Fall Out Boy Albums: A Summary
  • Take This To Your Grave: Their debut record with song titles that didn't make much sense about space camp and plane crashes
  • From Under the Cork Tree: That album where Pete Wentz screams a lot and is hella, HELLA emo
  • Infinity on High: The really underrated album with song titles missing vowels and song titles to piss off their lawyers
  • Folie a Deux: That album that was a master piece and was like nothing anyone had ever done before with memorable songs about water buffalos
  • Save Rock and Roll: The bands first post-hiatus album with short song titles that worried everyone; had a really profound meaning that scared everyone and Pete Wentz was no longer emo which made everyone cry
  • American Beauty/American Psycho: That super hyped album with really, REALLY short song titles that made everyone sad and songs that didn't make much sense but, hell, you were prepared to dance until you physically transformed into Uma Thurman.
Typical Guitar Project Update (emo edition)

Wow it’s been a while since I’ve posted one of these hasn’t it? Well I’m tired and moody right now so tired and moody is what you’re gonna get lol.

First off I did play 1-10 recently (not “Golden” so I guess that’s 1-9 but anyway) and let me tell you, up to “Mmrs” is pretty good but anything after that is a literal sinking ship. I felt so bad about it and I really want to stop and just practice each song slowly but then I’m also anxious to move on so. Life has been pretty wild lately so all I want to do at the end of the day is just pass out in bed but then weeks go by when I don’t practice and everything just falls apart. Man I’d get so far if I actually practiced every day but it’s so hard to find the strength especially when the whole rest of the day makes you so tired.

Anyway, I tried starting “Fame > Infamy” today and I guess you could say it’s “easy” from a technical standpoint, but at this point in the album FOB is like, just falling back on octaves/chords, octaves/chords, octaves/chords, octaves/chords…like by now the last 5 songs are so have millions of those so the issue becomes less of “do you know how to play this chord?” to more like “do you know which fret this lands on?” There’s sooooo many now and it’s all jumbling in my brain and I’m like about to lose it…I wanna just ask Patrick/Joe WHY DID YOU GUYS USE SO MUCH OCTAVES IN INFINITY ON HIGH??? Like was there nothing else they knew how to do/could come up with??

Now mind you, this is my brain working on tired mode and hardly functioning at this time of the day. I’m just trying to relax and achieve a goal but instead I’m kicking myself, mostly because I’m impatient and honestly just want to sleep.

I *learned* the intro and verse, and sort of messed with the bridge. Anyway it’s in awful shape and I’m gonna need to sit down and learn it slowly, but it needs both patience and energy which I do not have. My frens, I am s p e n t!!! 😩😩

(sorry about my emo post, just wanting to get some thoughts out)