infinity society

June 23

Obsidian is the codename of Todd Rice, who is the biological son of Alan Scott and Rose Canton. Todd was raised in an abusive adoptive home in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He finds out in his late teens that he has a twin sister, Jennie-Lynn Hayden, alias Jade. They meet, discover they both have superpowers and, operating under the assumption that Green Lantern was their father, decide to follow in his footsteps. As Obsidian and Jade, they were founding members of the superhero team Infinity, Inc., a group composed mainly of the children, grandchildren, and protégés of members of the Justice Society of America. He first appeared in All-Star Squadron #25 (June 23, 1983). Obsidian also serves with the Justice League in a space-station based headquarters. He has many various adventures there, including helping the League deal with dozens of aliens who are the last members of their species. During his tenure with the League, he undergoes therapy. For a time, he also has to deal with seemingly permanent injuries to his shadow form. Obsidian is connected to the Shadowlands, a dimension of primordial, quasi-sentient darkness. At will, Obsidian can merge with his own shadow and possess the shadows of others. In his shadow form, he is stronger than in human form, can pass through solid objects and can fly.

In the late 1970s, Batman’s popularity was waning. Producers Benjamin Melniker and Michael E. Uslan purchased the film rights of Batman from DC Comics in 1979. It was Uslan’s wish “to make the definitive, dark, serious version of Batman, the way Bob Kane and Bill Finger had envisioned him in 1939. Uslan was unsuccessful with pitching Batman to various movie studios because they wanted the film to be similar to the campy 1960s TV series. Uslan was unsuccessful with pitching Batman to various movie studios because they wanted the film to be similar to the campy 1960s TV series. After the financial success of Pee-wee’s Big Adventure (1985), Warner Bros. hired Tim Burton to direct Batman. Burton had then-girlfriend Julie Hickson write a new 30-page film treatment, feeling the previous script by Mankiewicz was campy. The success of The Dark Knight Returns and Batman: The Killing Joke rekindled Warner Bros.’ interest in a film adaptation. Burton was initially not a comic book fan, but he was impressed by the dark and serious tone found in both The Dark Knight Returns and The Killing Joke. When comic book fans found out about Burton directing the film with Michael Keaton starring in the lead role, controversy arose over the tone and direction Batman was going in.[17] Hamm explained, "They hear Tim Burton’s name and they think of Pee-wee’s Big Adventure. They hear Keaton’s name and they think of any number of Michael Keaton comedies. You think of the 1960s version of Batman, and it was the complete opposite of our film. We tried to market it with a typical dark and serious tone, but the fans didn’t believe us.” Batman opened on June 23, 1989, grossing $43.6 million in 2,194 theaters during its opening weekend. Despite initial negative reactions from comics fans prior to the film’s release, Keaton’s portrayal of Batman was generally praised. The success of Batman prompted Warner Bros. Animation to create the acclaimed Batman: The Animated Series, as a result beginning the long-running DC animated universe and helped establish the modern day superhero film genre.

The way I see it,
I’ve always been yours,
since the beginning of time,
and once every thousand years,
when the right stars
and planets
perfectly align,
my heart may rejoice,
for in this brief window of time
our souls passionately combine
and I am lucky enough
to call you

- M.A. Tempels © 2015

We are all one unity, as such there is no difference between life and death or space time. All things, actions and phenomena are not multiple ripples, instead the universe is a single unitary  preponderance, of which we are each part of. This maybe unfathomable  to some and result in the seeking of escapism and attempt at reductionism’s  of unity into fractured entities. To me, this unity is infinitely complex, much more preferable is a simple system: unity through nil.
Why? Why? Why? Why?Why? Why? Why does the value of a person even matter? If life has no value all is just. Life and death are not demarcated. Any and all actions have no impact on anything. Moral imbeciles, are those who side with zero or negative infinity. The ideals of society are founded on positive infinity. Why? Why? Why do persons commit to zero or negative infinity? All men are created equal and all men are uncreated equal, but in-between there is inequality. Why? Multiplying both sides of an equation by zero when man-kind can’t find truth, un-truth is converted to truth via violence times zero, problem equals question mark. Zero times problem equals question mark times zero, based on an incorrect theorem, zero equals zero. Problem solved. I have spent my entire life seeking this alternative, so that the questions on how to live and what to live for, may be addressed.
—  James Holmes’ journal, just weeks before the shooting