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BTS has revealed their feelings about being selected as the role model by new young artists.

In the press conference before their first stage performance of ‘2017 LIVE TRILOGY EPISODE III, THE WINGS TOUR in Seoul’ at Seoul Gocheok Skydome on February 18th, BTS said “We feel honored and amazed that junior artists have chosen them as their role model”.

“It was just a few years ago that we, too, would talk about our own role models or our senior artists we looked up to and become really excited,” said Suga, while sharing his special impression of the phenomenon.

He continued with his sincere message, “What we would want to tell our juniors is that at the time of the debut, there are many hard obstacles and worries. There were times when we couldn’t sleep because we were so distressed and worried, but I would like to tell them (their juniors) that the good days will come, for sure.”

“There are so many talented, amazing artists. I hope they grow up to become another seniors and have wonderful influence on the music industry,” said Suga, showing his mature side.

On February 18th, BTS will reveal their first stage performance of ‘Spring Day’, as well as their new songs on the album ‘WINGS:A Supplementary Story’, and the ‘WINGS Tour’ will be continued in total 11 cities with total 19 stage concerts.


TRANS CR: Song mi @ Bangtan Tumblr

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Hey sweetie ! Asking for your opinion on this. I'm not sure I understand why people say Louis is the leader of 1D and that he made what 1D is/was today. Is it because he wrote most of the songs on the last album ? (Liam did too). Like I saw some posts saying that it's partially thanks to Louis that Harry, Niall and Liam are "free" today. In interview I definitely saw that he was kind if a leader for the boys. But how come it is too for business.

Hi there!

We know from several sources that the boys were supposed to have individual, preconceived images that distinguished them as archetypes of a boyband (similar to how the Spice Girls each had a “handle”).

The Sony hack basically confirmed these shallow, idealized, patronizing images that included a description of Harry as “adorably slow.”

The consensus is that Louis, being the oldest, and the member w/ the most experience in the entertainment industry, had influence over the boys in their dealings with management. After 2011, it was increasingly clear that Simon Cowell had a vision of One Direction as a typical boy band that would 1. never evolve musically, and 2. never develop an audience outside of their base.

This is not a crazy fan theory. It was confirmed by Ross Golan’s interview of Savan Kotecha, who co-wrote WMYB.

The interview, which came out earlier this year, confirmed a lot of fan theories about the restrictions the boys had in their musical creativity, and their conflicts with the songwriters hired to write their music.

I discuss it further here, if you’re interested.

So the upshot is that Savan Kotecha lost his job because he could no longer argue against Louis Tomlinson. Many of the writers subsequently had to deal with a more empowered One Direction because of this struggle.

Personally, I believe that what we learned about the boys’ creative struggle is a “canary in the coal mine” about their interactions with management.

Louis is outspoken, not easily intimated, and not afraid of conflict. The other boys, in contrast, do not engage well with conflict. You see how, in interviews, they shy away from questions that are at all challenging, and their body language reflects their unease. Sometimes it can be detected in written interviews too.

Harry has dealt with this by seeking new management and breaking old ties as soon as he was able to. Liam and Niall went to different labels. Zayn also went to a different imprint (RCA) under Sony.

The impact of the loss of Simon’s Syco empire cannot be overstated. It wasn’t just that he lost control to Sony (and in effect owns only 10% of Syco) but that the value of the company dropped from multiple hundreds of millions of pounds to about £60 million when it lost One Direction, and failed to develop another comparable act.

Louis’ signing with Syco is not any different than signing with Sony. Syco is majority-owned by Sony.

What Louis has been going through professionally since July 2015 (which was when Syco’s shares were sold to Sony) is a coordinated effort to destroy his career by 1DHQ. It’s revenge.

What 1D-related media (The DM, The Sun) print about the boys is also very telling. These stories paint Louis as a negligent father, a bad friend, a low-classed, talentless hack, etc. Their agenda is to destroy Louis Tomlinson’s career.

Louis is, as you point out, the 1D member with the most songwriting credits.

The influence of 1DHQ is fading, in my opinion. Louis is making new music. There’s evidence that he has written with the best songwriters at Warner Chappell and elsewhere. Outside of any reputation of “being difficult to work with” (he has strong opinions about songwriting, I have no doubt), Louis is a $multi-million brand. Industry bigwigs are not going to ignore him; they’re not going to turn down a chance to work with him, if he is free and available. He has a ready-made fanbase, and his songs are going to sell, no matter what, just like his band mates’.

One other thing: John Ryan still works for U.K. X-Factor. It’s a source of good income for him. Interpret that how you will.

Here’s to hoping for happier days.

Hope that helps.


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What do you think of The designs by Bjarke Ingels and also his influence on the industry?

Architects tend to be the worst critics of other architects, specially of those considered“starchitects” like Bjarke Ingels. In my opinion, his designs are suffering from him being too busy and not having enough time to step back and dedicate a lot of time to any of them so, like with other starchitects, you start to identify a trend on their work. What I mean with this is that you start seeing a group of projects that share a basic idea instead of each of them being a unique creation. Right now he is on his “staggered white block” phase which sometimes feels a bit simplistic. I hope he takes a bold step and let’s others in his firm develop some of his projects further instead of trying to control all the designs. He has proven to be someone with interesting ideas as demonstrated by some of his previous projects:

VM Houses

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Okay, I was in the middle of posting a hiatus update an was going to link to a thing on vimeo as a part of it when I saw this was on the front page. This man is the father of African Cinema: a title that sounds pretentious and obscure until you realize it was illegal for Africans to write books or make films and the French government asserted that there was no such thing as African art because “subhumans are incapable of making art,” and put laws in place to make sure that said “subhumans” would face severe consequences if they ever “forgot” it. 

If you like Cowboy Bebop or Lupin III, you have this man to thank in part for part of it’s aesthetic. F@#$ it: if you enjoy the space cowboy genre at all, you have to tip your hat to his 1973 film Touki Bouki

If you’re a member of the African Diaspora and haven’t heard his name until now, you have been robbed (don’t feel bad if you haven’t - I didn’t know until my senior year of college.) 

While he had no direct, first-hand in influencing the animanga industry, you do have him to blame for me taking animanga seriously as a medium of written literature and cinema. It was all fun & games until watching what films he risked his life to make as presented by a brilliant professor from The Gabon opened my eyes to what filmmaking and “Good Storytelling™” in general are all about. 

Despite animanga being my favorite way of consuming fictional works, my half-baked ramblings about Japanese folklore, shounen manga economics, and sociopolitical ramifications of animanga as an artform in both the Asian and Eurocentric markets, I will never refer to myself as a “weeabo” because of this man. Appreciation of other culture’s artwork and cultural appropriation are two very different things. The next time you get worked up enough to write a Tumblr screed about how “shy and delicate” Japanese pixiv artists are or whinge about non-Japanese experimenting with kimonos, take a minute to reflect on the guitar strings and vocal styles in the rock, pop, k-pop, and whatever awful thing you probably have playing on a loop on your desktop theme before typing as single word of your Tumblrina tirade.

I love animanga and love analyzing it because this man humble born and raised in colonial Senegal spent dedicated his life empowering his people. Not just the Senegalese people around him, but to the Diaspora as a whole; thumbing his nose at his oppressors, both European and African, until the day he died.

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Dieter Rams Animation: Design and Influence of German Industrial Designer.

This video serves as an abstract visual #impression of the design and influence of Dieter Rams, set to music.

Some interesting facts:

Dieter Rams (born May 20 1932 in Wiesbaden) is a German industrial designer closely associated with the Braun company.

Dieter Rams learned carpentry as an apprentice and also studied architecture at the Werkkunstschule Wiesbaden in Germany.

After working at an architecture firm from 1953 and 1955 he joined Braun. He was successful at Braun and became chief of design from 1961.

Dieter Rams once explained his design approach in this now well-known phrase “Weniger, aber besser” meaning “Less, but better.”

Many of his most iconic designs such as coffee makers, radios, audio/visual equipment, and office products are on display in museums over the world.

Dieter Rams retired from Braun in 1998.

Animation © Darryl Sw

Thank You Sistar

I feel that when people talk about iconic kpop girl groups, they bring up first generations idols like finkl and s.e.s.Then the holy trinity of snsd, kara, and the Wonder Girls for bringing back girl groups in a heavily male dominated market. 2ne1 is also considered one for being the first kpop girl group to get popular with a more tough, hip hop, strong woman concept. 

Sistar is normally seen as just the group who made really good summer time songs, but they in their own ways played huge influences in the industry. Sistar was one of the first kpop girl groups that had a bit more curves I guess you could say, and in the beginning they were body shamed for it, but I think their influence is strong on kpop body standards for women now, as slightly more curvy girls are now being included and being considered beautiful.

 Sistar as a whole also had darker skin tones and got shit for that. But again, they really showed that dark skin is nothing to be ashamed of, as people like hyorin and bora did not hide shamefully because of their tanned skin. While 2ne1 showed it was ok for girls to be tough, strong, and tomboy, Sistar showed it was ok for women to be in touch with their sexuality. They were strong, independent women who felt sexy and portrayed that, despite the snide comments that claimed their outfits and dark skin made them look cheap. 

The girls didn’t just play this part in their songs and mv, that’s what they were, and you could tell by the way they were so supportive of younger girl groups. They would cheer for them and provide them advice regarding career and personal safety in the industry. Maybe they didn’t sell the most physical albums, maybe they didn’t sell out dome arenas but Sistar made an impact and I want to thank them for 7 years of hard work and their contribution to kpop girl groups and body positivity. 


The Biggest And Priciest Superyachts At The Singapore Yacht Show
The superyachting market is now saturated with yacht shows, but most industry influencers agree that the Singapore Yacht Show is one of the most significant shows in the ASEAN market. Here are the biggest and the best yachts to look out for this year.


1987. Into the Pandemonium

is the third album by band Celtic Frost, Released in June 1. The album is more varied and different than first two Celtic Frost’s albums, the album’s recurring industrial-influenced rhythmic songs of demons and destruction, traditional Frost-styled songs about dreams and fear, and a dark, classical piece with female vocals.  The album has a more classic heavy metal style within the songs with elements of industrial, classical and gothic rock. It does have a few black metal elements remaining in Tom Warrior’s vocals, though, and some thrash-influenced guitar riffs.

Some of the lyrics are silently borrowed from other sources. For example, significant portions of Inner Sanctum are directly quoted from Emily Brontë poems, while the lyrics to “Tristesses de la lune” are borrowed from the poem of the same name in Charles Baudelaire’s Les Fleurs du mal.

The cover image is a detail from the right (Hell) panel of The Garden of Earthly Delights, a triptych painted in 1504 by Hieronymus Bosch, now part of the permanent collection at the Prado in Madrid.

this is one of my favorite pieces of music. it an epic masterpiece. Into The Pandemonium was one of the first Metal albums to incorporate classical Orchestrations and soprano vocals.

       Tom G Warrior     Martin Eric Ain     Reed St. Mark


Hello!!! could you do one where h is older than y/n and his sister is a bit iffy of it and stuff but things end up okay and good


“She’s NINETEEN, Harry!”

Harry let out a sigh and ran a hand through his hair.


“And…you’re almost 23.”

“S’not even four years, Gem.”

“Which wouldn’t be a big deal if you were both older, but she’s not even in her 20’s yet.”

Harry was fighting a losing battle. Gemma wasn’t normally so vocal about Harry’s relationships, but that was also partially because he had never dated someone this much younger than him, nor had he ever dated someone who wasn’t in the public eye. She had only met (Y/N) once but she could already tell that her brother was smitten and it worried her a bit.

It wasn’t that (Y/N) seemed incredibly immature. In the brief interaction they had, Gemma had actually found her to be very sweet and friendly, if not a bit quiet. The things that Gemma worried about were more to do with the two of them being in very different stages of their lives. Harry was a global superstar who traveled everywhere for work and bumped elbows with models and major industry influences at black-tie parties and award shows. (Y/N) was a sweet, 19-year-old college student who had never even lived outside her home town and – up until she met Harry – the most famous person she had ever had contact with was the local weatherman. It wasn’t that Gemma didn’t like (Y/N) or think that Harry didn’t have genuine feelings for her, but she knew it would be a tough relationship to make work.

As much as Gemma didn’t want to admit it, the age gap bothered her a bit as well. She could remember exactly what she was like at 19 and she had not been emotionally mature enough to handle a relationship with a 23-year-old.

“I really like her, Gem,” Harry said.

Gemma sighed, knowing that there wasn’t much she could say that would change that.

“I know that, little brother. I just worry; I don’t want either of you getting hurt.”

Harry appreciated his sister’s concern – he really did – but she didn’t know (Y/N) the way he did. Granted, if he had been in her situation he would been hesitant as well. When a 23-year-old male tells you that his girlfriend is barely out of high school, people question that. But (Y/N) was different. Had Harry not seen her driver’s license, he would never have believed she was as young as she was. (Y/N) had a maturity well past her years and she was what Harry referred to as “an old soul”, similar to his own.  Of course, she had her moments where she showed her age but it was never in a bad way. Harry sometimes acted like a 16-year-old teenage boy and (Y/N) didn’t seem to mind that. They worked well together and Harry was very happy with what they had.

He just wished that he could somehow convince Gemma of that same thing.

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idg why shawols never want to admit when shinee or shinee members flop lmao. they're just not relevant anymore.

ok, this has obviously been the same anon all day and…honestly? go get a job, a hobby, some friends, etc,…a life? go volunteer at your local animal shelter? and if you wanna talk about shinee being irrelevant go look at how much they’ve influenced the industry (music, fashion, etc). literally all the members are “relevant enough” to be recognized by their names and not just “shinee”. and idk who tf you stan or what made you so gd salty, but i literally don’t see the point of coming over here and spending your time/energy hating on them? 

Britney Spears has influenced many industries, including software design and architecture, but fashion is considered one of her greatest creative strengths. Spears frequently wore form-fitting designer threads and costumes but she longed for something comfortable yet fashion-forward to wear on her time off. That’s when Spears came up with the concept of the velour tracksuit (2001). Once the designs were complete, she founded the company Juicy Couture for their manufacture. Juicy Couture has become wildly successful with consumers, personal and professional alike. Notable professional contracts of Juicy Couture include Mean Girls, Britney Spears’ wedding to Kevin Federline, and the Do Somethin’ music video. 

i’m reading lost at sea and jon ronson has an interview with paul mckenna (yes that paul mckenna) who is the professional partner of this guy named richard bandler who was charged with murder (and later acquitted) and is a self described sociopath:

He was diagnosed as a sociopath. “And, yeah, I am a little sociopathic. But my illusions were so powerful, they became real - and not just to me.” He says NLP came to him in a series of hallucinations while he was “sitting in a little cabin, with raindrops coming through the roof, typing on my manual typewriter”. This was 1975. By then he was a computer programmer, a 25-year-old graduate of the University of Santa Cruz.

It’s surprising to me that Bandler would cheerfully refer to NLP as a sociopathic hallucination that struck a chord with the business world.

the entire piece is worth a read (it was originally published in the guardian which i linked to above in 2009) but basically it’s about how mckenna and bandler try to control peoples minds and reprogram their brains through this program called NLP

Since Bandler invented NLP in the 1970s, it has grown into a multi-billion-dollar industry, influencing the way many people now understand psychology and psychotherapy (cognitive behavioural therapy, the increasingly popular “fast-track” style of psychotherapy, shares certain principles with NLP). But what inspired NLP’s founding father to create an alternative to traditional psychotherapy, and does he practise what he preaches? What, too, of NLP’s patients – or “students” as Bandler prefers to call them – are they in safe hands?

Some people don’t think so: critics have accused Bandler of everything from running a cult, failing to provide scientific evidence for his claims and brainwashing his clients. He’s admitted drug abuse and even stood trial for murder. But in NLP circles Bandler is hailed as a sort of Messiah; indeed, while researching this piece, I lost count of the number of times I was told by its proponents that “NLP changed my life”. Which is surprising, perhaps, given our national, deep-rooted suspicion of anyone too happy or self-assured, and antipathy towards motivational speakers, self-help gurus and the sorts of people who run “positivity workshops”. And NLP practitioners – whose vocabulary is littered with phrases such as “installing strategies”, “behavioural technologies”, “cybernetics”, “deletion”, “content reframing” and “hypnosis” – seem scarier than most. Yet NLP is big business in the UK. The movement’s not-for-profit representative body here claims that there are “at least 30,000 qualified NLP practitioners in the UK”.

also lol:

“I’m not trying to get people to be enlightened. I’m not a guru. I’m not even terribly sociable, to tell you the truth.” This is also part of the reason he says that he shies away from television: “I want to be able to walk down the street.” Then he smiles: “Paul [McKenna] loves all that, though. The autographs, his phone constantly ringing. He’s just moved to the Hollywood Hills and it suits him.”

The two met after McKenna came along to a seminar and was so impressed that he immediately booked out his diary for three weeks to complete the whole course. “He was a good student – and it’s really changed his career,” says Bandler. “He used just to be a stage hypnotist – now he’s a real agent for change.” Bandler tells a story of the time they went for dinner in London and McKenna was glued to his mobile. “In the end I went to the bathroom and called him – it was the only way I could get his attention.”

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We appreciate Harry's ability to schmooze, but I sometimes don't think we give it enough credit. The way Ticketmaster has literally fallen all over themselves over him (check their Twitter), indicates to me that Harry and his team have a real sense of how to go about the business of their business and making friends and influencing BIG INDUSTRY types seems to be par for the course. They are out their killing it. We only see results, but all that charisma & charm & talent is making big moves.



’ sᴀᴠᴇ ᴛʜᴇ ᴡᴏʀʟᴅ, ᴅᴀʀʟɪɴɢ ʟᴏᴠᴇ, ғʀᴏᴍ ᴍʏ ᴋɪɴɢᴅᴏᴍ.  ’

words unspoken, exchanged between a stranded daughter and her estranged father’s ghost on the night of the second apocalypse. dark, lonely melodies as misato floats out to sea. katsuragi family centric mired with a heavy industrial influence.

After Reading The Cursed Child

Ok I don’t normally rant but this is a rant.

Normally I’m ok with the two male main characters in anything being ‘good friends’ but I actually feel quite bitter about the whole Scorpius and Albus thing. Maybe it’s because it’s Harry Potter and I expect to take comfort from a franchise that I’ve grown up with, who knows.

I’m just so done with the heteronormativity and the queerbaiting. I used to think people on Tumblr try too hard to ‘make everything gay’ but that’s not what this is. It’s 2016 and yet these characters are still being written. Does no one with power and influence in the entertainment industry see that we’re done with straight couples being shoehorned into every so called bromance?

We’re not being ridiculous or crazy to say that we want a queer couple in something as popular as Harry Potter.

This could have been a game changing story. People could have seen these characters being treated as the norm and it would have been a powerful message. Unfortunately ‘would haves’ and ‘could haves’ are all we have.

Yes the characters are fictional but this reflects something so much more important than a simple story. This is an opportunity missed and I’m actually quite upset.

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It could be that Dawbell were put on the project, not on retainer - as a trial? And they know Louis is an important industry influencer, so as they are on retainer for the Brits, they asked/paid Louis to do that promo vid for them? This latest tweet is weird though. Do they consider it as part of JHO promo or do they use that loophole to show Louis/Steve what they do so they can poach either one of them when they can? Because it's clear they don't rep either of them officially 24/7.

well they were def put on just for the project, and whether it becomes more than that remains to be seen

but its just still so odd to me that both of them have individual pr companies for the uk and used dawbell of all people for their single

i also don’t know enough about the business to know if what you’re suggesting is something that would actually happen

An Open Letter To The Entertainment Industry In Light Of A Trump Presidency

Hey, folks.

Elections, ammiright? The United States just elected a Giant Cheeto of Doom to be president, and, yeah, SNL is going to have a lot of material for the next 4 years and it’s awful. But guess what? We caused this.

We are the industry that has perpetuated objectification, body shaming, racism, ableism, cis-privilege, homophobia, Islamophobia, colorism, ageism, misogyny and all of the things. Often we’ve done it in the name of “it’s just a joke!” or “well this is just what sells” or “if I put a black person in that role it makes it political” or “women aren’t funny.” This is our fault. We have buoyed the beast that is currently rising from the mire. We are the mire.

I have good news and bad news. The good news is, we are ubiquitous. Our industry touches every life in the United States probably with more reach and more influence than any other industry in the world. Yes, the world. You know the world, it’s that thing that’s about to burn to a crisp. We may have forgotten, but at our core we are artists. Storytellers. Truthtellers. Mirrors. We as an industry have THE greatest potential to do the most good in the world and that is exciting and scary and powerful and wonderful.

But the bad news is, instead we’re doing this:

“(20’s/30’s) - an Asian woman who doesn’t have the hard features of most other Asian females - she is more elegant and sophisticated and knows it.”

And this:

“[ TALULAH ] MALE (TRANSSEXUAL/CROSSDRESSER)… Talulah is a male to female transsexual who is as sassy as she is bitchy. If the light is right, she can be quite beautiful, but to the observant eye, she isn’t fooling anyone.”

And this:

[ YOUNG PORN ACTRESS ] […] Seen filming a porn rape scene. […] NUDITY REQUIRED […] We don’t need a good actor here as it is just one line.”

And the university students currently studying to join our industry are doing this:

“Casting ‘Want Some Candy?,’ a short, heartwarming dark comedy for NYU about two sex offenders who fall for each other. Must feel comfortable playing a sex offender. Those who are easily offended need not apply.”

And this:

”[ MIA ] (Female 45-55) Reuben’s mother and the epitome of a 'Mrs. Robinson’ type - a MILF; she married into money and values the finer things in life; she loves being the center of attention. Insecurities haunt her. Red or auburn hair a plus" (Columbia)

And this:

[ TROPHY WIFE ] Female, 35-50. Any ethnicity. Trophy wife is the second wife of the deceased man at the reading of his will. She never had to work a day in her life and is expecting to be left a nice some of money from her late husband.” (USC)

Wake. Up.

Right now is when we can start fixing things.

  • Writers: go to your scripts - your pilots, your films, your plays, your commercials, your sketches - and flip at least half the characters to female-identifying right now. Especially the protagonists. When you start working with a director, producer and a casting director, tell them you want it in the contracts that any roles that narratively do not require a particular ethnicity or culture be cast 75% non-White. Yes I said 75%. Hell, make it 90. And remove gender identity restrictions on roles wherever you can. Question yourself constantly. Revisit your prejudices constantly. Question your characters constantly. Run the Bechdel Test. Ask your scripts if they contain aggression or violence you didn’t intend, whether verbal or physical, overt or subtle. Keep writing. Write from pain. Write from love. I promise it will still be funny. Don’t just write about wealthy people. Don’t assume protagonists are white, cis, straight, able bodied, and thin. Keep writing.
  • Producers and Directors: put a hiring freeze on cisgender, able-bodied, straight, white men for your crews and teams. Just for a little while. OK for a long while. Fill your crews with women and the LGBTQ+ community and the non-Christian community and the non-White community. Question type. Question the projects you say yes to. Look for possible aggressions in yourselves and in your projects you didn’t know were there. Keep searching.
  • Casting Directors: you are our lifeline right now. You are the Professors of Representation. The Mavens of Semiotics. Make suggestions the writers and producers and directors didn’t think of. Get to know every damn non-White, non-Cis, gender-nonconforming, differently-abled, diverse actor you can possibly find in your city and the cities around. Tell all your Casting Director friends to do the same. Blast your concept of type out of the water. Change directors’ minds about body type and ability. Call a woman in for a role written for a man. Call a trans-man in for the traditional leading guy. Call a gender non-conforming person in for the ingenue. Take care of yourself. Say no to projects that feel bad even if that feels scary and financially risky. Let them know why you said no. Write breakdowns that you’d be comfortable reading as a human if they represented you. Know that we - actors - appreciate you, and are not just trying to connect with you for jobs. You are our coworkers and the humans we get to see most often in our lonely careers.
  • Actors: you can say no. I know. I know, guys. I know. But you can. Don’t feel disenfranchised. Stand up. Blacklisting isn’t a thing. If one company doesn’t want to work with you because you stood up for something you believed in, another will and you’re better off working for them. You can say no. Tell them why you said no. You are not just a widget in a machine you are an interpretive artist and storyteller. Volunteer. Go teach kids how to read in the imaginative, fun way you can, with character voices and stuff. Go teach kids how to improvise. Question if you’re right for a project. Be an activist - use your stage presence to get people to listen. Read everything.
  • Advertisers: look to Lane Bryant. I’m done with you and your body shaming. Go look at their ads and make more like that. We’re done. Women are done. If you don’t change your objectification and body shaming you are part of all that is wrong in the world. Hire trans models. Show us different beauties. Stop assuming Caucasian is the only thing that sells, or that non-White is a niche market.
  • Male Comedians: take your ear buds out because I want to make sure you hear this. STOP TELLING RAPE JOKES. Did you guys catch that? STOP TELLING RAPE JOKES. Rape culture is real. A sexual predator was just elected President, and that sent a signal to millions of women in the United States that half of the country doesn’t care if they are sexually assaulted, verbally or physically. 1 in 5 women have been. STOP TELLING RAPE JOKES. Not to mention, do you want to be known as the guy who still tells jokes from an old, tropey genre?  You’re smarter and funnier than that. Don’t be a hack.
  • Female, Trans and Gender Non-Conforming Comedians: keep going. I love you.
  • Women Throughout The Industry: Come 'ere. Stand in a tight circle, I want to hold you and make sure I can make eye contact with all of you when I say this. Listen. We’re warriors. We’re going to change everything. White women, look at the women of color around you. They’re our leaders. They’re going to lead the charge, as they always have. They know more than we do. Get out of their way. Listen to them. I love you. We might not be ok, but we’re going to change everything.

It can feel like our industry is frivolous or just the fluff of society, but that is absolutely false. We are not fluff, we are the architects of a monster. But we have the most influence. Do every single thing you can to make sure the media you are producing is good and kind and smart and challenging and start doing it RIGHT NOW. We are the moon and we can change the tide.

Be a solution.

i hate that writers think it’s enough to say a character is lgbt w/o explicitly showing that in canon, but i also hate how female characters are only ever allowed to express their sexual feelings towards other women but never their romantic feelings. like yeah these two girls can hook up but do anything more and it’s Too Gay, think of how uncomfortable the forever prioritized straight male reader will be then

The Extraterrestrial Influence on the Music Industry

Investigative journalist and fringe researcher Grant Cameron is no stranger to the ET/UFO story. In fact his quest into this puzzling yet important subject began in 1975 when he personally witnessed a sighting in Canada, which popularly became known as Charlie Red Star.

Some 40+ years later, Cameron’s work has become synonymous with the presidential aspect of UFOlogy. A big aspect to be sure. But what some of you may not know about this thorough and inquisitive journalist is his research into the E.T. influence on the musical scene. According to Grant, this influence is huge and in his words “complex.” After following what seemed to be an endless trail of clues, Grant
Cameron is clear: Our most influential musicians ARE in contact with non-human intelligence!

Five things Disney should learn from Zootopia

As of the time of writing this, Walt Disney Animation Studios’ 55th feature, Zootopia, has reached the $970 million mark at the global box office, and has a good chance at hitting $1 billion globally, based on its leggy performance in the slow-burn Japanese market, and the fact it’s still lingering in the US top ten, two and a half months into its $330 million+ domestic run. [UPDATE: As of June 5th 2016, the $1 billion goal has been reached. Congrats, Zootopia!] Passing the $1 billion milestone will put it among the top 25 highest-grossing movies of all time, as well as making it the fourth-biggest animated film ever and the third highest-grossing film not to be based on any pre-existing material (or second, if you count Titanic as being “based on pre-existing material”). Combined with its 98% score on Rotten Tomatoes, it’s fair to say Byron Howard and Rich Moore’s talking animal movie has gone down pretty bloody well.

One of the nicest things about the overwhelming success of Zootopia is that it didn’t feel particularly pre-ordained. Of the three films that are likely to remain above it in the ranking of top animated movies, both Minions from Illumination and Toy Story 3 from Pixar were clearly blockbusters by design, positioned and merchandised to hoover up dollars and goodwill that would inevitably be there; global champ Frozen, meanwhile, despite being a lightning-in-a-bottle freak phenomenon, can also be said to have benefited from some canny Christmas scheduling by Disney to align with its icy theme and the out-of-school availability of its young core audience. Zootopia, by contrast, was positioned as more of a schedule-filler, slotted into an early March family-movie gap between DreamWorks’ Kung Fu Panda 3 in February and Disney’s own remake of The Jungle Book in mid-April. It seemed designed to get in there, hoover up around $200 million in the US/$600 million worldwide - as has been standard for non-Frozen Disney movies in recent years - and be out of cinemas by the time summer blockbuster season got started in May. The fact that Zootopia’s home media debut is coming on June 7th - a mere three months after its cinema release - suggests that Disney had no idea they had a high-stamina $1 billion breakout on its hands; it’s tempting to wonder whether it could’ve climbed even higher if the studio hadn’t aggressively scheduled Jungle Book and Captain America: Civil War in such close proximity afterwards, evidently on the assumption that Zootopia would be done long before then.

Having lowballed the film’s potential in the lead-up to its release, the onus now falls on Disney to make sure it learns the right lessons from Zootopia, and give the film the legacy it deserves. Because make no mistake: this noir-tinged anthropomorphic police procedural isn’t just one of the finest Disney movies of the last 25 years, it also has the potential to be one of the most important, in terms of the teachable moments it provides for the studio as a whole.

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