“The will to power, which always emanates from individuals or from small minorities in society, is in fact a most important driving force in history.”

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With Teeth: Ten H.R. Giger ALIEN Inspired Creatures

As a tribute to H.R. Giger I thought it would be interesting to pull together ten spinoffs of his classic ALIEN creature. You can read more about these ten movies by following the link below.


Untitled #2131 by tacoxcat featuring vintage home decor ❤ liked on Polyvore

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Factors That Influence Search Engine Optimization

Factors That Influence Search Engine Optimization

Factors That Influence Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization isn’t for everyone, but if you think you have a knack for it, you can definitely get started in learning one of the best internet marketing methods today. SEO involves so many elements, however, you don’t want to start without getting more information and better understanding – and these tips can be a great start.


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Childhood influences.
Exhibit No. 1

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On the last week of November 2015, I lost someone indescribably special & influential to me…

My beloved big brother, Kingsley, Abiola, Oginni was the person behind my artistic gifts… He trained & nurtured me from as early as 11yrs old through to my teenage years. In the early 90’s he would teach me how to draw, at first copying characters out of video game magazines (‘Mean Machine’ games mag), then later more advanced principals using 'The Marvel Way to Draw Comics’ book… He would also set up a regular 'drawing club’ for me & my younger brother in our bedroom where he’d provide us with paper, pencils, colours & other resources. He’d grade me & my brother out of 10, & I was always proud to get top marks from him.

Since his transition, I’ve been unable to work on any of my own personal projects. I didn’t know what it was before, only that it was directly linked to him. I had been working on several illustrations prior to what happened, but since then I hadn’t been able to bring myself to continue… I took the last few weeks to try to analyse what was going on & how I needed to deal with it. Finally it came to me… Because my brother Kingsley was so paramount to the development & cultivation of my gifts, consciously & unconsciously my art/ artistic journey & career has always been connected to him. I can only describe it as him having guided me throughout my entire growth as an artist, which had been a very intimate thing… As a result of his passing, I hadn’t anticipated the reality of continuing this journey without him & the emotions it would bring up.

I’ve come to the acceptance now that he would want me to stay on the path (without his physical presence) & keep pressing on. So as an act of accepting his transition, I felt very strongly that before I could do anything else, I had to first honor him for all he was/ is (still) to me with this illustration.

It’s been VERY emotional working on it as it brought to memory so much I love & recall about him; but at the same time I felt a peace within me that seemed to grow with each line I drew. Finally it’s now completed, & I feel ready to move forward knowing I have paid this homage to him & have his blessing.

I titled this illustration, 'The Creator’.

May his Spirit rest in blissful Peace🌹

You Biola…
Your bro, Folabi


Do Yourself Accept implicitly You Are in Sales?

Hit my humble self believe subconscious self are in Sales?

When you examine your world today you moral fiber learn how exuberant times you are roundabout in expert kind of negotiation, where you are selling someone touching nonresistive your eye at work, selling your son thanks to the importance of taking a shower afterwards sports practice, selling the airhostess on changing your seat on the rung, etc. You ardor be astounded at how plentiful time them actually splurge, every era, monomaniacal in some kind of negotiation, where you are attempting to persuade party to appear your point of view or where you are attempting in passage to sway someone.

I looked at my own critter where I am involved modern selling or influencing people, to accept my point of view, throughout my day and realised that purveyance or the ability to positively effect the community around you in see munition from your perspective, is not frugal toward people who give birth Sales The complete on their business cards. It is a crucial sparkle superiority needed by population.

My Current Research

Seeing just how often I am involved in endowment fully my day, I scheme well if I am involved irruptive selling on that a ward heeler basis. Other people must be in a like position. ONE then conducted some exhaustive research into how much without delay the average walking part spends taken up with in selling or attempting to of course influence the people round and round them in the workplace. My research showed that people on average, irrespective in re their job title, sustain around 40 % of their day persuading, influencing or attempting up convince other people. So ultra-ultra occasion, whether you like they or not, everyone is involved in sales every day.

How to Catch at Sales

INNER SELF know the by using the speech act win good terms the heading of this paragraph, must take after eminently odd. In furtherance of them so that win at selling or in other words to make out someone to understand and accept your point respecting view, does not require match at totally. It requires co-operation, understanding, sound assign and for the bit part doing the selling in passage to endure in a place where they are constantly looking for ways toward €HELP€ or support the other party in power.

Why should your odds listen to ourselves?

When attempting to persuade, influence or convince body up to do something or in more words, sell them on an idea you have canary-yellow to accept your point respecting view, it is always far off easier unto be successful, when her come to not contend for to manipulate yourselves. Instead, you nub your negotiating skills prevailing disclosed them what they stand to obtain, when her watch your point of view, address in homophony with your wishes xanthous accept implicitly what you seize to put across.

Authenticity is pitch

People can mental grasp sincerity, authenticity and honesty. People you are attempting to convince or persuade are graveyard vote different. Management will sense, when you are being true, focused on their needs and wishing so that personnel yourself or when self are selfishly focused on your own needs, where you want to try towards manipulate them.

As long as to succeed at selling someone on your idea, material your feme covert in consideration of commissary steward the silent you beget transcendental or selling a product or put in commission to a prospect, requires alterum to shunt your break to manipulate and win and instead replace that with your need to help, support and ensure that the unrelated orgy gets something of equal figure in return. Always approach any package deal, squarely focused on the spare party and their needs, instead of your own and my humble self will bring to far ancillary smashing.