Some more RWBY shipping. 
I have a headcanon that Team JNPR danced the night away and then all fell asleep in a pile, leading to several awkward awakenings.
Plus I love the idea of Jaune just flopping in Pyrrhas bed and not getting up despite her prodding.

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Sonja, can I ask you a question? Do you really think that you know more about Louis' career thant Louis himself? Do you think that you love Louis more than Harry? Because that's what I'm reading. Don't get me wrong I don't like some things about Harry's promo and I share some opinions with you. How the Azoff's manipulated the fandom? Did thet pay bloggers? They inflitrated here? Why Liam can't speak how he wants about Zayn. Do you know what happened between them? Cause idk and I think you don't

what is this condescending nonsense. how many times do i have do say i don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes and that i am reacting to what limited information we do have before people like you actually read what i’m saying.

the azoffs infiltrated the fandom via harry in 2013 (people got anons talking about how irving was going to take over the band) and made sure we all kept talking about them like the ‘saviors of the fandom’ when in reality it’s clear they’ve only ever cared about harry. they’ve done nothing for the band and they’ve especially done nothing for louis and if you can’t see that then i wish you luck with the serious case of cognitive dissonance you’re dealing with but i can’t help you.

and you’re right - you don’t know either. so why don’t you keep your patronizing tone to yourself and stay out of my inbox. and don’t forget, my track record lately has been far better than most of the blogs here when it comes to predicting and speculating what’s going to happen. i may not be privy to all of the behind the scenes details but my head’s not firmly lodged up jeff’s ass so i can actually look at things more objectively.

I Dare You - Chapter 4 - JohnTen - Mafia Leader x Detective - Soulmate!AU

Chapter 1 - Intro ; Chapter 2 ; Chapter 3 ; Chapter 4

Trigger Warning: Offensive Language, Graphic Descriptions

Genre: Angst, Mafia!AU, Soulmate!AU


Ten was still sitting on the same old couch, but it was somehow different now.

When he sat on this couch before, he was miserable.



He used to sit on that couch and cry for hours.

He used to sit on that couch and name every single reason he hated what he had had to become.

He used to sit on that couch and name every single reason he did not want to live this life, considering he’d still want to live at all.

And how could he? His own family no longer knew who he was, and he had no one close to him because of his… occupation.

Worst of all? He had no soulmate.

And that meant that he would never be loved.

It meant that he would never find anyone in this life to accept him and help him through it.

It meant that when he really did need someone there for him, be it to listen or simply for emotional support as he leaned his head down on their shoulder, he would have no one.

It meant that he had no place to call home because he had no one to come home to.

It meant that he was all alone.

But not anymore.

When Ten had woken up, face cracking with the salt from the dried tears, the first thing that hit him was the realization that:

A. His surge of emotion had actually reached someone.

B. Someone understood his pain and actually sent back a hug. A hug.

C. He had a soulmate. And his soulmate had reached out to him when it mattered most.

Ten was not amazed, he was overjoyed.

Ten woke up to cry again, but out of happiness this time.

Making sure to drink more than just the water from his glass this time, he had scrambled out of his position frantically, dazed and his body numb from his sleeping position and lack of mobility.

But he didn’t care.

He had a soulmate.

He was more than just glad to know that no one else would be in that room with him, because he had actually started jumping, running his hands through his hair and holding it up with the widest grin on his face as he ran around the room like a maniac.

He was insane. A downright lunatic.

A lunatic with a soulmate.

And the soulmate actually cared.

At that moment, everything stopped.

The world stopped for Ten.

Time stopped.

His thoughts halted at only one particular idea.

And he was ecstatic.

He had an escape to be who he really was.

To who he’d always wanted to be.

Mafia boss or not, Ten was not a fighter.

Ten was always softer than people needed him to be. Never as tough as he should be. Always more sensitive than necessary.

But why would it have been a problem?

That was just who he was, and he never understood the problem with him being the way he was.

So what if he cried when he got upset or felt overly emotional? So what if he wanted a soulmate to hold? So what if he wanted someone else’s warmth to become his home?

He didn’t choose his fate.

He was forced into it.

And that did not mean he ever accepted it, or ever will.

Smiling to himself despite the constant tears that were now getting in the way of everything, he reached over for the closest pen and scribbled down on his arm, first thanking his soulmate with a cute smiley, then doodling for them and wishing them a restful sleep.

I bet they’ll think it’s cute, he thought softly as he finished up the drawing of a fluffed pillow.

And then he was suddenly frowning.

What if they didn’t like him?

What if they weren’t into all the cutesy stuff?

Ten shook his head, trying to shove all the inflitrating thoughts away, but by then, one in particular had already wormed its way into his mind and filled him with dread.

Desperation filling him, he slid down in his seat, the world stopping once more as he choked back another sob and screaming at the top of his lungs, tears now steaming hot and filled with anger.

What if his soulmate knew who he was?

What if his soulmate knew what he was?

He covered his eyes as the tears ran down the sides of his face to the back of his head, leaving a trail.

Please, he thought, pleading. Please don’t leave me.

He hiccuped, feeling pathetic but hopeless. Why him? Why did this have to happen, and why was it him it had to happen to?

I just found you.

Please, please let me show you who I really am, he begged, pressing the mark once more.

Please be the one to love me for who I really am.


Johnny awoke with a jolt, a stab of pain jerking him up in the bed as he felt his heart hurt and his stomach clench, mind filling with anxiety and despair.

In his mind, all he could hear was the echoing sound of honey, like if a broken angel were whispering into his mind; begging, crying.

Please don’t leave me, I just found you. Please, please let me show you who I really am. Please be the one to love me for who I really am.

Johnny’s heart shattered with every word, his own tears escaping as he realized that this wasn’t something he could simply ignore as he wished.

His soulmate was in pain, and he needed him.

His soulmate was reaching out to him.

My soulmate, the thought echoing as the reality washed over him.

Before he could really think about it or change his mind, he reached over to his bedside table and grabbed the pen he kept there, taking its tip to his arm.

I’m here, he wrote, and he meant it.

And then slowly, knowing that he probably needed it more than his soulmate did, he drew a matching smiley next to his sentence.

Nothing happened for minutes, and Johnny was beside himself with worry. Had he fainted? Worse? What was going on?

Hey, are you okay?! he scribbled incessantly, almost driving the pen’s tip through his skin with the fervor he was writing with.

His soulmate never wrote anything back.

He never had to.

Johnny was overwhelmed within seconds, gasping for breath and panting as he reveled in this raw emotion that he’d long forgotten.

It was like sitting in a blanket, your arms wrapped around the love of your life as you said nothing, sitting in comfortable silence as you listened to each others’ hearts beating.

Love. Belonging.


That was the first time Johnny laughed and cried simultaneously, and he stared at his arm fondly as he sent his overwhelmed state over to his soulmate.

His soulmate.


Laura Kinney (code-named X-23) was the result of an effort to recreate the original Weapon X  experiment that had created Wolverine. The geneticist Sarah Kinney whom succeeded in cloning the viable DNA they had recovered was forced to also serve as its surrogate mother. The resultant child was raised in captivity and trained to be little more than a living weapon. While in captivity she was subjected to constant biological and psychological experimentation and once sent out into the field where her services were sold to the highest bidder, she became emotionally damaged as well. Eventually, Sarah managed to escape with the girl after having her destroy copied clones of herself but as a result of her conditioning, X-23 went berserk and killed her mother - as Sarah lay dying, she named her ‘Laura’.

X-23 eventually sought out Wolverine as the ultimate inspiration for her creation, attacking and defeating him. In the aftermath of the battle, Wolverine revealed that he had learned of her ordeal, receiving a detailed letter from her mother, Sarah. What followed was her arrest, imprisonment and eventual release by Captain America and S.H.I.E.L.D.. She resurfaced several years later in New York as part of its seedy underworld, spending time as a prostitute and working for the mob. It was during this time that she again came to the attention of the X-Men and through their intervention eventually enrolled in the Xavier Institute. Throughout her career as an X-Man many of the same demons that have haunted Logan from his past continue to haunt her as well, both literally and figuratively.

In addition to Wolverine, Laura developed close relationships with Jubilee, Hellion, Warren Worthington (a.k.a. Angel) and Cessily. Her powers are very similar to Wolverine’s with the exception that she is quicker, without the admantium bonded to her bones, and that she has blades which extend from her feet as well. She also has more advanced training specifically as an inflitrator and assassin, including familiarity with long-ranged weapons and explosives. Likely due to her difficult up-bringing (and aided in no small part by her healing factor), she has been known to practice ‘self-harm’ (cutting) upon herself during times of stress or inner turmoil. Her first appearance was in NYX #3 (February, 2004).

This is Laura’s second feature on our blog, in honor of the opening of the film ‘Logan’.

Voltron gen fanfic reclist

Favorites are italicized!

Not Your Year (oneshot - 7099 words) by @dragonomatopoeia - Lance gets booted from the Garrison instead of Keith, and has to live in the horrible desert.

Impractical Immune Responses (oneshot - 4830 words) by hufflepirate - Keith has an allergic reaction, and the team takes care of him.

Grooming Rituals; or, A Mullet Is Never a Valid Life Choice (oneshot - 3621 words) by Lys ap Adin (lysapadin) - Lance experiences an unfortunate revelation.

We’ll Go Back (oneshot - 4295 words) by story_monger - Pidge has been a member of team Voltron for four whole years; featuring Pidge & Hunk and Pidge & Shiro.

Phantom Limb (oneshot - 8088 words) by hollo - Psychological horror featuring Shiro’s missing right arm.

Child Soldiers (oneshot - 3140 words) by birdzilla - Allura realizes just how young the paladins are.

i miss you sideways daily (oneshot - 3073 words) by amillionsmiles - Pidge backstory/character study.

The Shape of You (oneshot - 4108 words) by Barkour - Pidge character study; trans girl Pidge.

Cabin Fever (oneshot - 6274 words) by brushstrokesApocalyptic - Pidge doesn’t have anyone but themself after being separated from the team.

Ubiquitous (oneshot - 10434 words) by kiafeles - Lance character study featuring Lance & Shiro and Lance & Pidge.  There’s also a sequel with Allura & Keith and Keith & Lance.

piling sandbags on parapets (oneshot - 3635 words) by alessandriana - Keith takes care of Shiro after Fall of the Castle of Lions.

there’s only four colors in twister, bro (oneshot - 2426 words) by Senatsu - Lance, sick of Altean games, wants to play and Earthling one. 

we’re not done yet (oneshot - 2292 words) by ilgaksu - A missing scene with Allura and Keith.

Something Strange (oneshot - 3453 words) by ashinan - Shiro can see ghosts; the rest of the team can’t.

Room For One More Troubled Soul (oneshot - 6102 words) by LynnLarsh - Pidge notices Shiro having a nightmare.

Misophonic (oneshot - 3047 words) by CatnipPacket - Keith has sensory issues, and Hunk is a good friend.

Alpinia Purpurata and the Sea (oneshot - 1065 words) by monsieurerwin - Hunk misses the ocean and flowers.

Roots (oneshot - 2340 words) by morvish - Hunk and Lance become friends.

The Apprentice and the Morningstar (oneshot - 6481 words) by CalicoTomcat - Allura witnesses Zarkon’s betrayal.

Optimistic (oneshot - 3519 words) by fairietailed - Babysitting AU; Shiro babysits Hunk, Keith, Lance, and Pidge.

work up to it (oneshot - 2701 words) by elysium (lawlietslullaby) - Lance & Keith friendship; Keith has trouble figuring out his emotions.

A Gift Horse (oneshot - 17801 words) by To Be or Not to- Oh forget it (Mikki) - Voltron needs a red paladin; Keith, a Galra slave, is ‘gifted’ to the paladins for saving a planet.

The Empty Spaces Between the Stars (oneshot - 5329 words) by slivered - Five times Coran takes care of the paladins.

Accepting Amelioration (oneshot - 4887 words) by XILVerify - Shiro learns that he can trust the team with his daemon.

I’ll Depend On You (oneshot -3480 words) by HardGarbage - Pidge has a dissociative episode, and Shiro coaches them through it.

Scar Tissue (oneshot - 3606 words) by vikki - Shiro snores; Pidge is annoyed.

stand me at the head of the crusade (oneshot - 8187 words) by haloud - Allura character study.

Conditional Acceptance (oneshot - 6914 words) by yet_intrepid - Shiro needs a job, and Keith needs not only a tutor, but a friend.

strength of the small (oneshot - 12736 words) by nowweareunstoppable - A distress signal lands the paladins in a difficult situation; it’s up to Pidge to earn the paladins’ freedom, which comes at a cost.

Shadows of Our Dreams (twoshot;complete - 10185 words) by KUG - After being reunited, the team has a sleepover.

He Sleeps, She Sings, They Listen (multichapter series;incomplete - 57668 words) by jadencross - Season 2 AU, in which Lance didn’t meet up with who he was supposed to.

Boom Crash (multichapter series;incomplete - 179555+ words) by maychorian - Team Voltron becomes a family, starting with Shiro and Lance.

Let The Spectrum In (multichapter series;incomplete - 139443+ words) by BossToaster (ChaoticReactions) - 5+1 gen Voltron fics; somewhat centered around Shiro.

Voltron: Duality (multichapter series;incomplete - 425950+ words) by squirenonny -  AU featuring Keith as a Galra soldier, Shiro as a double-agent attempting to bring down the Galra empire, Matt as the red paladin, and Allura as the black paladin. (Also includes Matt/Shiro, Hunk/Shay, and Keith/Lance)

Blood Brothers (multichapter series;incomplete - 56100+ words) by ptw30 - Focuses on Keith’s and Shiro’s brotherly relationship.

One For All, All For One (multichapter;incomplete) by KaijuDork - Shiro helps out each paladin, and sometimes they help him.

Suis-moi (Follow me) (multichapter;incomplete) by Friendlinesspellets - The life of Shiro and his adopted little brother, Keith. (Also includes mentions of Shiro/Matt and Keith/Lance)

Aid (multichapter;incomplete) by Haurvatat - Featuring the idea that Lance is deaf.

The Size Of Our Actions (multichapter;incomplete) by buttered_onions - Featuring de-aged Shiro.

how to win friends, influence people, and form voltron (multichapter;incomplete) by brosura - In which Keith doesn’t get booted from the Garrison and Hunk has to deal with him, along with Pidge and Lance.

I Was Born A Lion (multichapter;incomplete) by spectralPhobia - Comic/Art; Keith discovers that he’s Galra and decides to join them as a double agent while working out his relationship with his father. (Also includes minor Keith/Lance and Shiro/Allura)

He Sleeps in the Sky of Ice (multichapter;incomplete) by jadencross - The team tries to find Lance after he vanishes.

Make Up Everything And Wake Up Breathing (multichapter;complete - 27657 words) by killingmonsterswritingthings - After the wormhole incident, Shiro and Pidge find themselves on Earth without a way to contact the others.

See What We’ve Become (multichapter;complete - 13776 words) by Reign_of_Rayne - When a Galra team inflitrates the Castle of Lions, Shiro and Pidge have to work together to save everyone.

Routine Maintenance (multichapter;complete - 50777 words) by VelkynKarma  - Five times Shiro’s Galra arm caused him trouble and a team member helped him out, and one time that his arm is the reason they all survive.

Lean On Me (multichapter;complete - 11196 words) by Glass Soldiers (subtract) - Five times Shiro let someone lean on him, and one time someone let him lean on them.

Trembling Lips (multichapter;complete - 17877 words) by nonna - Five times Lance stopped himself from crying in front of the team, and one time he didn’t.

An Ocean of Stars (multichapter;complete - 7690 words) by AriWrote - Canon-compliant; Lance is a selkie who loses his pelt. (includes minor Keith/Lance)

You Should Be Scared of Me (multichapter;complete - 89609 words) by CastielFollowMe - Secrets, including Keith’s heritage, are exposed to members of the Voltron team.

Left Behind (multichapter;complete - 33199 words) by lissa_molloy - Pidge, pre-series.

Other Voltron fanfic reclists: Klance (multichapter 1), Klance (multichapter 2Klance (oneshots 1), Klance (oneshots 2), Shallura, Hance, Heith

So I have this headcanon:

Where Anakin sees how stressed out Ahsoka is and decides she needs some time to relax. 

So he calls up Padme and asks if she needs a “Jedi escort” to the salon/spa on Courasant where she’s getting ready for a diplomatic party, etc. 

She immediately catches on, and invites Ahsoka to spend the day with her. Ahsoka’s not really into the whole facial/manicure/spa day thing, but she wants to see Padme, so it’s worth it. 

Plot twist: bounty hunters have inflitrated the spa and take Padme hostage.

So you have Ahsoka, sans lightsabers, fighting off a bunch of bounty hunters with wet nails while Padme uses a hairdryer as a weapon and Anakin is sitting in the lobby (totally oblivious) reading a magazine while his wife and (sort of) daughter fight to the death in a nail salon. 

anonymous asked:

Good night! Hum, do you think Hide could be a clown? I'm seeing more and more people speculate on this. Have a nice weekend! ^^

Hey Anon :)

Ah, actually when it comes to the Clowns’ gang and Hide’s character, I’m not dismissing anything, just because I think we have to be extra careful with all of them.
So right now about Hide, I’d say it’s still very possible he has a link to the Washuu family (maybe on the right part of the family tree? Or there is still the theory he’s a bastard child of Yoshitoki?)

And currently, I think it’s possible he is Scarecrow too, since besides Hide only Itori and Rize really didn’t show up in person yet aaand I don’t think either are Scarecrow, so unless Scarecrow is an unknown character… (but at this point in the story, that would be rather ridiculous)

Besides, Scarecrow running away from the auction hall and Rushima after seemingly gathering info reminds me of how Hide tricked Yamori and inflitrated the CCG so I like the Scarecrow = Hide possibility.

…. Which doesn’t mean Hide can’t be a Clown on top of all that. I mean, him and Uta are for me the most mysterious characters of the story and there is no doubt they are big players, so I just wouldn’t be surprised if, probably like Uta (or Furuta), Hide had joined the Clowns’ gang at some point for his own interests.

He’s certainly clever and tricky enough for me to think it would make sense: after all he’s the first one ever who mentioned the Clowns’ gang in TG ch30…

And he’s rather comical because he alternates between serious and funny behaviors 

and that’s how almost all the other Clowns more or less behaved until we learnt which group they belonged to, so that’s why I’m not dismissing the possibility and wouldn’t be so surprised if Hide turned out to be a Clown.

That’s just me though, I know many don’t think it’s necessary to consider this possibility, so really Anon, just see if you think it makes sense for you :)

I hope I answered your question, thank you and have a nice weekend too! :D

My Crazy SaNami Thanks!

I recently posted “Crazy Sanji theory - Nami” which explores the possibility of Sanji and Nami getting married and Nami being pregnant.

I just wanted to thank you all for the wonderful comments that you left on my post! It was an unusual amount of answers, and I’m just very happy that you all seemed to like it so much!

So! Shout out to @namibean@elvenstar@hail-god-usopp@sanami-love@alexinethymia@besanji93@kira-7@irmcch@rychy-ordic@lunerblade1996@1pieceluvr@tammug

Your comments have all made me truly happy! I am so thankful to be a part of the great SaNami fandom! <3 And to everyone that has liked or reblogged, thank you too!

This is a bonus for you all that I didn’t include in my post (mostly because Robin’s name is also on the cake and because it took up so much space).

In chapter 420 we see Sanji baking a huge wedding cake.

Obvious things are obvious with Sanji writing “I love Nami (Robin)“ on the cake. Of course a cake could very well be foreshadowing for the Whole Cake Island arc, which you know has Nami coming to get Sanji out of his wedding. (Also a monkey is actually a bad omen for a wedding as the word can also be the verb (避る) meaning “to depart” or to go away.)

There are also mice sneaking into the cake… And besides that possibly being about the strawhats inflitrating Whole-cake Island, mice too is a symbol of fertility in Japan.

This cake has the text of “I love” and “Nami” being close together while slightly sepparating Robin’s name. I think this goes to show just who is number 1 in Sanji’s mind. He’s also tasting her layer. ;)

To add in on my head canon and fanfiction, we can place this chapter in the timeline. It’s during Enies Lobby, so let’s just say that was pehaps when Sanji and Nami started to develop a deeper relationship. I’ll base this mostly of Sanji saying he loves her and perhaps Nami finally realizing that he means it.

Also, the strawberry on the cake… You see in Japan “Strawberry Time” is when a young couple have first started dating and they are acting loveydovey.

In the flowerlanguage the Strawberry symbolises: Love, Luck. Used for love spells, its symbolism is that of love, temptation, passion, and rewarded effort.

But you know… something I find quite interesting is the text on Sanji’s apron.

Let’s assume it says “Tup Papi” because that is what it looks like the most.

If it had been “Tu papi” it would hilariously enough have been a “Your Daddy“ apron. I mean, the Papi part obviously means dad, and it fits in well with my theory of Sanji becoming a father…

But if we look at the word “Tup“ it actually means ram… Which is Sanji’s animal.

So it basically says Ram Father… Also, does this have any relation to Father Yomo (youmou means wool btw) who the sheep that Nami slept on? Foreshadowing? Probably not…

But it might be more of the kinky meaning that Oda has in mind here. Tup can also more specifically be about the sheep/ram mating season. It’s also a word Shakespear used to mean mating…

Either way, this meaning in combination with Sanji tasting Nami’s layer either means Oda is a perv or that I am one… (Most likely both.)

So a picture with a cake that says Sanji loves Nami while Sanji is tasting said cake wearing an apron that says Ram Father? I dunno… But to me it fits in rather well with all the other possible clues that Oda might have left us to show some SaNami and them becoming parents.

Anyways, thank you all so much! I hope you enjoyed this bonus theory. <3


More throwback! Work done back in 2013, also while I was at Booyah, Inc. This game initially started out as a spy/inflitration base building game, but then got turned into a tower defense game with soldiers vs. turrets. And then the game got cancelled. Would you have played a game that looked like this? 


Me when Tamlin doesn’t comfort Feyre:

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Me when Rhys saves Feyre on her wedding day:

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Me at Lucien the whole book:

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Meeting my sweet cinna rolls (Amren, Mor, Cassian, Az):

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Me when Rhys & Feyre mate:

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Rhys the Feminist: 

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Feyre inflitrating the Spring Court:

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@ the king: 

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I just have a lot of feelings

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What would you say is the difference between feminism and egalitarianism, if there is one? A kid in my class says he's not a feminist because "they're so busy hating on men" and he acts extremely negatively toward feminists and anything associated with feminism. He uses the term egalitarian instead

Egalitarianism, in theory, is about equality. But just look at what your friend is doing! That’s a perfect example of why claiming egalitarianism over feminism is such bullshit. They say they’re for equality, but really they just want to prioritize men and punish women.