infinity society

Concept of Infinity

Now we live in an immediate time.
Ages and eras at our fingertips. 

Reach out to us still living on

living and speaking to us in our now.
So much to discover. So much to live.

The concept of infinity just beginning
to dawn on us presently. 

August 20

Initially a proverbial 98-pound weakling, bullied at school and unable to impress the girl of his dreams, Mary James, the 5'1" Al Pratt was trained to fighting condition by ex-boxer Joe Morgan. Pratt soon became a founding member of the Justice Society of America, first appearing in All-American Comics #19 (August 20, 1940). Atom describes himself to his fellow JSAers as “Al Pratt, a quiet sophomore at Calvin College.” He later became a founding and active member of the All-Star Squadron. During World War II, Pratt served as a tank driver in the United States Army. In 1948, the Atom gained super strength as a result of the latent effects of his 1942 battle with the reluctant supervillain Cyclotron. It was later revealed that he had taken partial custodianship of Cyclotron’s daughter Terri. During his early days of crime fighting, Pratt possessed no superhuman qualities. Instead, he was a particularly adept combatant with a strength level disproportionate to his size. After being exposed to Cyclotron’s energies, Al Pratt gained superhuman strength, agility, and was able to focus radioactive energy into a punch. In addition, Atom was invulnerable to certain forms of radiation.

The way I see it,
I’ve always been yours,
since the beginning of time,
and once every thousand years,
when the right stars
and planets
perfectly align,
my heart may rejoice,
for in this brief window of time
our souls passionately combine
and I am lucky enough
to call you

- M.A. Tempels © 2015

In celebration of planning my return to Icy this year: 

Mamiya 645 x Kodak Ektar

We are all one unity, as such there is no difference between life and death or space time. All things, actions and phenomena are not multiple ripples, instead the universe is a single unitary  preponderance, of which we are each part of. This maybe unfathomable  to some and result in the seeking of escapism and attempt at reductionism’s  of unity into fractured entities. To me, this unity is infinitely complex, much more preferable is a simple system: unity through nil.
Why? Why? Why? Why?Why? Why? Why does the value of a person even matter? If life has no value all is just. Life and death are not demarcated. Any and all actions have no impact on anything. Moral imbeciles, are those who side with zero or negative infinity. The ideals of society are founded on positive infinity. Why? Why? Why do persons commit to zero or negative infinity? All men are created equal and all men are uncreated equal, but in-between there is inequality. Why? Multiplying both sides of an equation by zero when man-kind can’t find truth, un-truth is converted to truth via violence times zero, problem equals question mark. Zero times problem equals question mark times zero, based on an incorrect theorem, zero equals zero. Problem solved. I have spent my entire life seeking this alternative, so that the questions on how to live and what to live for, may be addressed.
—  James Holmes’ journal, just weeks before the shooting