influenced by her unnies

Hyoyeon @ KBS SuJu Shindong’s Podcast

translated by  @ch0sshi

- They talked about how snsd used to have a fixed concept for each member, instead of being more fluid with roles in the group. hyoyeon said that was better off during their rookie days bc it was easier to memorize things. but as time goes on, that becomes so solidified that it doesn’t seem that great. like, all trainees learn to sing/dance/act. but when she’s constantly set as the dancer of the group, it kind of made her think like, ‘I can only dance. I must be bad at singing.’ She said it has its pros and cons.

-  I guess they were told hyoyeon’s specialties are dance and speaking Chinese.. hyo: these talents are kind of old. lol

-  Shindong said when they were trainees, hyoyeon and choi siwon went to china to study abroad.  Lee sooman always said that china would be like an important place for advancements(?) early on, so he made everyone study chinese.  They’d even have Chinese song singing contests, and if you won, youd get to go and study in China for 2~3 weeks.

-They mentioned how hyo’s blood type is AB. She said people usually think she’s either type O or B, and they get surprised when she says she’s AB.

-  Hyo kinda likes childish jokes, & she said fans call her kim choding, kim yeolsal/10-years-old. other nicknames like [snsd’s] dancing queen.  One nickname that is a bit more familiar is kim choding. She said kim yeolsal makes it seem like she’s really ten, lol.

-  Shindong asked what hyo’s nickname was as a kid, she said she was really well-behaved. she said kids used to call her 'trainee’.  Asked hyoyeon how kids at school reacted since, time-wise, she debuted while she would’ve been in school. but she didn’t really get to  experience that bc she went to study abroad when she was in middle school. so she came back to korea and took a qualification exam.

-  Hyoyeon said she’s kinda homely..she’s really neat, well-organized, and tidies up well.   Shindong: what about cooking? Hyo: I’m..gonna do that slowly. I’m gonna start with getting organized.  Said she’s also good at taking care of others.

-  Hyoyeon said she started properly dancing after joining sm and learning. the first time she saw herself dancing was in sm’s I AM movie.  She said whe watched thinking, 'so thats how I danced for my audition’. She hadn’t learned to dance at the time of that audition.  When she was in like elementary school, she just enjoyed copying dances. She only officially started learning to dance after joining sm.  So that dance team hyoyeon was in and when she danced with min, it was all after she had joined sm.  She wasn’t that into dancing, but an instructor saw her popping, and told her to learn it properly. so she just went there for like 2 years.  Even shindong said he assumed she was at that dance team first and then got cast in sm.

-  Something else surprising she said is that her dad wanted her to be in this line of work, so he sent a photo he took of hyoyeon around roses in a park to sm. said she was too timid atm to do something like that herself

-  All those dance competitions that hyoyeon got recognized participating in when she was younger..she went without telling sm.  Shindong said those things used to release on vhs bc the internet wasn’t that huge..but later, those clips started getting shared online.  The other dj dude said he watched her dancing online.. Hyoyeon: I watched them online too

-  They named her schools and gave exactly how long she trained at sm.. Hyo: you guys are really detailed here. lol

- Hyoyeon said she really likes ddeokbokki, could eat it for all three meals of her day. and while she’s promoting all the staff will probably have to eat nothing but ddeokbokki bc of her lol

-  Hyoyeon said she likes spicy foods. she said she only eats one brand of ddeokbokki, sinjeon. shindong said laboum is their cf model.  Hyo: they have a cf model?; Shindong: laboum is doing it.; Hyo: oh, congratulations.. lmao

- Hyoyeon said it’s been a while since she weighed herself. she said she uses her jeans as a way of being conscious of her weight.  She said she even washes her jeans all at the same time since they can stretch/shrink.

- Hyoyeon wrote her height really accurately: 160.45 cm xD

- Hyoyeon’s alcohol tolerance: it’s gradually increasing.

-  Shindong said once Hyoyeon was walking up the street like, in the middle of the night..he said she must have been really drunk bc she didn’t even recognize him. Said she was walking alone, Hyo said she’s usually not alone…so she must have really been drunk.  He even called out to her, but she just kept walking past him lol. said she doesn’t really like the taste of alcohol.  Shindong said that one time was the first and last time he saw her drunk. 

- Hyoyeon said when she drinks champagne, she loses her voice.

- A 'body secret’ she has is her stomach fat..said there’s a connection, since she’s been drinking a little more.

-   Hyo’s favorite song when she goes to karaoke: Jessica h.o’s 인생은 즐거워/life is good

-  Hyo’s hobby: playstation. she likes playing rayman. didn’t really like gaming, usually only played things like tetris or mahjong, lol  She said she got into super mario, and then got introduced to to the playstation and said rayman was similar.  Said she could lose sleep to play it, and she always has to get the gold medal.

-  She said she recently went to a pc bang, and had fun. Overwatch gave her motion sickness. she said she’s going to put that sticker  behind her ear to help with that next time she goes lol. she said she just played the game adults like….go-stop. lmao

-  Hyoyeon said she relieves stress by having a drink with (non-celeb) friends..she said she never had any interest in like meeting  friends/having a drink early on bc they were so busy anyway..but now it becomes like a time of healing.

- Hyo’s role model: Rihanna. 

- Hyo’s goal/dream: perfection, like, self-contentment

-  Asked what her goal for this promotion is. said there’s a picture she has drawn out, so she hopes that transfers onto the stage.

-  Hyo’s ideal type: Yoo Ah-In. for his looks/style, and like his voice.

-  Hyo’s motto: no matter what you do, become an honest person who does your best. she said this is something her dad made  her and her little brother memorize since they were little.

-  She said she got in a lot of trouble by her dad when she dyed her hair and got her ears pierced…yet he got her into sm, lol

-  Words that supported hyo: think positive things.

-  'if i got 24 hours to myself without a manager’- i think she wrote it happens often, lol.

-  She said compared to the number of members, the amount of managers they have isn’t that large. hyo said she’s a bit impatient and doesn’t really like waiting around once things end. she said it’s not good to do, but sometimes she’ll just leave first after they get done with things. she said it could be a good thing for managers, having one less person to take care of.

-  If hyoyeon got 100,000 won out of nowhere, she’d go and eat yukhoe/beef tartare with friends. said she really likes it.

-  If she didn’t become a celebrity, hyo said either dancing in the US/japan, or study and become a fashion designer.

-  Said she used to have an interest in fashion design. but now, she said the more you think about it, the more you realize how difficult it is. She said there are those times where you think your style is the best and you know everything, but you really don’t, lol.

-  After doing shows regarding fashion, she said she realized 'there’s a reason why there are specialists [in these fields]’

-  Shindong asked if dance is naturally acquired..she said the groove/soul you have with dance is something you’re kind of born with.  But she said it’s something you can overcome with effort/hard work.

-  Hyo said Shindong to her is just an oppa she’s known for a long time. shindong said that is true, bc they don’t share any memorable moments.  Hyoyeon said there are some oppas that she’s awkward with, even if she’s known them for a while. but that’s not the case with shindong. 

-  Asking her what like a special skill she has [like something to show on a variety show] hyoyeon’s response: sorry. lol  If she goes on variety shows, bc there were so many members, there’d be fixed questions for each of them..and she usually just danced lol  Hyoyeon: whether it rained or snowed, i just danced. lmao

-  They played just the first 10s of 'wannabe’, so it was just the instrumental/her voice didn’t even come on.  hyoyeon: is this bc of copyrights or are you just teasing me? lol. they said it’s to give people just a taste/they’re going to play more

-  Asked when the album comes out for their anniversary..she said since it’s their 10th anniversary, there should be a meaningful present..?  The other dj said he recently interviewed yoona, and she said an album comes out this year. hyo: did she say it? oh, she said it. lmao  the dj dude went on saying yoona said they’ll be releasing something in the summer, hyoyeon seeming unaware that she said these things.. Shindong said she can just continue to act like she doesn’t know anything..hyo: are they releasing something without me? xD  dudes: you’re not really unaware are you? hyo: i’ve been getting my news through articles. lmao

-  Hyoyeon said seohyun has become a bit more chill and whatnot than influenced by her unnies lol

-  Hyoyeon said she used to do track in school. she was good at long-distance running and even went out as her school representative  for schools in incheon. she was so unaware of things like having the proper shoes for running. so she took her lightest pair: ballet shoes.  In the qualifying round, she got 4th place. but at the finals, she was so nervous that she got an upset stomach and didn’t do as great.

-  Said how she wants to get married early and have about 5 kids. said she really likes kids. in the past, she always said  her dream was to become a good wife, without really knowing wtf that was. lol  now, she said she just wants to keep working hard while she can lmao.

-  Asked if she still wants to have a lot of kids, and she said she thinks it would be good to have more. other dj: you should rethink that..xD  hyoyeon: i think i’m saying this bc i haven’t had any kids yet dj: yeah, i’m currently doing that [has a kid]..

-  hyoyeon said now that the podcast is coming to an end, she’s getting kind of scared bc it feels like she talked without much filter lol

-  shindong’s scenario: you get an offer to become a cf model for yupki can eat other brands, but just have to film their cf.  asked if she would do it. hyo: of course. other dj: what if you can only eat yupki ddeokbokki? hyo: then i’d order it [secretly]… xD

-  They asked hyo which sinjeon ddeokbokki location she usually orders from, and she said she pretty much knows where they all are  bc she’ll order it when she’s in like a broadcast station’s waiting room and stuff. she’ll order through apps, or go there herself.

SISTAR’s Hyorin Played a Big Role in Helping Soyu’s Low Self-Esteem

Fashion magazine Grazia released a beauty pictorial featuring SISTAR’s Soyu. The concept of the pictorial was the style trends that the singer is most known for, like fake tattoos, fake piercings, pop nails, and lacquer lips.

In the corresponding interview, Soyu opened up about her reputation as being very confident. She shared, “Some people even say ‘Soyu’s gotten cocky.’”

Surprisingly, she revealed that she was not always confident, “A while ago I had a fear of the camera. I really hated whenever the camera did a close-up of me. I thought ‘I’ll for sure come out super weird’ and ‘People will see this and criticize [me] again.’”

She continued, “I had so many thoughts that I kept hiding in the background, but now I changed my mentality to, ‘I look like this, so what can I do about it? My mom gave birth to me this way.’ I learned to accept myself.”

Soyu shared that the biggest influence in helping her cultivate a positive mindset was fellow member Hyorin, “Hyorin unni is very strong mentally. I think through spending time with her I received a lot of positive influence. She tries to trust herself and not get weak easily.”

She continued, “What’s really peculiar is that after I changed my mentality, I feel like all of a sudden everything started working out. So I always try to think positive thoughts.”

You can catch Soyu’s beauty spread and interview in Grazia’s 48th issue.

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