Whats your Disease?

I’m a little sick, there’s no questioning that.  We’re all sick, and we all spread our assorted diseases, every day.  OK, gross… let me try again.

So, we have these meatbag bodies of ours (this is still a little gross but stay with me) and our bodies are these ecosystems of sicknesses and germs.  And it’s really important that all these assorted germs, bacteria, viruses, whatever, don’t get out of balance- otherwise we get way too sick and we’ve got a problem.

As stated in the mission statement “You are defined as a person by the influences you allow, as well as reject into your life.”   So every day I work to keep my influences in balance.  I go out in the world, and unfortunately there are people, places, and things in the world that beat me down.  Those influences suck.  I also go out in the world, and there are influences in the world that lift me up, fill me with joy, excitement, warmth, wonder, inspiration, and love.

Everyday we get to decide what disease we’re going to spread.  Today are you going to spread hate, cynicism, gossip, distrust, anger, rudeness?  Or are you going to spread acceptance, hope, creativity, cooperation, and equality?

Influentza.  Get infected… Cuz we’re sick.

Written by: Joyce Hatton

She Blogs at

Vanessa R.-Art Director 
Daniel G. -Editor-in-Chief

1) First off, please describe yourself in one word. 
Vanessa: Influentza

1a) Now describe your work/style in one word.
Daniel: Influentza started off as an idea to “infect” people with Art. 
Vanessa: We try and keep things clean as far as design and content. It’s a symbolic thing, but also very literal. 

2) When did you first start dabbling in the arts? Was there any early inspirations, if so, are they present in your work now?
Vanessa: When I became a graphic designer (lol) No actually, I always had a thing for the arts, dabbling in everything from movies to drawing to music. 
Daniel: When I started dating Vanessa, lol, but for reals, I started to get into photography in high school taking pictures with my 3.0 mega pixel camera. 

3) What motivates/inspires you now?
Vanessa: You know the usual: pop culture, the news, politics, my 9 year old brother, awesome people, butterflies, unicorns, Daniel and all my haterzzzz. Just kidding on the haters. 
Daniel: I’m inspired by anything im around on any given day. 

4) What is your favorite subject?
Daniel: For me, Im not a big fan of subjects. 
Vanessa: I like to learn. I don’t really understand this question though. Sorry bout it. 

5) How do you challenge yourself as an artist?
Vanessa: I am a fairly new self proclaimed artist so just doing artistic things is a bit challenging sometimes. I always like to try new things and that is how Influentza got started. Just by being experimental and adventurous. 
Daniel: I really like Vanessa’s answer. I’ve started to really enjoy printmaking so just trying to learn new techniques. 

6) What is the best advice someone has ever given to you about your chosen profession? 
Vanessa: It was along the lines and not the same exact words of: amateurs wait to get inspired and professionals just do it. Every time I start to get unmotivated I think of that and get going. 
Daniel: “Just Do It” - Nike. 

7) If you want someone to look at your work and walk away with some new thought or idea, what are you aiming for?
Vanessa: I don’t want Influentza to brainwash people. I just want people to use their own experiences to think for themselves. I’ve talked to a lot of people who are just so influenced by superficial things and it’s kind of sad. I want them to make a decision based on their own thoughts and beliefs. 
Daniel: To echo what Vanessa said, I just want people to acknowledge that there’s a lot of different perspectives on everything. We encourage people to think; we wont disagree or agree with what you think, we’re just happy that you’re thinking…if that makes sense, probably not. 

8) What do you like about the zine format and community?
Vanessa: The zine community is awesome. We love being a part of a community where everyone is so excited about the work they put out and the work they see. its just positive energy everywhere! who wouldn’t like the zine community? 
Daniel: I just really like seeing everyones work and being able to trade with people from everywhere. It’s fun getting your work out, to other places and not just where you’re from and what you’re around. 

Thanks so much to Vanessa and Daniel for answering all of our questions! Be sure to look out for them at our IE ZINE QUEST!!

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