infinity wish

I just saw yet another person griping about autistics “romanticizing autism” and it only makes me more determined to be openly and proudly autistic. it’s not “romanticizing” it, it’s loving myself in a society that told me not to.

  • Peter *fighting during Infinity War*: "Will you marry me?"
  • Gamora: "I don't think now's the best time!"
  • Peter: "Now may be the only time! I love you, I've made my choice! What's yours!"
  • Gamora *kicking some enemy in the face*: "Yondu! Marry us!"
  • Yondu *interrupting his whistling*: "I'm a little busy at the moment!"

Infinity Train Pilot

Cartoon Networks just released a new pilot. I’m pretty interested how it all takes place in a magical train

I am in love with you. I am truly irrevocably in love with you. I just do. You are my prayer at 12 AM before I sleep. You are my thoughts when I suddenly wake up at 4 AM. I am in love with you at 7 AM, listening to your voice as you walk every morning while I just close my eyes, smiling. I am in love with you at 12 noon, reassuring me with your text messages that you are eating your lunch. I am in love with you at 9 PM, telling me how your day went. I love you now and tomorrow. It’s a cycle which I know would last until infinity. How I wish you’re here beside me. All the more how I wish I am there beside you. I love you.
—  c.i.j. // love overload
Speculation about Infinity War

With the photos of Chris Evans and Sebastian Stan that show they are both currently bearded, I’m hoping it means that when we first see them in Infinity War, Bucky is out of cryo already, and they’ve been living quietly somewhere, together, catching up and healing. That’s what I want for them.

Seeing the leaked Infinity War trailer is just making me hopelessly think how badass it would have been if Quake and Ghost Rider were there to help, too! 😩