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21 Signs You Might Actually Be An Ambivert

1. When you’re out in the world, you’re probably not going to be starting conversations with strangers.

2. Generally, you’re always happy to meet new people, but you’ll probably be uncomfortable if you have to do it without any of your existing friends with you.

3. When a topic of interest comes up in conversation, you’re more than happy to talk in great detail about it.

4. But as soon as that’s done, you’ll happily sit listening to the conversation without saying another word.

5. Spending too much time with other people can be exhausting.

6. Your calm, controlled professional self feels like a very different person to the one your friends see.

7. Asserting yourself is tricky in many situations.

8. You can often go out and have hours of fun being the life of the party, but suddenly find that your energy has dropped, and all you really want to do is go home.

9. When you see things written about being an introvert, you start to relate…but then discover that you relate to the extrovert ones as well.

10. In fact, your friends disagreeing about whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert is probably a very good sign you’re an ambivert.

11. Small talk is something that annoys you, because while you can do it, there are instances when it feels a bit insincere.

12. Some weekends, you just need to spend some time hanging out on your own.

13. Too much time spent alone can leave you a bit downcast, however, and you’re concerned that it’s not very productive.

14. And some of the best weekends of your life have been when you didn’t go home for three days.

15. Thinking before you speak isn’t a problem for you…most of the time.

16. You have a tendency to balance out whoever you’re with – if you’re with someone loud, you’ll be quieter. If they’re quiet, you’ll compensate for that.

17. You’re known to be quite intuitive and good at picking up signals that other people can miss.

18. Often, you just find yourself observing what’s happening around you.

19. And at other times, you’ll be getting involved in the moment.

20. So in the right context, you love attention, but more often than not, you don’t want to be the person everyone is looking at.

21. So if you can’t figure out whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert, maybe it’s because you’re actually an ambivert!


13 Signs You're a Classic INFJ

1. You’re always in search of a deeper meaning. At work, in relationships, with friends, and interactions with strangers, you’re continually looking at life and situations in a way to discover what’s beyond the surface.

2. Although people have an easy time connecting with you, you can be a difficult person to really know. You value your privacy and often feel like you can only be your “true self” around those closest to you.

3. You’re a highly empathetic and sensitive person with an innate ability to understand what people are going through. Your care and concern for others is always genuine and you feel deeply for others.

4. You find it easy to connect with others and exhibit both introvert and extrovert qualities. You love meeting and interacting with other people and at times you are the life of the party, but eventually, you have to go home and recharge.

5. Beyond high school or college you still enjoy learning, particularly about society, cultures, languages, people, literature, and art. Learning something new excited you and find your interests expand as you get older.

6. You strive for the ideal in every aspect of your life. You have very strong opinions and are driven by your values. You will absolutely fight for what you believe in.

7. Sometimes you forget to take care of yourself. You become so passionate about certain projects or things going on with other people that you end up exhausted and weary.

8. You’re a deep and complex person, but at the same time you also tend to live a very simple life. It really doesn’t take very much to make you feel happy and content with your life. You see things on a larger scale and put more emphasis on your relationships with friends and loved ones over possessions or money.

9. You can be loyal to a fault. You recognize everyone has flaws and you try to see the beauty in people’s weaknesses instead of judging them. A problem can occur when others don’t give you the same courtesy, and you end up feeling bitter or resentful.

10. You have a strong sense of idealism but you’re not just another dreamer. You realize and understand that your goals can have a lasting impact, so you take the necessary steps to make your dreams happen.

11. For you, true success is based on the condition of your relationships with others and your own level of accomplishment.

12. Your insight is one of your greatest assets and it regularly helps you solve problems. You notice the small details most people seem to overlook. By being able to find patterns and meanings in the world around you you’re able to look at a problem in a number of ways and generate various possibilities.

13. You find joy and fulfillment in expressing yourself through the arts. You likely have a talent for language and writing. Self-expression helps you release everything that’s going on in your head.

Literally all of these are me.

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the types as | animal facts

ESFJ // sea otters hold hands while they’re sleeping so they don’t drift apart.

ISFJ // trained pigeons can tell the difference between the paintings of pablo picasso and claude monet. 

ESTJ // the peacock mantis shrimp can throw a punch at 50mph, accelerating quicker than a .22-caliber bullet. 

ISTJ // in an aquatic traffic jam, alligators will give manatees the right of way.

ESFP // sweden has a rabbit show-jumping competition called kaninhoppning.

ISFP // a study measuring the effects of music found that cows produce more milk when listening to R.E.M’s “everybody hurts.”

ESTP // a pig’s orgasm can last up to thirty minutes.

ISTP // ducks like to surf. they have been observed riding tides and swimming back to ride them again.

ENFJ // bottlenose dolphins address one another with self-given names, adding slight variations that let them identify who’s speaking.

INFJ // cats headbutt humans to mark them as safe and trustworthy.

ENFP // qquirrels plant thousands of new trees each year simply by forgetting where they put their acorns.

INFP // sea otters have a pouch under their forearm to store food and their favorite rocks.

ENTJ // norway knighted a penguin called nils olav. sir nils olav.

INTJ // the turritopsis dohrnii is a jellyfish that is biologically immortal, unless it succumbs to disease or predation.

ENTP // nature writer candace savage has observed that crows are so intelligent they can play pranks on each other.

INTP // octopuses, squid and jellyfish can alter their own genes through a process called RNA editing.

INFJ Facts I notice

In my experience with INFJ (the ones I know at least), I notice this facts:

- Love music more than anything and it’s their way to really comunicate to you;
-So if they start talking about it and their fav bands or artist, they’re probably open up a little to you (don’t destroy the moment)
- Have a propensity for classic or rock (like indie-rock, pop-rock, till metal for some)
- If they ever go to concerts, they’ll love it for life
- Probably don’t like hip hop, rap, techno (but I guess there’re exceptions)
- They got a little pet (mostly bunnies)
- They can blush violently when laughing, or embarassed, or other physical reaction to emotion
- They mostly take information from books, like essays or novels about a topic
- Interested in human mind, and probably search something humanistic like psychology, neuroscience, or other
- Can have self-control emotionally in real life, but cry or however empathize with character of a book or film
- Wants silence when focus in something, and get angry when someone interrupts them
- Need many time to recharge, and disappear for days (but I don’t mean isolation)
- Because they love going out and know people if they can, and make new experience

Now, I don’t know if this fit all INFJ, but it’s what I notice :)

As an INFJ, it fascinates and perplexes me how paradoxical I am.
I can be the most self-centered, “lost-in-my-mind” person I know, yet simultaneously I enjoy nothing more than sacrificing my time and limited energy supply for the welfare of my friends.
A mystery, that.

Star Wars ~ Personality Types

- This is my own personal take on the personalities of the most prominent Star Wars characters so far. I spent some time really wanting to perfect it using both MBTI as well as including their predicted Enneagram (predicted for now, more in-depth look at that side of the personality coming in a post very soon). (P.S.) - Characters such as Rey and Luke as well as Anakin and Kylo Ren may have more individual posts concerning this in the future since they are more complex to discuss in a condensed way.

• Luke Skywalker - INFJ

Okay so I’ve seen it around that Luke is an INFP but I don’t think that’s the best assessment. I take him as an INFJ. This goes for his overall character arc so far. INFJ sometimes called “The Advocate” is one of the rarest and very complex. Depending on their temperament they can sometimes come of as extroverted but they need to step back and recharge on their own as well. This applies to Luke. He’s very much a strong group member but is very okay with separating himself from others if that’s what needed for him. INFJ’s are extremely insightful, they can see what lies underneath that may not be as clear to others. This gives them a silent understanding which fuels a passionate nature. They are not ones to back away from what they believe to be right. Luke, particularly in episode 6 shows this with his mercy towards Darth Vader who most importantly is his father. He is able to forgive. INFJ has a talent for seeing past the masks others wear to see the truth beneath. INFJ weaknesses very apparent with Luke as well is an overly sensitive nature seen in some frustrated outbursts he has had in the past. Also with Luke’s present actions in episode 7 we see the INFJ tendency to close off and a need for privacy. Another reason I feel so strongly that Luke is INFJ is mostly due to him having one of the strongest character developments. It’s a subtle development compared to others but strong nonetheless. He goes from an idealistic young man, to a thoughtful and skilled Jedi to a world weary older man. What sets him apart from INFP to being an INFJ is the fact that although he is extremely idealistic he can more easily take these ideas from his mind and actually take the leap to pusue them in a concrete way. For example the fact that he established his own Jedi academy.

Predicted Enneagram - 6w7

• Leia Organa - ENTJ

Leia to me reads as a very strong ENTJ sometimes called “The Commander”. Leia from when we first met her has always been an individualist and very headstrong. She knows what she is capable of and knows very well that she can and will take care of business. Leia also doesn’t come of as introverted, she’s not gregarious but she’s definitely a people person apparent in her successful longstanding position as a public figure. ENTJ can at times be prone to being argumentative but it’s only because they believe so much in what they know to be the right way. And we know very well that Leia doesn’t shy away from confrontation. ENTJ makes for a very strong leader. Leia who has gone from a royal role, to a political one and now to general shows her capability for taking on a leadership role. Her traits are what make her such a good and reliable leader. ENTJ doesn’t care for dancing around a problem, they cut to the chase and like to get things done. Traits of ENTJ - self confident and strong willed, traits ever so present in Leia. Leia is never a damsel in distress in the films. Most of the time she proves herself to be more efficient than of those around her. But ENTJ isn’t only about thought and action they are charismatic and can inspire others and they care a lot towards what’s important to them.

Predicted Enneagram - 8w9

• Han Solo - ESTP

To me Han is very much a textbook ESTP. ESTP often called “The Entrepreneur” fits him like a glove. Charismatic and not afraid of the attention of others is what makes Han who he is. He’s the jokester of the group always offering a biting comment tinged with sarcasm. Not that humor is a basis here but I like to think of ESTP as a light that others can’t help but flit around like moths to a flame. ESTP’s don’t usually bog themselves down in too many details or plodding concepts and instructions. They are the type that can sometimes rely on instinct and leap before they look. But don’t let this fool you ESTP are more perceptive than you may think on first glance. They may be buzzing around life but the pick up on change and aren’t afraid to ask questions. In the films Han always has an idea and if that fails there’s always a plan B. Han has always been the quick on his feet idea man. Now onto ESTP positive traits. Like ESTP Han is bold sometimes acting on things others wouldn’t dare to attempt on their own. He’s direct always calling it as he sees it which sometimes could be a problem sometimes not depending on the situation. Also ESTP has a very practical streak not fooling around with anything that seems arbitrary, for example Han’s initial scoffing of the Force. On the negative side there is a tendency to be insensitive at times. Also a defiant nature where they like their own set of rules and resist being caged in by rules or repetition. Han is one who appreciates his freedom.

Predicted Enneagram - 7w8

Anakin Skywalker - ISFP

I pondered Anakin for awhile till ISFP presented itself as the best choice. At first glance you might assume Anakin has extroverted tendencies but underneath he very much has an introverted nature. ISFP is termed “The Adventurer”. ISFP enjoys mixing up the the traditional way and this can mirror Anakin’s questions towards the Jedi order and if it was actually the right way to do things. ISFP are very spontaneous and experimental, liking to play around with ideas. We mustn’t forget that before going into Jedi training Anakin spent his time tinkering around with metal and machinery getting pleasure out of creating things out of those objects. ISFP also have a knack for spontaneity or at least enjoy pushing the limits of their passions seen in Anakin’s early love of flying that through his own perseverance made him into a talented pilot. ISFP are very charming and most have personalities that make them likable to those they meet. They may be quiet at times but like we saw in Anakin they have a passionate streak which in Anakin’s case may have turned into a negative. ISFP can also struggle with jealousy and low self esteem. Jealousy may stem from their competitive streak causing them to escalate something small into a big ordeal. They also have a tendency to get stressed out easily. Of course we all know that Anakin turned into Darth Vader which could be a result of these negative traits outweighing the positive. Of course in the end it could be argued that the good for example intense feeling and sensitivity towards others gave Anakin his final redemption in the end.

Predicted Enneagram - 8w7

Padme - ESFJ

Padme was another tough one to type but I feel very confident in her being an ESFJ. ESFJ often referred to her as “The Consul” is one that likes to encourage and strengthen others they care about. ESFJ can often come across as extremely popular to those around them which adheres to Padme being a very likable figure to those in the political arena who worked close with her. ESFJ is often attributed to the altruistic trait. Someone who feels a strong need or responsiblity to help in pushing the future in a positive way. This aligns with not only ESFJ’s but Padme’s strong sense of duty. Another important factor is ESFJ and their warm and welcoming nature. Like Padme they enjoy harmony for everyone and work to make that happen. One of ESFJ’s negative traits is a tendency to be too selfless, spreading themselves thin for others and forgetting the good for themselves in the process.

Predicted Enneagram - 2w1

Obi - Wan Kenobi - ISFJ

Obi-Wan is often seen as an INFJ but after pondering it for awhile I really want to type him as an ISFJ. ISFJ called “The Defender” a term that fits Obi-Wan very well. ISFJ is very balanced on their traits as well as with characteristics that may not be as apparent. For example they can be sensitive to things around them but they can be analyzers as well. They are reserved as well but if needed they can quickly and easily be sociable and skilled with public interactions. ISFJ’s can also be perfectionists and are concerned with getting a job done right. This also goes with their hard working and loyal traits both seen in Obi-Wan. As with Obi-Wan they can be quite careful and patient people. Obi-Wan is always seen in this calm and understanding manner. He’s never one to rush too quickly and ponders implication. But this doesn’t mean this is a type that can’t be enthusiastic or imaginative. This helps with their gift of empathy. Sometimes they can be too humble and don’t go out of their way for great public recognition. What’s mainly important to them is doing what’s right and it doesn’t matter to them that they get accolades for it. Negatively they can be quite private and also reluctant towards lots of change.

Predicted Enneagram - 1w9

Rey - ISTP

Rey was very fun to type and I feel she fits ISTP very well. ISTP is sometimes called “The Virtuoso”. ISTP’s are very much explorers at heart brimming with curiosity and imagination. They like to take the buzzing thoughts in their minds and make things. They like making things and getting their hands dirty. Rey being a scavenger fits very well into this. Beyond the traits she had to use on Jakku in finding parts and figuring the details of mechanics she also expresses this after the escape in her talent at tinkering around on the Millennium Falcon. This is another type that shows contradictions, those which Rey show a lot. Very friendly towards others but easily private with their thoughts and emotions which they prefer to keep to themselves. To those close to them they are very bright and energetic. This is also a creatively minded type. Not only with the bits and pieces she’d find on Jakku which she’d turn into something of use but also in times of crisis coming up with ingenuity in new ways. They are also good in crisis. This is fully seen in Rey and Finn’s initial escape, though obviously a bit shaken with the turn of events in an otherwise dull life she doesn’t let it fluster her at all. Negativily they can be stubborn and insensitive to others. For example Rey’s initial refusal to listen to Maz and running away instead. Also very private, Rey is extremely private with her difficult past and sense of loneliness she doesn’t really share with others. This can be a type difficult to get to know fully, really apparent in Rey since she on occasion can contradict herself. For example as mentioned before she doesn’t care to let others know of her more personal struggles or her tendency to let her anger get the best of her. Most obvious is her very bright and energetic personality that acts as a way of shielding the parts of her she doesn’t want known by others.

Predicted Enneagram - 9w8

Kylo Ren/Ben Solo - INFP

Okay hear me out on this but Kylo as an INFP makes a lot of sense at least to me. Kylo at first glance can be a very hard to type character since as we’ve first met him he is in great turmoil and dealing with manipulation from an outside force which has gone on since a young age. INFP is either referred to as “The Diplomat” or “The Idealist”. In my head Kylo is an INFP but a very unhealthy one at this point in time. If you take asservtive and turbulent sides to the types in consideration Kylo is very much on the turbulent end for INFP. More so than any other type INFP has a tendency to revert inward and close themselves off. They feel most comfortable in their own inner world surrounded by their own thoughts. This is a type that relies heavily on their introverted feeling which is immensely seen in Kylo. They go by a code based on their personal ideals and principles and can sometimes become tunnel visioned in the process. INFPs are also a type that never like to fit into a specific mold others want them to fit into. They can be quite contrary on this behalf and get angered and rebel into a different role that to them feels right. But with such an idealistic and busy mind they can easily be conflicted. Speaking as an INFP myself I feel this is a type that struggles the most in settling on an identity. This feels true to Kylo. As a child he was dropped into the role of being the atypical Jedi padiwan under the education of Luke then just as quickly he was lured by Snoke to the dark side all this happening in his most formative years. To me Kylo in his struggles between the dark and undeniable pull to the light just wants to feel comfortable in who he is meant to be. He just doesn’t know what that really is. This plays into the INFP’s tendencies to be too altruistic. In this case Kylo feels a commitment to the dark in the process ignoring his own needs. One striking similarity is the INFP’s intense aversion to criticism which is a negativity of their intense idealism. They take this as a personal attack on themselves and can get riled up instead of taking a step back to reassess the situation. It’s not commonly mentioned but because INFP is so engrossed in it’s personal feelings it’s not uncommon for them to be volatile mostly because they can feel too much. I think INFP explains a lot of why Kylo is such a polarizing figure, because the traits are their they are just shown in unhealthy ways and not as obvious but they are there.

Predicted Enneagram - 4w5

Finn - ESFP

Finn is definitely a ball of energy that really brightens those around him through his interactions. This is why I feel he is an ESFP. Sometimes you may see this type called “The Entertainer”. Above all this is a type that has almost excellent people skills. Finn displays this very well through his interactions with Poe, Rey, and the others he encounters. He’s pretty quick with his social skills which is a good explanation on how likable and how most of his encounters turn into friendships. This is a type that pulls energy from those around them, they get satisfaction from the enjoyment people have with being around them. This is also a Bold type which you can see in Finn. It’s not like we know of any other storm troopers that have gone against protocol and escaped in such a blaze of glory. Also though reluctant at first Finn is immensely fearless especially in the face of battle ultimately picking up the lightsaber on occasion and holding his own in standoffs. This is also balanced with a conflict adverse tendency in this type. Although Finn is extremely fearless he doesn’t go out of his way to get involved in trouble.

Predicted Enneagram - 2w3

Poe Dameron - ENFJ

We haven’t seen a lot of Poe onscreen but so far I see him as a very possible ENFJ. Through what I’ve seen of him he displays quite a few important traits key to this type. ENFJs are excellent in leadership roles and crackle with a passion and charisma that is clear to everyone around them. Since people are drawn to such a personality trait it is no surprise that they are commonly a leader of some sort. Just as Poe is with being an extremely passionate resistance member known for his impeccable flying talent. People are drawn to them but it goes both ways because ENFJ has a truly genuine interest in others. They are also immensely optimistic people. This is a reliable type if you put your faith in them they will go out of their way not to fail you. Example being Poe’s determination in completing his task at hand, putting his own safety at risk for the greater good. Sometimes I have seen Poe typed as a thinker instead of a feeler which I feel is misguided. ENFJ’s dominant trait is extroverted feeling which aligns with some of Poe’s most memorable actions. For example his concern with being reunited with BB8 saying he’ll come back for him and his genuine happiness in Finn’s help and being reunited again.

Predicted Enneagram - 3w2

types + winter squads

shivering underneath 4628737 reindeer sweaters because they’re pathetic and it’s SO COLD squad: infp, intp, infj, isfj

the fact that fact that the sun sets so early makes them feel personally victimized and they rant about it to all of their friends squad: isfp, entj, intj, istj

probably mocks hallmark movies but secretly watches them every night with rapt attention and a cup of cocoa squad: istp, entp, esfp, estj

uses the excuse that it’s winter for extreme retail therapy, probably gets really into the spirit of things and buys at least 1 ugly christmas sweater that’s extremely tacky and lights up squad: esfj, enfj, enfp, estp

INFJ Problem #3 Zillion

If you stop trying to get me to open up to you, I will assume you don’t care for me and I’ll ignore you from then on.
Even though we basically hate revealing our secret thoughts, we still want you to try to get us to.

INFJs tend to see helping others as their purpose in life, but while people with this personality type can be found engaging rescue efforts and doing charity work, their real passion is to get to the heart of the issue so that people need not be rescued at all.

Exactly. Exactly. That last part sums up my purpose in life. I’m a huge believer is “teaching a man to fish”. Let’s stop temporarily bandaging issues, and get to the actual root of things. Let’s actually FIX and SOLVE problems.

How to capture an ENTP

ENTPs are adorable humans that bounce around so quickly that you can’t really take your eyes off them or they will build two machines running on carbon dioxide and have sharpies for fingers. Those said sharpies are for decorating the walls!, the ENTPs would have insisted, but you shouldn’t have listen, you told yourself regretfully when you woke up to a specially modified face the next morning. However, they are still in great demand for you’ll want to hit and hug them at the same time. Sadly, you’ll have to catch those little tricksters first. Rain or shine, ENTPs will make you laugh and it’s a noticeable fact that INFJs have an adorable ENTP at their side to shower with extra love and care.

But what about the rest of us? The INTXs would cry out angrily, unable to accept the fact that for once, they could not capture such fast-paced, trash-talking, happy creatures. After all, impossible was not a concept in those introverted rationals head unless we are looking at the emotional aspect of humans. Looking at the statistics, there should be plenty of ENTPs to go around for there isn’t enough INFJs to buy them all. So how do you capture an ENTP?

Step One:
Grab their attention. They have short attention spans. The one way is to walk up to them and rattle off a series of numbers to your next pseudo-hydrogen-titanium bomb project. They would be so intrigued, they will run after you, demanding for answers.

That is, if they didn’t nod understandingly and classify you as an idiot first.

Step two:
Keep them chasing. ENTPs get bored easily. Wonder why INFJs ever throw their hands up exasperatedly and charge towards the all-willing ENFPs that open their arms for extra glomps? Well, probably not, because nobody saw that happening. ENTPs wants you to keep up a conversation. But how, the INTXs will now raised their eyebrows suspiciously, wary that this might be another trap. Simple! This ENTP will flick her hair arrogantly while dodging the rolled-up newspaper her INTJ just swung at her. Saw a new topic on discovery channel? Great, tell them. Ask their INFP friends on what they like. Found out why Saturn has it’s rings and Uranus have an extremely retarded name? Even better, bring it up the next time they frustratedly looked at the ceiling in (useless) attempt to pass time.

Assuming if they don’t learn it all first, which they probably did.

Step three:
Do not be afraid to call them out for their bullshit.
ENTPs exist for one reason: to explain absolutely idiotic (and inaccurate) synopsis of any known scientific facts just to examine which are the ones foolish enough to fall for their convincing lies. Everyone, that is. However, call them out for it. Disagree with them, and let them know that you see through everything. (Well, not their clothes, even if they make sexual innuendos about it. Trade your see-through googles for their nudes, if you are that desperate, and prepare to be duped.) Wow them with your critical thinking and if you successfully displayed to the ENTP that you are more cynical than the status quo, congratulations, you are 70% there!

Until they completely forget about your thinking charm and decided that XSTPs are sexy, while thinking that they should obtain one.

Step four:
Be unpredictable.
This speaks for itself spiritually. Don’t blow up the barbies they are planning to dissect though, that’s cruelty on its finest level.

Step five:
Be rare. Yes, you read that right. We are rare enough, the INTXs will now cheer after reading this. Finally, a step we can accomplish, nodded an INTJ approvingly.

Do not make yourself too available. That is to say, do not talk to them everyday. The ENTPs are actually great at spotting out patterns and they will eventually (in a week) learn how your mind works while getting bored of you since what you say is entirely predictable, which ruins step four as well. Be scarce. Approach them quite a bit during the first few interactions and be scarce after that.

Note: if they wander about, looking adorably lost, it’s time for you to step in and gently guide them back to you. Do not completely abandon them, you’ll regret it after realizing that they reigned in a black hole and sucked everything up since they went unsupervised. If they respond to your messages with long paragraphs and frequent replies, they are interested. Do not engage them in small talk.

Step six:
Do not get discouraged easily.
ENTPs are wonderful at forgetting things. That is to say, if they do forget to reply to your one sentence message, you are probably boring them to death. Feed them paragraphs of literature. Show them satirical pictures of politics and life. Talk about philosophy with them. However, understand that they have difficulties maintaining a consistent psychological distance with people. They might seem shockingly close to you one day and randomly distant the next. Try to perk them up with the newest picture you found of a Stalin and Hitler relationship and be sure to double check their drinks for any love potions placed inside by an INFJ.

There you go. 6 steps on how to capture an ENTP. Think you can do it?

Credits to for the original idea of writing the manual for obtaining an ENTP. I got inspired after reading theirs, read that awesome manual in the link below!

ENTP vs INTP: Also, follow my MBTI blog if you want more:
Random Facts about INFJ Personality

Although people with INFJ personality type appear calm, they aren’t weak and cannot be told what to do. They will probably listen to your suggestions, then do what they intended initially

INFJ’S spend a lot of energy making others feel happy and comfortable only to find themselves stressed out and drained in the end

INFJ people will sometimes disregard logic and follow their intuition

INFJ’s are very observant; they are able to see things other people don’t even notice

INFJ men and women are prone to overthinking and often feeling mentally exhausted

Because the INFJ is the rarest personality type, people who belongs to this type often feel like outsiders - they don’t really fit in anywhere

An INFJ individual can confuse others by being amiable and introverted at the same time

The INFJ forgives easily even when treated poorly

The INFJ may act differently with different people - this doesn’t mean that they don’t have personality; it only means that they are highly rational adjusting to the individual needs of others they interact with

Despite the fact that INFJ people can’t take criticism, they are their own toughest critics
The INFJ may open up to you and talk about their feelings only to apologize afterwards

INFJ’s can see others weaknesses, yet they don’t typically use them to their advantage

Unless the INFJ is comfortable with you, she or he may appear boring

Although INFJ’s understand other people’s feelings very well, they don’t spend much time sorting out their own emotions and still need your support