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 Curios From The Background / Vol. 1 - Eighties Music Libraries  


My multiple-part Curios From The Background mix series is going to focus on my favorite examples of library/production music, lounge, and other forms of ‘mood music’ / 'background music’, alongside modern examples of their influence. While library music & lounge/easy listening have their differences, they share a kind of transportive, mood-setting vibe that blends together nicely, while they’re both often overlooked for the stigma around the 'easy listening’ phrase.

This first mix is specifically a look into the 80s era of library music. Library music is music that’s made to be licensed for use in media like film, TV & video, only accessible to ‘media production circles’ (x). Some back sleeves of these records even have short descriptions for every song (mood, theme, instruments, etc). Initial searches for 80s-era library music didn’t bring many results, but when I found the prolific Bruton Music label, owned by none other than Michael Jackson from 1982-85, I was led into both their diverse catalog and those of similar labels from the time. I found a lot of excellent songs on Youtube, ranging from energetic Russian exercise music to Eric Satie imitations, a few even combining the 80s’ signature kitsch side with somewhat unusual/futuristic sounds. 

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