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Do you have Team B headcanons?:3

  • Laxus and Gajeel fight over who is the leader of Fairy Tail B. They like fight in the most stupidest way possible like with blow-up inflatable weapons, thumb wrestling, drinking games and other shit. It’s when Cana gets Juvia really, really drunk that she becomes leader and puts Gajeel and Laxus in their places.
  • Mirajane is literally the momma of the team, kinda like Erza to her team, and is very picky on who can get away with what. Juvia pulls the baby face that Mirajane can’t resist and Cana doesn’t really do much besides drink and cuddle, same with Lisanna when she joins.
  • One time Cana got Juvia to get into Gajeel’s bag and get carried like he proposed to Levy. Juvia was all happy and giggly when Gajeel just shrugged and carried her around.
  • Team B sends Jellal Christmas cards because they still consider him part of their team (Mirajane forced Laxus and Gajeel to sign the card properly).
  • One time the whole team got Juvia and Cana drunk that they literally exploded into partners in crime. They scavenged the city, nearly destroyed any man who tried flirting with them, stole left shoes and were found sleeping in trees. Mirajane was totally happy that they had such a wonderful time out while Laxus and Gajeel freaked out and tried to keep the two women in order.