infj doodles

Myers Briggs By What They Reblog On Tumblr

INFJ: Social justice, positive doodles, interests, some aesthetic
ESTP: Aesthetic, sexual puns, crude jokes
INTJ: Interests, politics, crude jokes, some aesthetic, social justice 
ESFP: Aesthetic, sexual puns, interests, social justice
INFP: Social justice, interests, poetry, adventure/travel posts
ESTJ: Politics, “why is everyone on tumblr so annoying” posts
INTP: Intellectual stuff everywhere, crude jokes, bad puns
ESFJ: Those encouraging uwu posts, social justice, doodles, interests
ISFJ: Uplifting drawings, sincere friendly reminders, social justice
ENTP: Intellectual stuff, intentionally strange posts, adventure/travel posts
ISTJ: Politics, interests, “ya’ll need to chill” posts
ENFP: Adventure/travel posts, social justice, intentionally strange posts
ISFP: Aesthetic everywhere, social justice, interests
ENTJ: Politics, confident “I am a goddess of beauty” posts
ISTP: Aesthetic everywhere, intellectual stuff everywhere, bad puns
ENFJ: Supportive cute posts, social justice, aesthetic, interests