Infinte L praised for explaining ALS "ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE" to fans; drops 3 buckets of ice on head

While other celebrities are under heat by netizens for what they say are “self-promotional” ALS videos, Infinite’s L is being praised for his.

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Haruhana vol 18 - Twitter Q&A
  • Q:Please tell me your favourite girl type (lastest version)
  • Sunggyu:I like cutie, sexy girl. It's good to be charming but still somehow sexy
  • Woohyun:Recently, I'm not interested in women.
  • L:I don't change my type at all, I like girl who have long, straight or long, wavy hair.
  • Sungyeol:A girl who doesn't need to be pretty but charming. I hope that person will make me happy everyday. I like the girl that can impress me by her action/words.
  • Dongwoo:Any girl is okay!
  • Sungjong:Funny, pleasant, well-mannered people.