infinitybillion-stars said: Plushie? Ooh, details plz :D

I know how to sew moderately decently (aka, I have no idea what I’m doing but it turns out great half the time,) so I make plushies on occasion. I already have another one that’s fully complete, but it’s not meant for cuddles but more for show. It’s more for NiGHTS without his jester hat (since to me it’s a hat. He’s a blondie in my dreams, haha~ The doll has actual doll’s hair on it) So, I decided to make one for cuddles. Now, since I’m weird, I like to put special stones inside my plushies as their “hearts”; these stones are said to help with certain ailments and whatnot. Since I got that lucky stone from that clerk today, I figure it would make a nice heart for the one I haven’t finished yet.<3 Since it’s meant more for cuddling, it’s less impressive than the one for show, obviously. xDD He’s missing his head (which will have actual jester hat this time) and his hands and vest. I’m still hunting for red diamonds to glue onto him. I found red crystal hearts, and bought them in case I wanted to use a heart instead for the sake of customization. I’m heavily tempted to go in that route<3

…I typed lots. owie.