Ra’Haj,  the fun-loving and romantic cleric with devilish charm . 

Ra’Haj comes from a tiefling tribe in the feywild. He was banished from the tribe once they had found he worships Cyric, the Mad God of Trickery. Though Cyric is often associated with conflict and deception, Ra’Haj is not an evil fellow. He just enjoys to play pranks on people and have a general good time. 

This character was commissioned by: Richard, who sadly informed me that the lovely Ra’Haj died during battle. He will be sorely missed indeed!

I finally finished autisticat! I spent most of my vacation hyper-fixating on finishing this little kitter cat. I have one (this one) available on Etsy here:

EDIT: This kitty got sold! I’m thinking about making custom autisticats. If you’d like to purchase one send me a message on Etsy and I’ll speak to you about it. I can make an original one or you can change the colors to your liking, etc.


Crystal Grid Patterns

Hexagonal grids can be used for any intention because quartz crystal system is also hexagonal it is preferred to use quartz as the center stone around that center stone place your other stones at the 6 around the perimeter of the hexagon by drawing your own template you will be making your grade much stronger you can leave your template under your grid or you can carefully slide it out after you place your crystals it’s totally up to you.

The Flower of Life grid is created by overlapping evenly spaced circles this pattern can also be used for any intention you can simply just place your center stone and then put your other stones around the design wherever you feel the need to but remember to keep it symmetrical.

External image

The five pointed star is good for protection and purification of the energies in many cultures a five-pointed star helps with higher state of consciousness and deep meditation. Place your center stone and then put your other stones at each point.

External image

The square grid can add a dimension of stability to your environment and protection again just place your center stone and the grid stones at each point.

External image

The spiral grid is good for expansion creativity and feminine energy to place the stones in the spiral place your center stone in the middle or at the beginning point of the spiral and read it out loud with the positioning of the other stones. The phi spiral works best.

The infinity symbol grid is used to bring about endless abundance of anything like prosperity love health and wealth among others it is a symbol of unity perfection in the incident and the Earth’s cycles this bread is perfect for bringing about prosperity and abundance in any area of your life your center stone should be placed directly in the intersection and the other stones positioning along the perimeter of the design.

*writen in my own word from notes I made in CRYSTAL GRIDS by HIBISCUS MOON*

Writing out Infinity: Autistic Pride


they tell you

to not write of infinity

in poetry, that

the abstract has no place

in the concrete.


I will carve out

the abstract infinity

in the concrete,

the looping symbol

with its soft curves

chipped against


hard and textured concrete.


I will paint it rainbow.



they tell you

to save the infinity symbol

for math, for things

that matter, practical life skills.


(some thought I was ridiculous

for not being able to do math

and drawing all over the papers:

not life skills, they said.

what if I had drawn

the infinity symbol

for neurodiversity

colored it rainbow

and turned infinity sideways?)



I am Autistic

we are part of neurodiversity



the world can be too

fluorescent bright and loud

and wrought with sensory overload


the world can be too

conversational and sometimes

communication goes haywire


but we do so many things.


we can raise our hands and

let the movements begin,

spiraling up and down

and sideways


we can pace

with a certain intensity

treading circles in the floor

(I always thought I was

walking in figure eights

but now I wonder

if I was walking in

infinity symbols)


we can echo and script

and paraphrase Shakespeare’s

Julius Caesar to get each other’s



we share information

about our focused topics

it’s not talking about ourselves

it’s called sharing

and every day

is a learning experience


we are Autistic.



a last concept

that is too abstract for poetry,

they said:



-Kit Mead, 2014-

for Autistic Pride Day

Steven meets a new friend!

Look at that widdle boys face!

A gift for my cousins husband.  He asked if Vision is considered a crystal gem because of the infinity stone. (also people in movie repeated “gem” a lot)

As you can see, the internet lacks clear images of MCU Vision so I gave him his old comic book cape to avoid drawing his weird ass tight suit.  Hmmmm tight ass suit…

I love meself some Vision, whether its animated, comic book or MCU.