You always hear the average household income is… or the average height is… average college GPA is… STRIVE FOR MORE THEN BLOODY AVERAGE!! I swear I see more and more people accepting the situation they are in and waking up slowly, yell at the dog, try to find a clean shirt, go to work and answer to some dick, then head home to watch Dancing with the stars, go to bed and do it again tmrw except tmrw turns out to be the rest of your life. DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT AND STOP WHINING!
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For Friday Night @ CHM tomorrow we will be showing our episode of Revolutionaries with composer and cellist Philip Sheppard. In the episode, Sheppard shares how technology influences his work and music. It will be showing in our Orientation Theatre beginning at 6pm. #CHMFridays @offthegridsf #revolutionaries #music #technology #siliconvalley #influence #nightlife #philipsheppard
文科男是駝獸?韋禮安的爆胎腳踏車 竟改變女同學一生
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Mark Ruffalo is bae tbh

Mark Ruffalo hmmm where do I begin.

Number one (and lets just get this out of the way) Damn he is hot/adorable. I mean come on.

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Ya okay now lets get past our superficial hormones and such and get down to the real deal.

Number two,

He’s an amazingly fantastic actor.

(Okay okay had to get that out of the way too)

What I really want to talk about is how Mark Ruffalo is a role model for many.

Number 3

In all seriousness so many celebrities and any one with any kind of influence on others should look at Mark Ruffalo and take notes, a lot of notes.

I am eternally frustrated with celebrities and tabloid news because they have so much power. Influence, influence is so powerful. You see your favorite celebrity wearing wearing Cherry Chanel lip gloss, next time you go to the store you might just pick it up and say hey looked good on her might look good on me.

But next to none of these celebrities use this influence to try to make a difference.

Mark Ruffalo does.

His Twitter is a treasure trove of information on so many environmental and social issues.

And there is no way any one could make the argument that he’s just using these political standings to ‘widen his audience’ because not only is he majorly liberal and covers very controversial arguments about social justice and the environment, he gets knee deep in projects and programs.

^^ This is a website that he founded which talks about how America can be run on 100% renewable energy and the benefits of it.

He was also in a movie called the Normal Heart.

A story of the gay community when AIDS first hit America.

Mark Ruffalo plays a gay man named Ned Weeks who fights for gay rights and tries to raise awareness of HIV/AIDS in the 80′s.

(Watch it, it’s a great movie, it will make you cry but there are also so many cool people in it)

Mark Ruffalo is just a perfect human being, he’s hot, smart, dorky, adorable, and he cares.

I mean seriously how hard is it to care? People frustrate me so much because of their indifference but Mark Ruffalo gives me hope. I look at him and his Twitter and Tumblr and all of his interviews and it makes me feel like maybe my children will be able to go outside in the year 2080 and be able to breath clean air, swim in the oceans and drink clean water.

I dream of a world filled with Mark Ruffalos. People who watch the news and instead of just saying ‘oh what a shame’ thinking ‘I can do something about that’. Could you imagine such a world?

When I go off to college for my freshman year I’m going to keep this wonderful man in the back of my mind and hopefully one day I can make as much as an impact.