in case people don’t realize how important this election is:

north korea seems on the verge of declaring war on the united states.

trump has said multiple times that he would have no issue using nuclear weapons in foreign affairs.

if trump were president right now, and he had a conservative-dominated congress backing him, we could theoretically be looking at a nuclear war next week.

is north korea a nation with a large military that should intimidate us? no.

is the use of a single nuclear weapon on any country disastrous to human life and a threat to our continued existance on planet earth? yes.

keep in mind that over 200,000 people died when the first atomic bombs were dropped on hiroshima and nagasaki. those events lead to the cold war, during which the ussr and usa came very close to destroying each other (and taking the rest of the world with them).

i’m not saying we’re entering world war iii. this is, after all, only the latest in a serious of threats from north korea which typically never amounted into anything. but the threat of a trump presidency which brings about world war iii is entirely possible if he gets elected and democrats can’t retain control of congress, because north korea has allies. big, powerful allies that could start another cold war.

i’m tired & i’m probably not explaining this well hhh

tldr: trump is too trigger-happy and with the world in the state it’s in, that could have major repercussions for the entire planet if he wins this election. vote.