Setting up a persona - Sun, 22 Aug 2010 23:14:33 -0400

An internal email from government contractor HBGary, leaked by Anonymous, which discusses how to set up a fake Facebook profile to infiltrate social grounds for psyops/surveillance purposes.

Original file:
From:Aaron Barr <>
To:Ted Vera <>, Mark Trynor <>
Date:Sun, 22 Aug 2010 23:14:33 -0400
Subject:Setting up a persona
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Attachments:This e-mail does not have any attachments.for the INSCOM brief on the 8th.

In thinking about the best way to go about establishing a persona to reach an objective (in this case ft. belvoir/INSCOM/1st IO).

Make your profile swim in a large sea. Pick a big city, big high school, big company. Work your way up and in. Recreate your istory. Start by friending high school people. In my case I am in the army so after you have amased enough friends from high school, then start friending military folks outside of your location, something that matches the area your in, bootcamp, etc. Lastly start to friend people from the base, but start low and work your way up. So far so good.

Once I get enough friends then I will start doing things tricky. Try to manipulate conversations, insert communication streams, etc.


(source: hbgary,