimensions work. These three dudes are obviously iterations of the same Rick who all encountered the same event in varying degrees of severity. It could just be that these three dimensions are right next to each other, but the numbering convention suggests that they’re true splits from one original dimension, caused by that event. 

If that’s true, it means that every time a major event occurs, timelines splinter into different offshoot possibilities. The Ricks that stay most “normal” keep their original dimension number and the others take on an iteration of that number based on the level of divergence. This also helps account for how the population of the citadel bounced back so quickly after the massacre in S301. As time goes on more splits in dimensions means a constant influx of more Ricks and Mortys.

Not every rick invents the portal gun. The portal gun is rick’s ultimate source of power and what allows the citadel to exist. From what we learned from the half-truths in S301′s portal gun origin backstory, Ricks ostensibly go from dimension to dimension giving portal technology to other Ricks rather than each Rick inventing it on his own. Plus we saw in the last episode that the Mortytown Rick tries and fails to make portal fluid, and cop Rick calls it out “bootleg,” plus the factory Rick demands a portal gun because he must not be able to make one of his own. 

For the Ricks that didn’t invent their own, portal fluid and guns are regulated and not allowed to all Ricks freely. It begs the question of how many Ricks actually invented the portal gun on their own. In theory, it would only take just one figuring it out and then sharing it with all the others.

More evidence for Evil Morty = Rick’s original Morty. This has been a fan theory since Evil Morty first showed up but after S307 the evidence is even stronger. Evil Morty dodges questions about his original dimension and Rick, instead diverting with “we moved around a lot.” That basically leaves the door wide open for the reveal of him being Rick’s og Morty.

Plus, if the moving around part wasn’t a lie, that means he and Rick skipped universes Cronenberg-style more than once (Rick did say he’d pulled that stunt before). Think how disillusioned just one dimension move made our Morty, it’s no wonder Evil Morty turned into what he is if he went through multiple ruined dimensions. Beyond that, our Morty has been shown to be getting more jaded and downright cruel this season, enough that people were thinking he was turning into Evil Morty. If our Morty has devolved into his current state with just being around our Rick for a few years, imagine how the Morty our Rick was around since when he was a baby would have turned out.

Cop Rick is alive for a reason. He killed Cop Morty and turned himself in expecting to be shot off into space, but in the end he’s released by Ricks under evil Morty’s control. Him being alive still is not insignificant, even if just for the narrative and character implications more than plot reasons. 

Cop Rick’s first instinct is to trust. He trusted the Morty in the room with the crib. He trusted Cop Morty to do the right thing. He wants to believe in true justice and the goodness in people, and acts on that belief no matter the outcome for him. 

The real gut punch is he’s not just an outlier. He shows that Ricks do have an infallible sense of justice when it’s not smothered out by narcissism and nihilism. We’ve seen that our Rick, despite being an asshole, will choose to do the right thing- even if it’s the hard thing- at crucial moments: He puts the collar on Morty instead of himself when they’re falling to their deaths in the void, he turns himself in to the Galactic Federation in order to save his family. 

Cop Rick is still alive because he’s the hero our Rick would be if he wasn’t such a jaded asshole. He’s the proof that despite everything, Rick is at his core trying to be good. Maybe that kind of Rick is valuable to Evil Morty, or maybe it was just valuable to us to see this side of Rick so explicitly.

Evil Morty wants control. Evil Morty is living the ideal Morty existence, in control of himself and the universe around him. It’s all he’d want after a life where Rick was always in control, where he could do nothing to stop the machinations of the universe from nearly crushing him every adventure. As we saw really plainly with Copy Morty, when a Morty gets enough knowledge, experience, and freedom, they can’t stand being treated like sidekicks anymore. No wonder the Ricks put them in a school designed not to teach them to be more competent on adventures but instead to keep them helpless and subservient. 

It’s easy enough to follow the same trend in our Morty. He’s been fighting for more control all season– He chooses not to try to rescue Rick from prison. He’s fine with going against Rick’s plan in the Mad Max world. He’s the one who makes them go on the adventure with the Vindicators (and Rick loses his shit when he doesn’t get to be the only one saving the day anymore). And perhaps most telling, Morty’s ideal toxin-free self abandons Rick entirely and creates a situation where his whole job is to manipulate and control other people. 

Evil Morty is what happens when Morty’s struggle for power goes to it’s furthest degree. He wanted so bad to not be the sidekick anymore that he’d do anything, even if it meant becoming the villain. 

I love how some people will literally do gymnastics to avoid accepting Harry as who he says he is. I think it would kill some of you to actually listen to his words. It’s a shame because you’re missing out on one incredible person & I genuinely feel sad for you. 

Not everyone is in fandom for the s/exual content. If you are? That’s cool. Seriously. You do you, and enjoy what you enjoy. But this idea that fandom is all about the p/orn (which is especially pervasive from the outside, among people who know about fandom but might not be engaged in it, or who only know the stereotypes) is not the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

I just wanted to say that, in case some of my followers need to hear it. 

I’ll admit, I often feel (and have often felt!) like an odd duck because while I adore romance, and adore characters in love–falling in love, being in love, navigating love–I have almost no interest in being in the same metaphorical room when they’re having s/ex. I don’t think about it. I don’t imagine it. I am far, far more likely to spend half an hour thinking about kissing or cuddling or one person taking out the garbage because the second person is exhausted. (And I acknowledge there are folks out there for whom even this romance-focus is meh! You’re allowed to have your place in fandom too! I promise!) 

I’ve written s/ex scenes when I felt like the story genuinely asked for them. It doesn’t happen often. I have written characters whose comfort with or love of s/ex is part of their character, part of the story they want me to tell. Mostly, my characters ask me to leave. And I oblige them. I’ve occasionally met with criticism for this. I’ve had people ask me for stories with more s/exual content, or tell me my stories “would be better” with more s/ex in them. In the past, I’ve shrugged it off, or felt like I needed to justify myself, or just felt hurt full-stop. Sometimes it made me feel lonely, or not good enough, or like I was broken, or like there was something ‘wrong’ with me for not actually wanting to either read or write the explicit. (Not to say I avoid everything with an E-rating. Really. It comes down to what else is happening in the story; hook me with characters and plot and I’ll stick around for the s/ex.)

Meanwhile, yes, there’s a lot of s/exual content in fandom. I guess if you’re on the outside looking in, and you only catch a glimpse, you might think that’s all that’s happening. It took me a long, long time to realize that there’s a place in fandom (and in life, really) for people like me, people for whom the s/exual content isn’t the driving force of engagement. You don’t need to explain yourself. You don’t need to justify yourself. And you’re not alone.




i didnt even know this game was a real thing that happened until a really short while ago LOL!! ITS SO CUTE!!!!!!