influence quotes

Yuta: I love you!

Winwin: I’m aware.

Yuta: You ain’t gonna say it back?

Winwin: It back.

Yuta: *sad face*

Yuta: Why are you like this?

Winwin: Bad influences.. 

Yuta: Right, I’ve noticed you’ve gotten closer to Haechan lately..

Winwin: Well, I meant you..You’re practically my “how to be savage” tutor.. 

Yuta: I don’t know if I should feel proud or sad right now.. Damn! What have I done?  

Associating with the most intelligent, loving, and spiritually enlightened people possible, either in person or via their books and teachings, is the best and fastest way for us to advance, whatever the goal. We rise and fall by our associations, because consciousness is contagious. When we associate with greatness, we become great. When we associate with the angry, envious, and degraded, we too can become angry, envious, and degraded if we allow it. When we are unaware of the influence that others can have on us, we are like sponges soaking up their emotions, beliefs, and words without discrimination.
—  Terry Cole-Whittaker, “Live Your Bliss”

There’s this beautiful thing about writing: whatever you’re writing can only be written now.

You could take the same premise, the same plot, the same characters, and if you’re writing it weeks, months or years from now it will still be different because you are different and the world around you is constantly changing.

Writing reflects what’s going on in your mind, in your life. What you’re dealing with now - whether it’s a struggle or a dream - will be different in each new moment. Your influences will change. The person you saw at the bus stop today who made you think about loneliness in a different way won’t be there tomorrow, and that thought will never make it into your book if you’re not there in that second to see it.

Writing is an ordered reflection of your messy - often indefinable - thoughts frozen in time. Others may not recognize the pieces of you in there at all, but you can look back on your words and remember what you were feeling, even if you didn’t know what it was until it was over.

Neil Gaiman said that fiction is the lie that tells the truth. He meant it for the ways that writers use fiction to explore who we are, but I think one of the most powerful ways it does this is when it takes the writer by surprise and they remember being in a moment they didn’t notice until it passed by.

A person who loves you will never hurt you intentionally. We tend to make excuses for the people we love, even if they treat us badly, even if we have proof of their toxic effect within our own psyches, on our own skin. We must then look beyond our emotions to protect ourselves, whether the abuse we suffered was emotional or physical.
—  dreamyrainbowwriter