Ant Farm - Inflatocookbook (1973)

PechaKucha 4/20 - Do-it-yourself design had been growing alongside the American counterculture for years, notably the proto-internet Whole Earth Catalogue with its motto ‘access to tools’ (as well as the more inspiring 'stay hungry, stay foolish’) published from 1968, and Ant Farm’s Inflatocookbook with cutting patterns to enable you to create your own inflatable structures, more 'tools to create’.


The first thing that struck me was the title “Inflatocookbook”, and the little mark on the from stating “$3 sameolprice” this was made in the 70′s and I find it to be so entertaining while still allowing me to learn. It’s laid out like a cookbook but instead of milk and sugar you are to substitute tape and poly! I enjoy the cute comics strewn about and that it is easy to read, while you can learn from it! It overall reminds me of an activity book for traveling at first glance.