Jenny Holzer, Inflammatory Essays, 1991 (excerpt).

guys- this keeps collecting notes every so often and i notice a lot of people tagging it as something its not and/or deleting or changing the caption. I get this is just a blog post, but the words are powerful - and part of an artwork by Jenny Holzer (and also part of an essay in a series, Inflammatory Essays, this one in particular was written/produced in 1991). The beauty of the internet, and tumblr and all this is that we can disseminate works of art publicly and across many boundaries. Ignoring the importance of the source or flat-out dismissing it is truly inconsiderate. feel free to delete this message, but please think twice before you delete or append any caption; if we keep going down this road, eventually artists and others wont see a point in making unique works because they just end up stolen, copyright infringed, or anonymous if they’re attributed to anyone at all.