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Lavender Town by velleities (tumblr: @buckities​)

Rating: M
Archive Warnings: Chose not to Use Archive Warnings
Words: 31748
Relationships: Steve Rogers/Bucky Barnes
Tags: Post-Infinity War, Bucky POV, Past Minor Character Death (Vision), Avengers and Company, Guardians of the Galaxy, Canon Pocket Universe, The Domesticity is Strong in This One (Until It Isn’t), Canon-Typical Violence, Minor Angst

Summary: Bucky lives in a sleepy town, shares a house with his should-be-boyfriend Steve, and helps Wanda with her crafts. He likes hanging out with Clint the owner of the animal shelter, and drinking Natasha’s delicious coffee at the bakery. But there is something off about this life that Bucky can’t quite place; Tony Stark dislikes him for no apparent reason, his dreams are too strange to understand, and his left arm occasionally glints under the light. A series of strange events clue Bucky in on the fact that maybe their lives aren’t what they seem…

 Art and More Art by thisfanisonfire

Art and Fic Collaboration for @thestuckylibrary-bigbang

My greatest fear is dying before Sebastian Stan finishes his nine picture contract with Marvel.

When the squad & I roll up to the club
We sit in the corner and huddle together
Trying to talk over the music & feeling awkward
Next week we go back to board game night
It’s a lot less scary

I just saw yet another person griping about autistics “romanticizing autism” and it only makes me more determined to be openly and proudly autistic. it’s not “romanticizing” it, it’s loving myself in a society that told me not to.

I’m sort of scared for Avengers: Infinity War because I’m going to actually combust from the overwhelming amount of characters being in one movie.

Since we’re on the subject of fake Infinity War leaks, just a heads up for this latest one that’s going around Tumblr.

Someone on Twitter posted this:

It was confirmed fake by another Twitter user who saw the D23 trailer.

And there’s also this if you want more proof:

This is Chris Evans in the movie Sunshine London (EDIT: My mistake - the movie is called London. The image comes up under the sunshine search though which is why I confused it). Do a Google Image search for “chris evans sunshine” and this is among the top images to appear. 

All they did was flip it, fill in his beard, change the colors, and shop his head onto Cap’s uniform.