Moon-Mars contacts

Moon conjunct Mars, Moon square Mars, Moon sextile Mars, Moon trine Mars, Moon opposite Mars

When the Moon contacts Mars emotions become inflamed, reactive, and volatile. The mood can be delicate, even childlike, and demand validated expression. Often there is a tremendous desire to satisfy emotional needs, and respond to inflowing moods, so there can be some form of dysregulation present. With harmonious aspects, the emotional sensitivity can be infused into artistry and creative inspiration can be rich and soothing for the individual. Often there is a good social intuition with Moon-Mars. The individual can read people well, compromise, and relate to others seamlessly. There can be a natural counsel and disarming nature that draws people close. The individual does not fear the success or domination of others. It’s like she can stand her ground in a soft and dignified way. There can be a love of children with Moon-Mars, an acceptance of their innocence and value. Often there can be an overwhelming need to protect those deemed vulnerable, so the individual may be an advocate for child safety. There is rarely a moment of emotional stillness with Moon-Mars contacts. Most battles are fought in the inner world, for control over the chaos, the spinning madness, the addictions, and the unstable energy. Emotions can flood, so euphoria can be sheer delight while melancholy tumbles into harrowing despair. Floodgates of tears can vanish in a moment. Happiness can fade as quickly as it appeared. It may take many years for the individual to develop emotional maturity and separate herself from her mood. When this occurs, the psychological depth can be quite profound. The need is to avoid the cataclysms and learning the art of diffusing emotion. This can relate to other people also, because the individual can be hypersensitive to other people’s treatment.

There can be a tremendous desire to seek safety in relationships and develop intimacy, but closeness can become threatening, something in childhood lead to the individual feeling inferior. It’s like she doesn’t trust people like she doesn’t trust her own emotion. The sensitivity is so raw with Moon-Mars that everyday can be both hysterical and ravaging. Without reflection and develop, the emotional temperament can remain eternally infantile. 



Universe’s largest structure caught in the act of forming

“The Universe forms a vast cosmic web where filaments interconnect, with matter flowing along them into a nexus. At the centers of these intersections, the most massive galaxy clusters form. Over time, more clusters fall in, creating the largest structures of all. The Hubble Space Telescope recently observed one of them, MACS J0717, revealing four separate clusters in the collision process.”

When it comes to the largest bound cosmic structures, it doesn’t get any bigger than galaxy clusters. Unless, that it, you consider when multiple galaxy clusters merge together. Located at the intersections of cosmic dark matter filaments, smaller clusters flow into the larger clusters located at such a nexus. When we get very lucky, colliding clusters can be seen. Recently, scientists have located a cosmic smash-up between four such clusters in the large structure MACS J0717.5+3745. One of the clusters within is moving so quickly – 3,000 km/s – that the light within it gets shifted thanks to the speed of the electrons within it. X-ray, radio and optical/IR data combine to reveal a treasure trove of information, including active galaxies, a separation between normal and dark matter and even information about the inflows along the cosmic filaments.

This may be the messiest galaxy cluster ever found, but it’s also the most instrumental in understanding the formation of the Universe’s largest structures. Catch it on today’s Mostly Mute Monday!

Money Magic

My earliest magic was money and prosperity magic, and it has served me well. I could spend whatever I wanted and there was always cash left in the bank. However, now it is time for me to re-up my money magic spells so I thought I would share a little about how I do this, and some thoughts I have about money magic in general. This is kind of focused on adults who have the possibility of making money through government assistance, jobs, work, or whatever.

There are different kinds of money magic. There is magic to increase the funds you already have, magic to erase debts, magic to stop spending, magic to get jobs and work, and magic to gather new funds when you are starting from nothing. There is also a difference between prosperity, money, and wealth. I will share my opinions on these definitions!

Money is just cash. It is very much like a spirit (in fact I believe it is). If we disrespect it and abuse it, money leaves us. It exists, but we can only access it through representations because it is nonphysical. Money magic works on the premise of improving your relationship with the spirit of money and inviting it in to your welcoming life.

Wealth is the state of having lots of money. Wealth for me is different than wealth for you, because a lot of money to me is different from a lot of money to you. Someone can have lots of wealth but still have a poor relationship with money, be in debt, spend frivolously, and so on.

Prosperity is the state of being, well, prosperous. Money is an ingredient of prosperity, but that’s not the whole story. Prosperity is being in a state of little or no debt, having good cash inflow, low cash outflow, and most importantly, being in a healthy relationship with the universe where you are given what you need and share what you don’t need with others.

So you can do money magic to garner lots of wealth, but this doesn’t necessarily mean you are being prosperous. In general: Do money magic to accumulate wealth, and put that wealth towards building your prosperity.

Money magic itself is incredibly simple and I will share some spells later on. The way money magic will manifest depends on the cash inflows in your life. If you have a job, money will likely come to you through bonuses, a raise, or most likely, extra hours. If you don’t have a job money can come in form of gifts, unexpected opportunities, checks from the government, or totally unexpected forms. I believe when it comes to money magic you should be aware of your cash inflow. For me it is a part time job. For you it could be a job, welfare, an allowance, your own business, or something you haven’t discovered yet. Part of money magic is strengthening these channels to allow more money to flow through.

Money magic will garner wealth on its own. But you always have to manage your prosperity, which is best done through a prosperity altar. A prosperity altar is easy to build even if you are not out about your practice. All you need is a container like a large shoe box or an empty table or shelf surface. A prosperity altar works to strengthen your channels of incoming prosperity and gives you a command center to manage all your money magic together.

I’d like to take a brief moment to talk about greed. We’re all spiritual people and maybe that has a connotation of being separated from the material world. But you know what, I’m a living human bean. I need food. I need gas in my car. I need money for fruity beverages. I have student loans, and I need a new pair of shoes. I’m not a spirit, I live in the physical world, and so do you. But there isn’t a darn thing wrong with money magic when we are all young people struggling to survive in a shit economy and doing the best for ourselves in this turbulent world. Really good prosperity magic isn’t about hoarding money like a dragon. It’s about a natural give and take, where you have a surplus that you can freely move and work with and it’s beautiful.

So, prosperity altars! A good prosperity altar will have things that draw in money. My prosperity altar has two money drawing talismans (that badly need to be refreshed), and items that represent wealth like a jar of gold flakes, cash money (to draw cash back in), plants of prosperity like basil, cinnamon, and chamomile, and candles I burn with money drawing oil. Send me a message if you need more info on building an altar! Just remember that everything you put on the altar, unintentionally or not, draws things in. Dust on your altar will draw things in. Keep it well managed and clean once a week at least. One very good strategy is to get a magnet, a lodestone, or lodestone oil. Keep it with money and charge it to bring more and more money to you. As you get a single dollar, five, twenty, or more, keep adding every spare cent to this money pile and wait for it to draw more money in.

Set up a prosperity altar in whatever way feels intuitive and right to you, then get started on that money magic!

A very simple money spell is to meditate with a candle. Imagine the candle is a magnet and will draw in anything you desire. Focus on money! Imagine extra hours at work, an unexpected check, a debt being paid off, whatever comes to your mind. Eventually you will feel the candle is “full” or “ready”. Make a gesture of sealing over the candle like “so mote it be” and burn it on or near your prosperity altar with a prayer that it draws in money for you.

Once each morning, do a two minute meditation. Focus on the concepts of your incoming money streams and make those pipelines bigger, stronger, and more energetic. Focus on the concepts of your outgoing money lines and shrink them, put filters in it to help you catch yourself before you spend money, and even put a valve on top to turn off and on as you need it. At the end of each day, repeat this two minute meditation to check on your pipelines and makes sure they are good and healthy. Once they seem to be working in really good order, repeat this meditation once a week.

“First comes the working, then comes the work,” as they say. If you need money, you need to open up channels where money can come through to you. If you are disabled and unable to work a traditional job, could you sell crafts on the side, read tarot for money, or do magic for money? Try to brainstorm and think of ways money can come to you. As your imagination opens up to new possibilities, magical channels are simultaneously opened. But even if you seriously cannot think of any way you could possibly earn money, put faith in the magic.

Suppose you have tried money magic before and gotten only $10 or a coupon or something, or you’re really blocked and stuck. Nothing is working for you. You can’t get more hours, you can’t get a better job, your money spells aren’t manifesting. All you need is a good unblocking.

Get hyssop if you can, otherwise bay leaf and salt will work wonders. Brew a very strong bay leaf tea and pour it and the bay leaves in to a bath filled with salt. Stir the bath counter-clockwise with your hand and ask the spirits of salt and bay leaf to uncross you and make you able to receive blessings again. Soak in the bath for as long as you need. If you have no bath, grind bay leaf and salt in to an olive oil scrub. Scrub your whole body, head to toe (even in your hair!) and finish by rubbing the soles of your feet. Shower off as usual. Repeat this ritual once a week.

For a good prosperity bath, make a basil and chamomile tea. Strain it and add it to the bath, or wash yourself with it using a wash cloth, then shower. Visualize these powerful financial plants radically strengthening and opening up your cash flow pipelines and drawing money down towards you. Repeat this weekly – but no more regularly than that.

For a job spell, make a jar. Put in it basil, chamomile, cinnamon, quartz points, and any other money drawing stones, crystals, items, charms, plants, or anything you can think of. Meditate with it for five minutes a day, focusing on how powerful this jar is at its ability to draw wealth to you. Put business cards in from the places you want to work at and ask the job to open paths to these businesses. When submitting a written application, store it under the jar for a full day for its blessings.

Part of money magic is respecting money, and that means having a plan for money. Read books about financial management. Write down all your debts, your incomes, and your expenses. Make a solid plan for paying them off as best as you can, even if this means getting extensions on payments, putting $5 towards your credit card, or saving $5 a paycheck. When you have a framework in your life, money will start coming in to fill up that framework.

Make some flying devil oil using the hottest dried peppers you have and olive oil. This powerful brew can chase away any demons. So, dress a candle with flying devil oil and have it banish your debts. Let the hows take care of themselves. Burn a debt-reducing candle on your prosperity altar once a week, but don’t over-do it; a tea light will suffice. Then make smart moves: cancel that gym membership, call to consolidate debts, make payment plans.

Give things some time. Some powerful magicians can conjure thousands in the space of a week. I don’t think any of us are at that level yet.

I will say one important thing about money. It likes to be shared. It is a spirit, it wants to be active and move. If you fill up your money space in your life, then it’s filled up and nothing else will come in. If you are a generous person, if you give where you can, you will see a powerful magic work in your life. This isn’t like, new age mumbo jumbo! This is a widely accepted tenet of money magic. As you give, you will receive. There just needs to be balance.

Set up a prosperity altar. Unblock yourself from anything hindering you from making money. Banish debts, call in money. Use your altar to manage your prosperity. Have one or two really solid, powerful, money-drawing talisman jars. Then cast candle spells or other short-term money spells weekly. Meditate on the state of your finances and have a financial plan. Put energy and focus in to your finances and things will improve.

Lastly I’d like to talk about working directly with money spirits. One way you can improve your prosperity is to pay honor to the spirits around you in your everyday life. Imagine you are casting all these money spells and spirits in your home and around you take notice. Well, if you’re not friends with them, they aren’t going to help. But if you’re a buddy, if you give regular offerings, and if you treat spirits with respect they are more than likely to help deliver prosperity unto you. However, there are specific money spirits you can call and work with in order to go to the ‘next level’ with magic. For this I recommend the Modern Goetic Grimoire by Rufus Opus, who has a ritual for working with Bune, a generous demon who helps people with money and finances.

Okay, fair warning, this one is kind of gross, but it’s been bugging the hell out of me, so I’m just going to put it out there.

You know how, in a lot of traditional dungeon-crawling CRPGs, there’s a sewer dungeon, full of poisonous monsters and toxic sludge and whatnot?

Sometimes this dungeon is beneath an inhabited city, and that’s fine - but sometimes, the sewer is part of a set of ancient ruins.

The trouble is, well, sewage decomposes. If the ruins have literally been abandoned for centuries, then unless the sewers subsequently became a roosting area for a large bat colony or whatnot, any major toxicity should have long since subsided. And even that’s ignoring the fact that the layout of such areas tends to depict a continuing inflow of sewage in volumes that could only be generated by a densely populated settlement.

Yet the ruins above are almost entirely empty.

So we have a very awkward question on our hands: who - or what - is doing all the pooping?

A more realistic and thoroughgoing Marxian approach to the question of imperialism in our age, drawing on the fundamental parameters of classical imperialism theory while taking into consideration changing historical conditions, needs to center on capital accumulation. Here the crucial fact is the shift of manufacturing industry in recent decades from the global North to the global South. In 1980 the share of world industrial employment of developing countries had risen to 52 percent; by 2012 this had increased to 83 percent. […] What needs to be explained, however, is that despite this tectonic shift of industry to the periphery, the basic conditions of center and periphery continue in most cases to hold. This is manifested in the seeming inability of countries in the global South, taken as a whole—and leaving out Greater China (including Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan Province)—to catch up economically with the nations at the center of the system.


Economically, the outward movement of generalized-monopoly capitalism is propelled primarily by the competitive struggle for low cost position via global sourcing of labor and increasingly scarce raw materials, and the monopoly rents that all of this generates. The result, as we have seen, is enormous cost savings in production for individual monopolistic enterprises, generating widening profit margins, which, coupled with more traditional forms of tribute, leads to a continual inflow of imperial rent to the center of the system. The full extent of extracted surplus is disguised by the enormous complexity of global value chains, exchange ratios, hidden accounts, and above all by the nature of capitalist GDP accounting itself.


The phase of global monopoly-finance capital, tied to the globalization of production and the systematization of imperial rent, has generated a financial oligarchy and a return to dynastic wealth, mostly in the core nations, confronting an increasingly generalized (but also highly segmented) working class worldwide. The leading section of the capitalist class in the core countries now consists of what could be called global rentiers, dependent on the growth of global monopoly-finance capital, and its increasing concentration and centralization. The reproduction of this new imperialist system, as Amin explains in Capitalism in the Age of Globalization, rests on the perpetuation of five monopolies: (1) technological monopoly; (2) financial control of worldwide markets; (3) monopolistic access to the planet’s natural resources; (4) media and communication monopolies; and (5) monopolies over weapons of mass destruction. Behind all of this lie the giant monopolistic firms themselves, with the revenue of the top 500 global private firms currently equal to about 30 percent of world revenue, funneled primarily through the centers of the capitalist system and the core financial markets. As Boron points out with respect to the world’s 200 largest multinational corporations, “96 percent…have their headquarters in only eight countries, are legally registered as incorporated companies of eight countries; and their boards of directors sit in eight countries of metropolitan capital. Less than 2 percent of their boards of directors’ members are non-nationals…. Their reach is global, but their property and their owners have a clear national base.”


The responsibility of the left under these circumstances is to confront, in Lenin’s terms, the “contradictions, conflicts, and convulsions—not only economical, but also political, national, etc.”—that increasingly characterize our era. This means fostering a more “audacious” global movement from below in which the key challenge will be the dismantling of imperialism, understood as the entire basis of capitalism in our time—with the object of creating a more horizontal, egalitarian, peaceful, and sustainable social-metabolic order controlled by the associated producers.

John Bellamy Foster, “The New Imperialism of Globalized Monopoly-Finance Capital” (2015)

Another part of the story of Montana is mining. This is the first of a couple videos I’ll show you exploring the Berkeley Pit near Butte Montana. Once nicknamed the “richest hill in the world”, the Anaconda Mining Company extracted a huge amount of rock from the ground and left a huge open hole in its place. That open pit mine has now filled with inflowing groundwater, creating a huge environmental hazard.

BREXIT: what the heck does it all mean?

A lot of people have no clue why Europe is currently in a state of uproar and the only word people seem to be saying is “Brexit” so here’s a not-so-quick and easy-breezy explanation on the past 24 hours of CHAOS that has ensued:

The European Union (EU): an organisation of European countries that follows similar laws, allows for freedom of movement/labour, easy travelling (@people who planned on doing Eurotrips, not sure if you can count the UK in that anymore!) and trade with each other. The EU is important because before it was formed, the European continent was ravaged by 2 world wars, and a division because of the Cold War. This organisation has provided all the stability we’ve seen in the past 20-odd years.

So what the heck is a “Brexit”? Basically, the UK has just voted to leave the EU. 52/48 majority. Now this doesn’t seem like a TERRIBLE thing, but there are some serious immediate political and economic consequences.

Economic implications:

- The British pound crashed from 1.5 to 1.3 in 6 hours, the lowest value in 30 years, which in turn affected the US dollar which affects all other global currencies. I wish I was joking but I’m not: South Africa, Poland, Norway, Mexico. Hungary, Australia, Switzerland all saw their currencies plummet. Countries that don’t rely on exports as their means of production cannot have a devalued currency. IT’s not good. The Japanese Yen which has been strengthening reached an all-time high which is terrible because Japan is trying to reverse its deflationary state. The Bank of Japan is now out of options and Japan literally STOPPED TRADING IN BRITISH STOCKS/INVESTMENTS.

- A devalued GBP could cause the BoE to implement quantitative easing by lowering interest rates, leading to other countries around the world doing the same. this could potentially loop back into a recession though.

- The UK leaving the EU means its market has gone down a LOT in size making them a less attractive destination for trade partners/investors. They’re going to have to draw up new trade agreements with basically the whole world since all their trade was previously tied to the EU. This will be tricky because countries liked having a market with a population of ~500 million compared to the UK’s size of ~50 million.

- GDP will go down. Retirement income will go down. The British economy is currently in a state of panic. The global economy is basically, fucked. For now at least.

The thing is, given the precarious nature of the economy right now with markets out of control and stagnant growth practically everywhere, it was a really really bad time to have this referendum - a lot of countries have been banking on a “Bremain” before making their next move when it comes to monetary/fiscal policy. The IMF has predicted that 2016/2017 will see the worst years for growth, but we might see upward growth trends from 2018 onwards.

- Scotland showed an overwhelming majority of votes to remain in the EU. It’s likely that they’re going to call for a referendum (again) to leave the UK.

- Northern Ireland also wanted to stay in the EU.

- Wales voted Leave but with a slim majority. 

UPDATE: Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said her parliament should have the right to hold another vote “if Scotland faces the prospect of being taken out of Europe, effectively against our will.” Sinn Fein called for a referendum to reunify Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

So how does it get worse?

- David Cameron has just announced that he will be resigning in 3 months which means that extreme conservatives who managed to sway the vote in favour of Leave could come to power. That’s right. We’ll be stuck to suffer with the likes of Johnson. 

- Brexit triggered a lot of nationalist/extreme right-wing movements in the rest of Europe. Some leaders already calling for referendums for “Frexit” (France), “Itexit” (Italy) and ”Nexit” (Netherlands). We may see more in the next few days. A disintegration of Europe is risky business because Europe has not been able to remain stable until the EU was formed. This could give way for an assertive Russia too, who is, as most countries would be, looking to gain more power over weak/vulnerable European states. This will trigger US skepticism and we all know how that goes. 


Basically David Cameron only backed the idea of the referendum because he was desperate to gain support from anti-EU parties like UKIP during the general elections last year. Except now he’s resigning. So. 

During the campaign, Michael Gove, Boris Johnson (conservatives) and Nigel Farage (UKIP) stressed on tightening immigration laws if the UK leaves the EU because “immigration/refugees have been a big problem for the UK as its reducing jobs being given to UK locals/residents” and they think the UK is becoming “overcrowded” so the Leave campaign was like WE WILL TIGHTEN OUR BORDERS! YEAH! Except now they’ve likely displaced millions of UK citizens living/working in the rest of the EU. Also there is a possibility that lots of jobs have been moved too. Let’s see how they figure that one out.

Additionally, they talked about the economic benefits because if the UK were to leave, they would be able to allot the money that goes to the EU to other things like the NHS (national healthcare) etc. The Leave campaign went on about how the UK spends 350 million pounds a week on the EU but actually it spends less than half of that, so really, their campaign was built on scaremongering and lies. EDIT: Farage has announced the 350mil will NOT be spent on the NHS.

EDIT: more Brexit arguments included EU regulations/fees/etc that they believed were restricting Britain and weren’t allowing Britain to flourish independently

EDIT: People have mentioned the fact that unstable EU economies were relying on capital inflow the “Big 3″ (UK, France, Germany). This is true and this was being used as an argument - however, leaving is a Pyrrhic Victory! the UK will most likely have to spend MORE rebuilding its independent economy. However, once markets stabilise, we will see.

Article 50, aka the means of exiting will be triggered in 3 months when the new Prime Minister is announced (most likely one of the extreme conservatives who are riding high on their “Independence Day” fuckery which is even more proof of xenophobic, colonialist bullshit) after which the UK will have 2 years to complete its official withdrawal so hopefully that will provide short-term stability.

updateeee here’s a quick summary of brexit consequences published by TIME magazine – again don’t take it at face value

UPDATE:: this is a really good bloomberg article that’s concise and very quickly sums up what the immediate consequences were:


Translation of the interview with Andi Wellinger in Willingen

(requested by @skijumping-stuff)

Dirk Thiele: Dear viewers of Avia tv, we say hello from the Sauerland in the spa hotel where team Germany is hosted since years and when Andreas Wellinger stayed in Willingen, he didn’t sleep somewhere else as well, right?

Andreas Wellinger: Yes, I always stay here. For the 5th time, just one time I had to intermit.

DT: So last night you got renamed?

AW: Yeah, more or less. They made little pun, made Willingen to Wellinger.

DT: They made Wellinger to Willinger.

AW: Yeah, whatever. Anyway I’m kind of native now.

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In the path known as hermetic philosophy or alchemy, Hermes as the main principle expresses the leading forces of the unconscious mind, and also an internal desire for Gnosis.
Gnosis (knowledge) according to the philosophical course of Hermeticism isn’t a continuous inflow of disconnected information like our modern era demands, but a path of esoteric tranformation, one aiming to dissolve the internal conflicts of the individual so the he/she can manage to commune and communicate the Universal Knowledge and form a new sense of unified identity and self. Hermeticism sees the external reality as the field of illusion or fraud, just like oriental philosophy does, but the goal in Hermeticism isn’t the withdrawal from this ephemeral plane of being, but a higher participation after a certain existential preparation and initiation.
Thoth, as the god of scripture and of the secret Egyptian mysteries, became one with the greek Hermes after a certain historical point. A new persona emerged this way, Hermes the Trismegistus, a magical deity and a higher element that has motivated and moved many adepts of esotericism, alchemists and artists througout the centuries…this new archetype also insists on the triune nature of divinity just like the christian trinity does, among others in various world traditions.
The Muse

Drawing of Mercury/Hermes by Henrik Goltzius, 1587.

Andrew might save the day in episode 25

In the episode 24 previews, we learn the following information

  • Croix plans to take the Noir-bot to Arcturus
  • Croix loses control of the Noir-bot and she and Chariot must stop it
  • It is possible the Noir-bot is continuing to be fed by the rioters.
  • The leyline falls apart while Akko and co. are flying, so they’ll probably land in Arcturus where the fight against the noir-bot is taking place. Andrew is not with them.

We also, from 22, know the following about Andrew:

  • He disagrees with his father about how to handle the rioters.
  • He had a moment after his conversation with Akko, where he repeats his advice to Akko about “doing it yourself”, but this time to himself. This implies his character arc will finish when he does something ‘himself’.

I’m guessing that in episode 25, Andrew will somehow do something that stops the rioters. This will coincidentally lead to the Noir-bot losing its inflow of magic, allowing it to be defeated by Akko and Co.

Let’s Be Outcasts (Kankri/AR, Latula/Mituna) ch 12/?

Part 2 of cyber!bunny Apocalypse ‘verse (tumblr)

ch: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13

read on AO3

Summary: Divergent AU where AR and Li'l Seb get kicked into a new universe with some snazzy new cyborg bodies. They’re still working out the bugs.

In which AR discovers that kidnapping rarely solves more problems than it creates, Mituna breaks out of a lab (with some help), and Seb continues to take good care of his Bro.

Chapter Excerpt:  

Latula hesitates. It’s just the tiniest hitch in the conversation, but considering how effortlessly she seems to follow even your most scrambled utterances, the pause is noticeable.  “It’s an outworld artifact,” she says, breezy and open.

“Wow, no grab-hulmping ass nugs,” you return before your mind can really analyze if sarcasm is the wisest choice for this situation.  


Ch 12.

Latula, you reflect, has the best secrets.  Or possibly acquires the most excellent ones from other people.  Behind the steel door at the back of the ransacked bunker had been a short, damaged shaft, like something for an out-of-service hivestem lift.  Venturing down the rungs in the shaft wall (a feat, in your case, composed of equal parts climbing and falling), you and Latula had emerged into a second, more confined bunker.  The sprawlingly empty labs in the level above had looked aged and deteriorated, fragile.  A hollowed-out husk prone to falling to pieces at any moment—in retrospect you’re probably lucky your lightshow didn’t damage anything structural.  This room has an equal sense of age, but it is shelled from floor to ceiling in metal plates and girders as if were meant to survive a war.

It’s a bit like being in a tin can, if it turned out that tins cans turned down the exterior noise from your metal mind almost as effectively as that underground dropshaft you hid in for a day, and were therefore very quiet.  The perpetual static of Latula’s sigil chip buzzes and echoes in your metal mind, but you get only brief bursts of the distant voices of the imperial drones circling the city.

The tin can is also full of dazzlingly unfamiliar technology.

You want to look at everything.

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his tongue is always blue from the constant inflow of blue raspberry popsicle, and at some point it just becomes an expected part of the full captain cold getup. people online cosplaying all have blue mouths and he finds out about that and is like "always nice to see my fans, but why do they all......wait a minute.."

leonard has a stash of blue raspberry popsicles in the hood of his parka too he’s always Prepared, some cosplayers try to mimic this as well but they always end up melting

The real issue was less about changing consumption patterns than whether any other state would be capable of playing the crucial role in the reproduction of global capitalism played by the American state.  Claims that this would be a European supra-state now looked threadbare indeed.  And amid all the talk about the impending dominance of China, the crucial question rarely posed was whether the Chinese state had the capacity to take on extensive responsibilities for managing global capitalism.  No one seriously imagines Russia, even with its admission to the WTO, could readily develop such capacity; but even China is manifestly still a very long way from being able to do so.  To this point, far from displacing the American empire, China rather seems to be duplicating Japan’s supplemental role of providing the steady inflow of funds needed to sustain the US’s primary place in global capitalism.
Were this to change, it would require deeper and much more liberalized financial markets within China, which would entail dismantling the capital controls that are key pillars of Communist Party rule- at a time, moreover, when its own banking system is under severe stress.  Furthermore, a major reorientation of Chinese patterns of investment and production away from exports towards domestic consumption would have incalculable implications for the social relations that have sustained China’s rapid growth and global integration.  It would involve a restructuring of the country’s coastal industries, which would come up against powerful vested interests among Chinese capitalists and regional officials.  And getting households to spend their savings on current consumption would also require the development of a welfare state, as well as ongoing increases in wages.  Given the redistribution of income that this would entail, which could only happen through a substantial shift of power to the working class, all of this- while certainly possible in the long run- would meet resistance that would go well beyond just those firms involved in exporting low-wage goods.
—  The Making of Global Capitalism: The Political Economy of American Empire by Leo Panitch and Sam Gindin

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First of all, hello. I came about your blog, and your political stance, and while I won't even try to change it, I take it as a personal insult to me, my family, my culture and the thounsands of deaths it suffered, and feel morally obliged, as a citicen of my country (Venezuela) to at least ask one question: Given that you are living in a thriving, non-socialist country (Sweeden, I recall), what are your views on how the ideas you advocate completely and absolutetly destroyed mine?

I won’t even try to change your political stance, but I take it as a personal insult to me, my family, my culture and the millions of deaths it has caused, and I feel morally obliged, as a citizen of my country (Sweden) to at least ask one question: Given that you are living in a non-capitalist country (Venezuela, I recall), what are your views on how the ideas you advocate completely and absolutely destroyed mine? Do you know how many homeless people there are in Sweden, even when we have empty homes available for all of them?

I joke, obviously. But what are your thoughts on the Bengal Famine of 1943, which cased over 2 million deaths in capitalist India, under the rule of the capitalist UK?

Or was this not capitalism’s fault? Then how is the poverty of Venezuela socialism’s fault? Why are supporters of capitalism allowed to say “Socialism is a nice thought, but it doesn’t work as proven by the poverty in Venezuela,” but I’m not allowed to say “Capitalism is a nice thought, but it just doesn’t work as proven by the reign of terror of Napoleon.”?

Or the Atlantic Slave Trade and the genocide of Native Americans.

Or colonialism and the devastation of the global south.

Or Hitler and Mussolini, who whilst saying they were anti-capitalist in order to garner support from the working class, still implemented capitalistic free-market economies, even supplying private capitalists with slave labour.

Or the Lebanon Crisis.

Or the Bay of Pigs Invasion of Cuba.

Or the Vietnam War.

Or the Invasion of Grenada.

Or the CIA’s 1953 Iranian coup d'état where the US overthrew a democratically elected socialist (Mohammad Mosaddegh) in favour of an authoritarian dictator (Mohammad Reza Pahlavi).

Or the CIA’s 1954 Guatemalan coup d'état where the US overthrew a democratically elected social democrat (Jacobo Árbenz) in favour of an authoritarian dictator (Carlos Castillo Armas).

Or the CIA’s 1973 Chilean coup d'état where the US overthrew a democratically elected socialist (Salvador Allende) in favour of a totalitarian fascist dictator (Augusto Pinochet who went on to kill over 3000 people, torture 30,000 people, and put 80,000 people in concentration camps).

Or the CIA’s 1991 Haitian coup d'état where the US overthrew a democratically elected social democrat (Jean-Bertrand Aristide), who is widely believed to have been the winner of the first honest election in Haiti, in favour of an authoritarian dictator (Raoul Cédras).

Or the fact that the 10 poorest countries in the world are all capitalist (Malawi, Burundi, Central African Republic, Niger, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Madagascar, Liberia, the Gambia, Guinea, Somalia). If you don’t like socialist Venezuela, perhaps you’d prefer capitalist Malawi? No? It’s almost as if not all capitalist counties are rich, and not all socialist countries are poor.

I think you get my point. Socialism and capitalism are both economic systems. You can’t blame Venezuela’s poverty on socialism any more than you can blame the Holocaust on capitalism.

By the way, have you been to Uruguay recently?

Uruguay is ranked first in Latin America in democracy, peace, lack of corruption, and is first in South America when it comes to press freedom, size of the middle class and prosperity. It ranks second in the region on income equality, per-capita income and inflows of FDI. Uruguay is the third-best country on the continent in terms of HDI, GDP growth, innovation and infrastructure. It is regarded as a high-income country (top group) by the UN. Nearly 95% of Uruguay’s electricity comes from renewable energy. Same-sex marriage and abortion are legal, leading Uruguay to be regarded as one of the most progressive nations in the world, and one of the most socially developed, outstanding regionally, and ranking highly on global measures of personal rights, tolerance, and inclusion issues.

And they are… GASP! SOCIALIST! Like… Like VENEZUELA?

In fact, Bolivia, Chile, Cuba, Ecuador, Guyana, Nicaragua, and Suriname are also socialist. But the only one people who advocate for capitalism ever talk about is Venezuela. I wonder why? 🤔

In all seriousness, I don’t want to come across as rude. It’s just that I hear this argument a lot. If you still live in Venezuela, I genuinely hope that either the situation there gets better, or that you get out of the country. Regardless of what you may think, I don’t want anyone living in poverty. Not in Venezuela, and not in Sweden, and not in the US. Take care of yourself.

Revelations (fRyder x Reyes)

I’ve been in the mood for some High Noon Reyder angst lately, so I decided to join the bandwagon of fics with my personal twist on the Draullir showdown. Or at least last piece of it.
You can be proud of youself @vorchagirl because your comments under my headcanons post pushed me to it. For which I’m thankful.

I’m sorry in advance for any grammatical fuckups or misused words. English is not my first language so, if you find something wrong, please be so kind and hit me with a message.

A rather chaotic mix of irritation and disappointment was swirling inside of her as she followed Reyes further into the cave. Sybil was always fully aware he was no angel and even considered it part of his charm, but a bloody, ruthless criminal mastermind? It was a bit too much. Even for her.

To be true, she still couldn’t believe that all those horrible rumours she had heard being passed from one mouth to another around Kadara were always about Reyes - a man with whom she shared an excellent bottle of stolen whiskey on the rooftop overlooking the port’s market square.

“Why didn’t you trust me?” she asked reproachfully, her voice shaking with anger.

Like I trusted you, she wanted to add but bit her tongue because this moment wasn’t supposed to be about her. It was enough she was barely able to control her hand itching to slap him in the face.

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I happened to be in the City of London yesterday at exactly 5.30 and I was amazed by the amount of people that were rushing to the tube. This gave me an idea for a map of people’s inflow and outflow from the Bank station based on ONS data. I will post it if it turns out fine. ✏️↔️💡

Baby Boy (Mature)

I stormed inside my house, throwing my bag on the floor with great force, causing the object to smash on the ground, making a loud noise as the gold brads has came in touch with the white tiles. The annoyance in my was obvious. I have had enough of the recent day. At this point I was a mixture of every single, negative fucking emotion I could possibly think of & the outcome has been surprisingly more highlighted by my behaviour than it was supposed to be. And, I did not care.  

‘Babe? What’s wrong? Was that you, making-’ My boyfriend became visible to my sight as he rushed to the corridor with a concerned look on his face. This was cute. He was cute. The way he cared; he just seemed so innocent. In contrast to me, probably the first time in forever.

Instead of giving him the answer, I rudely interrupted, taking his face by both hands and pressured his body to lean down and reply to my needy, sloppy kisses.

'Y/N, what the fuck?’ Justin spoke up, surprised by my sudden actions, placing his hand on a lower part of my back, pulling away, as he furrowed his eyebrows.

'Just, shut the fuck up.’ I spat, with no warning jumping on his body, as my legs wrapped around his waist, causing himself to take a few steps back, because of the sudden weight put on him. I could tell he was shocked, answering all my intense kisses with a slow motion.

I was worked up, literally eating out his face; the wet marks I have left behind, were creating trickles of spit, going all the way down on his chin. There was no memory of me coming up with such dominance in the past - but, I liked it.

'F-Fucking hell.’ He muttered, having issues with catching up on his lost breath as he threw my body onto the couch, looking down at me with so much dilemma hiding behind his big, brown eyeballs.

'What is going on, Y/N? Why on Earth would you just walk in and literally throw your body at mine? Damn, I wasn’t even-“

'Are you fucking done?’ I raised my eyebrows, looking at him like he was a crazy one in this situation. I sighted deeply, knowing that I am taking my language way too far, which only came to my realisation when I saw the mimic left on his precious facial.

'I’m sorry. I had the worst day going,  all I want is to make myself feel better, that’s it, Jay.” I muttered after a couple of seconds in silence, fixing myself on the couch. Normally, the shame would start flowing through me, but normally this would never happen, so I didn’t plan to justify my doing in much detail.

'I get it, don’t be sorry. Do you wanna talk about it, babygirl? I can help, I know what it feels like, just talk me though it, yeah? I’m here for you, I’m here to listen.’ He said straight after I have apologised for my actions, sitting himself right next to me, when he put his hand gently on my knee. A kind smile has appeared on his face and I could see that he aimed for the best. Justin was such a sweet boy, he made it hard to be tough on him.

'No’ I answered, taking his hand into mine, standing up just to sit in astride on his lap, placing his hand underneath my blouse, high on my hip, as one of my fingers was delicately pressed onto his wet, filled lips, so he may not protest or ask unnecessary questions.

'Do you remember all those times when you came back home pissed as hell? Did we talk, babe? No, you threw me around the house and fucked me like a fucking slut. It fucking helped you, didn’t it? You cummed deep inside me or all over my face and it made you feel better, right? Now, I want that. Fuck talking, I just wanna cum all over your dick and make myself feel really good, so you, you shut the fuck up, and you do what I tell you to. Fucking behave’ I snapped once again, breathing heavily with all the emotions as my fingers slipped inside Justin’s t-shirt, taking it off his body.

'Fuck, this is so hot, don’t stop.’ He mumbled under his breath, which made the corners of my lips go up. I definitely was no expecting such a positive, enthusiastic reaction from a boy who would give me spanking for cumming too early, but this was a good sign. My hand grabbed his chin, pressing on it with force, which made him look up at my eyes.

'Oh, you like that, don’t you, babyboy? Look at you, already so hard, I can feel your cock so well, someone is being a very needy little thing, am I right?’ I said with much proud, taking satisfaction of his red cheeks, as he realised that my words were completely correct, no matter how bad he wanted to deny them.

'Watch it, Y/N. I can have you cumming in a matter of seconds, but I can also make you beg for an orgasm and not give it to you at all. Be thankful, you know I don’t do this, you can’t do anything you want with me, you ain’t the fucking b-boss.’ His voice stammered as I undid his belt, slipping my hand inside his boxers. My notice of his words at this point was very little, because I knew I would feel an urge to kill him with my own hands if he carried on talking.

'Yeah, whatever, babyboy, I think you need to let mami take care of you, don’t you?’ I licked my lips slowly, looking deeply in his eyes, as my fingers scrolled through his already hard length. I couldn’t stop the excitement as Justin’s member grew bigger and stiffer, all because such simple actions that I had control over.

It became clear to me why he loved being dominant. What was there not to love? The other person being completely dedicated to you, no matter what you say or what you do. How you can take away their ability to breathe normally or think straight. This desperation visible in their eyes, screaming out for more. And most importantly - the power. How you rule their bodies and there’s only so little, almost non-existent amount of things they can do compared to you. This feeling was exquisite; absolutely addictive.

'That’s what I thought, good boy. Now, I will pleasure myself by using your body, what do you think of that? You are such a big boy down there, I think you will do just fine to take away my crucial demands’ I winked at him with a little smirk on my lips as he did not say a word. It was almost funny how always just the tips of his fingers made me cum immediately and here we were now, with this little change of roles.

'Tell me, Jay. I wanna hear you say it. Tell me to fuck you.’ I commanded, not taking my eyes of his even for a fraction of a second as I slowly got up just to take my leggings all the way down to the floor, in an easy tempo, to get Justin even more heated for what is coming. His face was hardly trying to stay un-bothered, so he could let this delusional 'men-pride’ stay on, in pair with keeping his alfa status. For his unfortunate, this only kept me motivated. I sat back on his laps, placing his hand on my naked ass cheek.

'Mmm, babe, your fingers feel so good on me, you are so fucking good. Do you wanna fuck me as bad as I wanna fuck you?’ I whined into his ear, biting the tip of it, as my behind pinned onto his boner which followed his loud, unexpected moan.

'Y-Yes. Oh, fuck yes, I want you to fuck me so bad. Please do, I wanna cum inside you, so deep that you will be feeling me for the next hours, coming back to what we were doing. Make me cum, please,’ The words just left his mouth, one by one, as his breathes became heavy when the set of beautiful, brown eyes was locked on the moves my hips were making on him.

'Oh, baby, you have made me so wet. Ugh, now I need to make you cum, you did well in terms of making me even more happy for what I wanna do with you.’ I chucked, exactly how Justin used to do to me everytime he made me do something he was really excited to experience.

With no further hesitation, I took his member out of the Calvin Klein boxers, positioning him directly opposite my woman part. A very little material of my thongs was moved to the side, as me and Justin both took a big breath in, watching the erotic scene we created.

'Fuck, fuck, fuck, so tight!’ Justin moaned out loud as I slowly sat down on his length, making myself gasp in the sudden feeling of desire flowing through myself. I was in a rush by that point. Both of my hands rested on Justin’s torso, which helped me with my balance, as my hips were moving up and down. All of me was highly committed to my moves. I wanted and I needed more. My ass and his balls were slamming onto each other, making the characteristic noise spread across the room, collaborating the mixture of swear words, moans and heavy breathes.

'Am I fucking you good, baby boy?’ I panted, looking at his face when my fingers made their way to his neck, grabbing it harshly, so he paid attention to me only.

’S-So good, too good.’ He quickly responded, knowing that there is no other way now; it was me fucking him and nothing else could be added to that matter.

'I’m already so fucking close, you better be close too.’ I bite my bottom lip, feeling his own thrusts in me, when his hand squeezed my ass. I rasped out, as the inflow of emotions hit in, throwing my head to the back. More force was put into every, single jump, because  I grew impatience. Knowing that Justin would start feeling too comfortable with me reacting this way I sat down on all of his dick, pressing harder onto his body, so hard, that I felt a minimum amount of pain inside of me.

'I’m gonna cum, mami.’ He breathe out, trying to control the moans coming out of his body, but he couldn’t. The sweat was running down his forehead, his mouth was wide open, he was so into it, he was shaking, which was an unusual for me sight. And this was an automatic turn on. To make a boy who could make me come out of my senses come to this exact state.

'Cum with me, Jay. You know what it feels like when I’m just about to let go. Do it with me, no second after or before. Just with me. Make mami happy.’ A desperate whimper left my mouth, as I started jumping with a quicker speed, able to feel my juiced scrolling down on Justin’s cock. My nails scratch his abs, which only made my boyfriend more ready to join me. I screamed out his name, placing the whole of my shaking body on himself, as my walls tightened around me, filled with a hot substance, hitting deep inside of me. I numbly felt on himself, not being able to move a muscle, because of the intense intercourse we have just had.

'How the fuck am I supposed to get you off me, you are so tight around my dick.’ He groaned, not being able to collect himself after everything, same as myself. He was now back to his normal, cocky, too confident self, I could see that. And somehow I loved that.

'You did well, baby boy.’ Silent chuckle left my mouth, as my lips left a sweet, big kiss on the place behind his ear.

'Okay, I admit, this was so fucking hot and I will let you do that to me anytime you want, but don’t get too used to it. Next time I’m angry, I will fuck you up, you will see. I counted how many times you called me a 'babyboy’, trust me, I will use it against you. You will regret ever speaking out like this.’ He mumbled, turning around to face me and kissed me with so much passion, taking away my ability to breathe that I have just gained back. I didn’t really care about the future sex he planned, what mattered was that I have finally got over my stupid worries. Thanks to my own baby…boy.

History Repeats History But No More

The sort of economic model we’re moving towards in America, the mutated model of ‘capitalism’ is creating the exact kind of conditions that originally gave rise to Communists and Anarchists 120-130 years ago.

But there’s a difference.

Firstly, money controls the message now in ways William Randolph Hearst couldn’t even imagine. Paid trolls, bots, bloggers and rebloggers spread continuous waves of distortion and misinformation. Perversely the vast multiplication of sources of information have made all information less reliable and the divination of ‘facts’ an incredibly more difficult feat.

Secondly, Communism’s failure has, at least in America, been unfairly expanded to draw in socialism as well. There is no Marx or Engel espousing alternatives to a greed based exploitive social model. And if there were, they would no doubt vanish, victims of the all inclusive “War on Terror”. Every move made can be monitored. Your life can be destroyed digitally. And as long as the divisive micro-tribalism espoused in media continues, there is no hope for solidarity amongst the exploited.

Thirdly, the West’s answer to communism, the Unions, have been gutted, demonized and neutralized. The myth of corporate concern is feeble but holds enough water that people still buy into the lie that “all you need to do is work hard to succeed”. Millions of truck drivers working 60-70 hours a week in the single most vital industry in America are proof of the lie. If supply and demand still meant anything, they’d all be rich.

Fourthly, America is now balanced on the wrong side of the fulcrum, at the mercy of the globalized corporate elites. We don’t make things. Everywhere I see warehouses being built, but not factories. We are a consumer economy incapable of supporting ourselves. We cannot supply our own demands. Anyone capable or willing to shut down the inflow of goods into America shuts down America. And the culprits aren’t other countries. It’s not China or Mexico or anyone else. It’s the Wall Street driven, share price obsessed American business culture. They place the orders. They control the direction of trade. And these people, the obscenely wealthy who exist insulated and isolated from the crumbling infrastructure, who are unaffected by job loss or the general economy, these are the people we need to “ deregulate ”. Because they’ll certainly share their profits then.

So what’s to be done? How can it be stopped this time, before there’s no stopping it at all? I have no solutions, nor advice to offer. I have only my voice, saying the same thing I’ve been saying for 35 years. I can tell you this much. Its not going away or fixing itself. And if nothing’s done, nothing changes, and another generation will pray for a big win at the casino as their one and only retirement plan.