The Infinity Master Creative Symbol.

This symbol has many extremely powerful purposes. That is why it is called the Infinity Master Creative Symbol. Visualize yourself within this symbol or visualize this symbol around you, so you are the center of this 4-pointed Infinity Star. It is the symbol of the new Energy (cross), Heaven on Earth, The Holy Grail and Twin Flame Love. This symbol is carrying the power for downloading and integration of the Grail Codes. It will propel you forward and upward (formed as a propeller) into the pure white Light from inside out.

Description of the Symbol:
Balancing the 5 Elements represented in the arches of Earth (below), Fire (right), Air (above), Water (left), and Ether (in the center)
Alpha - Omega(One-Heart Chakra System) connected to the Alpha Chakra (above) and the Omega Chakra (below) and held together in Unity in the Heart
Balancing Feminine/Masculine represented in the arches of Feminine (left) and Masculine (right)
The Infinity Symbols vertical and horizontal have a bi-directional flow of liquid Light, which constantly nourishes and activates the whole process and transformation of the Heart into a so called Heart of Gold.
12-strands infinity Super-DNA – 12×12 = 144 – infinity is now constantly being activated by the continuous flow through the Heart

I like the idea of having the infinity symbol for some aspect of your wedding or to symbolize love. However, it’s becoming a bit too popular for my taste.

Even still, I like the idea and have a huge thing for hand tattoos. My variation would be to have it done in white. (Yes, I am aware that hand tattoos get worn down more than others, and especially so with white but idc)



The project is based on an ‘infinity symbol’, a shape that allows the facility to be structured around two protected courtyards. This in turn enhances the learning spaces access to light, view and ventilation. At the heart of the infinity has been located the library and student learning centre. Specialist precincts, Art, Science, Cafe etc and huge variety of learning spaces are distributed throughout the form. Each precinct has its own unique quality and yet they are seamlessly connected to the next. The building is an embodiment of the journey of education, and the crossover between disciplines. This planning allows the buildings circulation to constantly return to the library at its heart and in this way it physically echoes the educational ethos of the school.

By McBride Charles Ryan