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Pumped-Up Music

Mac stood at the steel-framed glass door entrance of the Strength International gym. He recently ran away from his parents at 18, which he was legally allowed to do. Though in doing so, he left himself without financial support. Luckily through high school, he had taken up weight lifting and health classes, so he figured he could get a job as a personal trainer, which is easier said than done. He had interviewed at multiple gyms in the city and some neighboring towns, but all of them wanted certified people, which Mac was not. It was at his last interview that some musclebound man approached him and said that the gym he now stood in front of was looking for more personal trainers. Even though it was in another city, he had no other options and went.

Sighing, Mac pushed the door open was was greeted by some loud techno music. Though for techno, it was pretty calming. It was interrupted periodically by the clanging of metal weights. He went over towards the reception desk were a man was sitting, and as he approached, he couldn’t believe his eyes. The man sitting at the desk was gorgeous. Mac was straight, but even he could appreciate the man’s beauty. The receptionist noticed Mac approaching and stood to greet him. Mac’s eyes followed the receptionist as he stood up. The man looked like he was ready to dive into an Olympic pool and break all of Michael Phelps’s records and then get out to model for the best designers.

“Good afternoon. How can I help you?” A smooth voice left the Adonis’s lips.

Mac shook himself out of his trance and puffed out his chest a little, “I’m Mac Gilsfield. I’m here to apply for the personal trainer opening.”

The other man smiled, “Ah ok. Nice to meet you. I’m Reese. Let me just get you a few things.” He reached under the desk and pulled out a bottle, some clothes, and headphones. He handed them across the counter to Mac.

He looked down at them inquisitively, “What are these for?”

“What you will need for the interview. We obviously want to see what you can do. And you don’t plan to work out in… those, do you?” He gestured to Mac’s t-shirt and basketball shorts.

The jock blushed slightly. He didn’t think there was anything wrong with his old workout gear, but they had high standards here. That thought only made him more worried. He grabbed the clothes and bottle, which he assumed was a protein shake or energy drink. He held up the headphones, “I’ll wear these then. Thanks. What are the headphones for then?”

Reese smiled with a hint of devilishness, “It has our signature playlist and music service. You should give it a listen to get pumped-up for the workout.”

Mac nodded and returned the smile. “Oh cool. Thanks!”

“You’re welcome. The changing rooms are just around the corner.”

Mac nodded one more time before leaving the desk and heading for the indicated locker room. As he walked to it, he looked around the gym to see what it is like. The gym floor looked pristine, but the atmosphere in it reeked of masculinity. All of the men working out, whether with weight or cardio, were drenched in sweat. They grunted with each rep and occasionally adjusted their earphones.

That’s when Mac noticed something odd. Every person in the gym was wearing those earphones and a black tank top with black shorts. They were all massive and were completely focused on their routines. It struck an odd chord with Mac, but he chose to ignore it and get into the only locker room in the gym.

Even the locker room had an overly pristine and modern feeling to it. It was quieter than out in the gym. Mac couldn’t even hear the music anymore. He found it odd they would play music on the speakers and give people headphones to listen to music too. He found a locker and began to strip. His reflection showed in a nearby mirror. He saw it and smiled. His jock physique was kept in good shape. He wasn’t as big as the guys in the gym, but he was well built for his age and he did want to get bigger.

With that thought in mind, he picked up the bottle. It was covered in a gray label with only one thing written in bold white letter, “MIKE.” After scanning the bottle for any other writing, he shrugged and popped the cap off. It seemed weird, but then again, he thought much of the gym gave off a weird vibe. He chugged down the drink and set the bottle on the bench. It had an odd, salty taste to it.

“Must be for electrolytes,” he murmured to himself as he slid the black shorts up his legs. It fit fine around his waist, but the fabric around his legs were very baggy. His shirt hung on his athletic frame. He wondered why they gave him such an oversized shirt, but the thought left his mind as he felt compelled to put on the headphones.

He fumbled with the controller until he found the on-switch and used the touchscreen to select the “Pump Up” playlist that he assumed Reese was talking about. Techno music started to play in his ears. He didn’t really have a preference for music, but Mac found himself liking it. He hummed to himself as he walked back through the locker room. Unbeknownst to him, as the bass in his ears pumped, his muscles pulsed.

Each beat cause his arms to swell, his pecs to inflate, and his legs to thicken. His already low body fat dropped even further. If he wasn’t wearing a shirt, one would see his six pack. Even his shoes got tighter as his feet grew meatier and his hands grew to match as well. Soon enough every piece of clothing he was wearing was tight on his.

As the next song played, his face grew more masculine. Dark, smoldering eyes replaced his dull hazel ones. His jaw widened and his chin lost its cleft. A shaved shadow followed his jawline as his dark brown hair went to a full black fauxhawk.

Just as the third some started to play, the door opened and Reese came in. “Oh Mike you are almost done!” He said with a satisfied smile.

Mac returned the smile with a confused like. “Why did he call me Mike? That’s not my name… Is it?” He tried to think hard, but his mind was like mush.

“There there bud. Don’t think about it. Judging by your looks you must be on your third pump up.” Reese said as he looked at Mac’s crotch as it began to fill out. “Just keep listening and you’ll be great as our new trainer and model from New Jersey.”

Mike didn’t even hear what Reese had said. He just felt the need to cum and then workout. And that he did.

So yes I did the thing

You sat at the edge of the pool with your feet in the water, head tilted back as the sun warmed your skin. Been as it was too hot to stay in the Stark Tower you all decided to go to the pool or at least go somewhere to cool you down. It had been a disaster with trying to find a swimsuit and Tony ended up wearing speedos much against everyone’s scream of “TONY NO!” Only spurred him on more to wear them. Clint floated past you sitting in an inflatable ring with his legs swung over the side and drink in hand. “Enjoying it?” You asked. Clint raised his glass in answer and floated a little further down. You closed your eyes and then felt a pair of wet arms slide round your waist and before you could move you were being pulled in the water. When you resurfaced you heard Thor’s booming laugh as he swam over to you. “Thor!” He wrapped his arms around you again and smiled. “It was the perfect moment!” You rested your hand on his chest and his eyes trailed over your body. He had never seen you in a bikini before and struggled to tear his eyes away. You couldn’t complain because you were constantly raking your eyes over his body. You pressed your chest against his and bit back a moan due to the feeling of wet skin on skin. Thor’s hands trailed to your thighs and you jumped up to wrap your legs around his waist. He rocked his hips subtlety and to hold in your moan you bit his shoulder which made a moan pass through his own lips. “What the hell are you two doing?” Tony called. You let your legs drop from around his waist and ignored to pressing need to be fucked by him right there. “Thor pulled me in” tony laughed. “I threw Steve in earlier” you could see Steve sneaking up behind him and you kept your mouth shut waiting for the sound of Tony to fall in, when you heard two splashes you were surprised to see that Nat was standing on the edge laughing as Steve and Tony started to thrash about. Clint was floating past at this point and grabbed her ankle to pull her in. “Bruce come sort the kids out!” You called. He was lying down reading on one of the chairs. He lowered his book slightly to look at the scene before raising it again causing you all to laugh. Thor was behind you now kissing your neck. “Thor” you hissed. He ignored you and ran his tongue over your skin. At the far end of the pool was a waterfall, it was supposed to create a relaxing sound but no one ever paid attention to it. As tony started to splash Bruce from the pool and Bruce eventually jumped in purposely aiming for Tony Thor took that a good enough distraction to pull you away from the avengers and towards the waterfall. “What are you doing?” You quickly turned round and caught Nat’s eye, she pretended to lock her lips and you slightly thanked her. When you got to the waterfall Thor walked straight through it. “Thor?” You called. “(Y/n) are you joining me or not?” His arm reached out past the waterfall and you grabbed allowing him to pull you through. It was just a little extra pool space, but no one could see past the waterfall of hear anything behind it. You grinned up at Thor the water lapping at your waist as you waded closer. His arms snaked around you pulling you flush against him before he leaned down to kiss you hard on the mouth. You let out a moan and kissed back, it was a series of x rated open mouthed kissed that left your lips slightly puffy and between your legs to throb with need. You didn’t know when you had tangled your fingers through his hair but you knew pulling slightly caused him to groan in pleasure. His lips moved to kiss over your jaw nipping slightly as he trailed more open mouthed kissing down your neck and along your collar bones. He carried you to the side of the pool, the waterfall drowning out the moans that left your lips as his kissed just above your breast. He placed you on the side and then pushed your legs apart to stand between them. “We can’t do this they’re all right out there” your protest went un-noticed and instead his fingers worked the back of your top undone and fell into the water. His hands immediately started groping and you threw your head back not bothered to think of any more protests. You wasn’t sure if the wetness in your bikini bottoms was from the pool water or your cunt. Thor was kissing over your nipple at this point and rolling his tongue around it, his teeth biting slightly, everything he did caused pleasure to go straight between your thighs, which you now tightened around his waist, drawing him closer. He was squeezing your other breast and you started to encourage him on. His lips moved to between your breasts, his face lingered there before kissing down to your stomach. You rested back on your elbows as his mouth explored your body, his tongue dipping in your navel and he started to suck causing a darker wet patch to form in your panties. “Thor! Fuck, how did you learn to do all this?” His lips stretched into a smile across your skin. “I’m just doing what I feel I want to” “any chance you want to-nngh- fuck me..” He sucked again and you rolled your hips trying to get friction. His fingers ran over the material and you gasped. Even through material he made you weak. “Don’t tease!” You whined. He started to rub you over the panties and you thrusted your hips up. His lips met yours in a sloppy kiss and you had never been more turned on. One of his fingers slipped past the waist band and you practically screamed against the feeling of him touching you. Unfortunately he drew his finger away as quickly as it went in, instead he tugged your panties down and threw them on the side of the pool, smiling at the wet patch. He started to stroke you slowly and you dug your nails in his shoulder and bucked your hips. “F-faster” you pleaded. His slid his fingers slowly up your slit and back down, circling your entrance and you want to sink you hips down onto his fingers but he wouldn’t allow you too. His finger ran back up spreading your wetness over yourself until eventually he started to play with your clit. You didn’t expect to scream out and he had to kiss you again to muffle your moans because the waterfall clearly wasn’t that loud. He teasingly circled around it before pressing his finger hard down against it and started to run slow circles. “Thor please” he rubbed harder and you tried to control your breathing. He paid attention to your clit each time you’ve had sex but now he was giving it more attention than you could handle. You parted your legs wider, you wanted nothing more and than to just come right there as he rubbed your clit faster. He pressed himself against you and you could feel his boner on your thigh. “Do you want me?” He whispered down your ear before biting the sensitive spot behind it and then running his tongue over it. “Yes! Thor please yes!” His finger stopped and you whined immediately lifting your hips back up. “In the film we watched the other day he wanted her to beg. I want the same” you blushed, Thor was never really the type to be this dominant. You were stubborn enough to not reply but the aching need between your legs got the better of you “please Thor I want you to make me feel so good I want you to fuck me until I scream, I need you inside of me, please, god I need release…” He dropped down onto his knees and you sat up slightly. He grabbed your thighs and pulled you closer to the edge of the pool before kissing up your thigh and over your cunt, sucking on your folds and then lapping at your clit repeatedly. “FUCK NNGH!” You grabbed his hair and pulled him closer, burying his face between your legs. He licked over your clit again before starting to suck and you whined with need. His tongue found his way to your entrance and slipped it inside of you. Everything he did just worked you up causing heat to pool faster in your stomach. You clenched your thighs trying to hold on to your orgasm as he licked you out. In the end you had to clamp your own hand over your mouth to stop yourself from giving away to everyone what was happening behind the waterfall. You couldn’t hold on much longer and just as you were about to feel the start of your orgasm, Thor pulled away, your juices lingering on his lips and slightly on his chin. He licked it away and you groaned. “That’s…not…fair!” You breathed devastated by the lack of tongue on your clit. He leaned up and kissed you passionately, his tongue sliding over yours, his teeth grazing your lower lip and his erection pressing against your stomach and he climbed over you. “Thor we both…can’t fit on here to…fuck” he dropped back in the water and you followed him in, your hands going to his swimming trunks to yank them down. As you jumped up to wrap yourself around him he moaned loudly at the feel of your wetness just above his cock. Your hand went down to stroked him, he twitched in your hand and you throbbed with anticipation. This was so dirty that you felt so aroused knowing it. He lifted you up and then slammed you against the side of the pool, his dick running down your slit before pushing inside of you. You had nothing behind you to grip so you pressed yourself into Thor. His breath was rugged against your ear and he started to thrust manically inside of you. You’ve never had dirty rough sex but god you were definitely having more of it after this. You felt so horny that his thrusts weren’t deep enough. You lifted your legs higher and he held onto your thighs and he slammed up, you didn’t care about screaming now and just let Thor dominate your senses. Your lips chased his as he thrusted again and again, eventually you built up the courage to turn him around so he was seated against the edge and you sat on top. You started to roll your hips briefly before moving up and down to ride him, his hands helped lift you as he groaned and threw his back. “(Y/n!)"His hips moved upwards to meet yours and the sound of skin slapping skin echoed around you. His lips found their way to your neck to leave hickeys but all you cared about was getting off. He thrusted up particularly hard and at the same time brushed your clit with his thumb and your orgasm ripped through your body leaving you swearing and screaming his name as you came, still moving to make it last. He came immediately after resting his forehead against yours. "Fucking hell!” You whispered sliding off his dick. “Did you enjoy it?” He asked pulling his trunks back up. You leaned up and kissed him softly. “We’ll be doing that again for sure” you went to the side of the pool to retrieve your pants and then panicked when you couldn’t find your top. “Thor where did you drop it!” You started to thrash about and he walked up behind you his hands sliding under your arms and then over your breasts to cover them. “It must’ve floated out under the waterfall” you both stepped through, trying to ignore the fact his fingers where brushing over your nipples as you looked around for your top. “Lost something?” Tony called waving your top up from the side of the pool. “Okay Tony give it back” tony shrugged. “No I think (y/n) will have to come and get it from me” Thor held his hand out and soon after his hammer was there. Tony threw the top over and you laughed turning round to kiss Thor. “I love you (y/n)” you grinned wildly and planted more kisses on his lips. You slipped your leg between his. “Round two?” You whispered. He laughed and started to make his way to the steps of the pool. “Can you manage three?” He replied.

Inhuman of The Day

September 2nd - Ms. Marvel

Kamala Kahn.  A NuHuman whose extraordinary powers were triggered by exposure to the Terrigen Cloud.  These powers enable Kamala to increase and decrease her size at will.  She can also enact this size-shifting ability to specific limbs, allowing her to create giant fists, inflated feet, or elongated legs that facilitate high speed running and jumping vast distances.  With a great deal of focus and energy, Kamala can completely shape-shift and change her entire appearance.  These powers take up a lot of energy and, thus far, she can only utilize them for brief periods of time before she becomes exhausted.  

Kamala grew up in Jersey City.  Her parents immigrated from Pakistan and Kamala has often struggled in balancing her parents’ wishes that she adhere to more traditional values and her own interests in American popular culture.  Her best pal is a her fellow classmate, Bruno, who runs his family’s corner bodega near Kamala’s house.   Bruno has had a longstanding crush on Kamala, but thus far Kamala has only seen him as a good friend.  

Kamala went through Terrigenesis when the Terrigen Cloud passed through New Jersey while she and a friend had snuck out to attend a party near the Hudson Bay.  Immediately after receiving her newfound powers, Kamala realized that a great responsibility had be foisted unto her shoulders.  

A longtime fan of the super heroes, Kamala quickly decided she needed to use these powers for good and become a masked superhero.  Her all-time favorite hero is the Avenger, Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers), and Kamala initially shape-shifted into Danvers’ form when rescuing a classmate who was drowning.  Kamala later decided that she should become her own hero with her own identity so she created a new (slightly more modest) costume; and she assumed the name of ‘Ms. Marvel’ as a homage to her hero, Carol Danvers.

Kamala’s efforts to be a hero have often gotten her into trouble with her parents.  Her father had caught her sneaking out late at night and her older brother, Aamir, has given her a very hard time about not being more respectful toward their parents.  Kamala and her family attend a local Mosque in Jersey City and Kamala was sent by her father to meet with the Mosque’s leader, Sheik Abdullah; the advice she gained from him proved quite helpful.   Kamala could not divulge to Sheik Abdullah that she had become a super hero, so instead she stated that she just needed to help people in her own special way - yet was concerned that pursuing this course might be disrespectful toward her parents and faith.  Abdullah advised that Kamala should stay true to herself, to pursue her goals and to do so with the utmost of courage, compassion and self respect… and that this path would be in tune her parents’ wishes and the tenets of her faith.  

Initially, Kamala believed that her powers were a result of her being a mutant.  After sharing an adventure with the X-Man, Wolverine, however, she learned she was not a Mutant and was instead one of the many new Inhumans created by the Terrigen Bomb.  

Kamala was soon thereafter identified by Queen Medusa as being a NuHuman possessing great potential (a great potential for heroics as well as a great potential for getting into trouble).  Medusa dispatched Lockjaw, the watchdog of the Royal Court, to look after Kamala and keep her out of trouble (although it was more often Lockjaw who needed watching over and protection by Kamala).

Kamala and Lockjaw investigated a series of missing persons involving teenagers in the Jersey City area.  They discovered that these youths had been abducted by the bizarre villain known as The Inventor.  The Inventor held great disdain toward the younger generation and he used his captives as a bio-electric energy source for his various machines and inventions.  Kamila ultimately defeated The Inventor and freed his many captives.  

Kamala was invited to train at New Attilan so to better refine her powers and abilities.  While on Attilan, Kamala has met a number of her fellow NuHumans (including Inferno, Naja, and Flint).  She also has had adventures with the amazing Spider-Man, Wolverine, and the agents of SHIELD.   

More recently, Kamala reunited with a childhood friend named Kamran, who it turned out was also a Nuhuman.  Kamila was quite smitten with Kamran, yet he proved not to be as good a guy as he initially seemed.  Kamran was secretly in league with the duplicitous Inhuman, Lineage, who used him to lure Kamala into a trap.  Like Medusa, Lineage was extremely intrigued by Kamala and certain there was something particularly special about her.  Lineage was staging a coop of New Attilan to forward his Inhuman supremacist agenda; and he very much wanted Kamala to join his cause.  

Kamala refused Lineage and escaped his clutches.  Lineage was later defeated by Medusa and the other Inhumans, but Kamran continued the schemes that Lineage had put in place.  Believing that there is something uniquely special about Kamala’s bloodline, Kamran abducted Kamala’s older brother, Aamir, and exposed him to the transformative Terrigen Mists.  

All this occurred in the backdrop of the Secret wars event, where the entire universe seemed to be coming to an end.  Whether or not Kamala’s brother is an Inhuman, how the mists will affect him, and if Kamala can save him from Kamran remains to be seen.  

Following Secret Wars, Kamala’s Ms. Marvel series is set ti relaunch with a new first issue .  Kamila is also scheduled to be a member of the All New All Different Avengers, premiering in the fall.