inflatable leg

to be quite honest… one of the best feelings is post-shower (especially during winter) when ur cold af and after u put on ur pajama bottoms u either stand on the vent and let the warm air inflate ur pant legs OR i honestly just blowdry down my pants goodbye. and ur like oooooo warm air GOOD

Inhuman of The Day

September 2nd - Ms. Marvel

Kamala Kahn.  A NuHuman whose extraordinary powers were triggered by exposure to the Terrigen Cloud.  These powers enable Kamala to increase and decrease her size at will.  She can also enact this size-shifting ability to specific limbs, allowing her to create giant fists, inflated feet, or elongated legs that facilitate high speed running and jumping vast distances.  With a great deal of focus and energy, Kamala can completely shape-shift and change her entire appearance.  These powers take up a lot of energy and, thus far, she can only utilize them for brief periods of time before she becomes exhausted.  

Kamala grew up in Jersey City.  Her parents immigrated from Pakistan and Kamala has often struggled in balancing her parents’ wishes that she adhere to more traditional values and her own interests in American popular culture.  Her best pal is a her fellow classmate, Bruno, who runs his family’s corner bodega near Kamala’s house.   Bruno has had a longstanding crush on Kamala, but thus far Kamala has only seen him as a good friend.  

Kamala went through Terrigenesis when the Terrigen Cloud passed through New Jersey while she and a friend had snuck out to attend a party near the Hudson Bay.  Immediately after receiving her newfound powers, Kamala realized that a great responsibility had be foisted unto her shoulders.  

A longtime fan of the super heroes, Kamala quickly decided she needed to use these powers for good and become a masked superhero.  Her all-time favorite hero is the Avenger, Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers), and Kamala initially shape-shifted into Danvers’ form when rescuing a classmate who was drowning.  Kamala later decided that she should become her own hero with her own identity so she created a new (slightly more modest) costume; and she assumed the name of ‘Ms. Marvel’ as a homage to her hero, Carol Danvers.

Kamala’s efforts to be a hero have often gotten her into trouble with her parents.  Her father had caught her sneaking out late at night and her older brother, Aamir, has given her a very hard time about not being more respectful toward their parents.  Kamala and her family attend a local Mosque in Jersey City and Kamala was sent by her father to meet with the Mosque’s leader, Sheik Abdullah; the advice she gained from him proved quite helpful.   Kamala could not divulge to Sheik Abdullah that she had become a super hero, so instead she stated that she just needed to help people in her own special way - yet was concerned that pursuing this course might be disrespectful toward her parents and faith.  Abdullah advised that Kamala should stay true to herself, to pursue her goals and to do so with the utmost of courage, compassion and self respect… and that this path would be in tune her parents’ wishes and the tenets of her faith.  

Initially, Kamala believed that her powers were a result of her being a mutant.  After sharing an adventure with the X-Man, Wolverine, however, she learned she was not a Mutant and was instead one of the many new Inhumans created by the Terrigen Bomb.  

Kamala was soon thereafter identified by Queen Medusa as being a NuHuman possessing great potential (a great potential for heroics as well as a great potential for getting into trouble).  Medusa dispatched Lockjaw, the watchdog of the Royal Court, to look after Kamala and keep her out of trouble (although it was more often Lockjaw who needed watching over and protection by Kamala).

Kamala and Lockjaw investigated a series of missing persons involving teenagers in the Jersey City area.  They discovered that these youths had been abducted by the bizarre villain known as The Inventor.  The Inventor held great disdain toward the younger generation and he used his captives as a bio-electric energy source for his various machines and inventions.  Kamila ultimately defeated The Inventor and freed his many captives.  

Kamala was invited to train at New Attilan so to better refine her powers and abilities.  While on Attilan, Kamala has met a number of her fellow NuHumans (including Inferno, Naja, and Flint).  She also has had adventures with the amazing Spider-Man, Wolverine, and the agents of SHIELD.   

More recently, Kamala reunited with a childhood friend named Kamran, who it turned out was also a Nuhuman.  Kamila was quite smitten with Kamran, yet he proved not to be as good a guy as he initially seemed.  Kamran was secretly in league with the duplicitous Inhuman, Lineage, who used him to lure Kamala into a trap.  Like Medusa, Lineage was extremely intrigued by Kamala and certain there was something particularly special about her.  Lineage was staging a coop of New Attilan to forward his Inhuman supremacist agenda; and he very much wanted Kamala to join his cause.  

Kamala refused Lineage and escaped his clutches.  Lineage was later defeated by Medusa and the other Inhumans, but Kamran continued the schemes that Lineage had put in place.  Believing that there is something uniquely special about Kamala’s bloodline, Kamran abducted Kamala’s older brother, Aamir, and exposed him to the transformative Terrigen Mists.  

All this occurred in the backdrop of the Secret wars event, where the entire universe seemed to be coming to an end.  Whether or not Kamala’s brother is an Inhuman, how the mists will affect him, and if Kamala can save him from Kamran remains to be seen.  

Following Secret Wars, Kamala’s Ms. Marvel series is set ti relaunch with a new first issue .  Kamila is also scheduled to be a member of the All New All Different Avengers, premiering in the fall.