infinity scarf


Fashion for Black and Red-Brown Dragon (caliginousbeast)

Tie: $5.91 It kind of reminded me of what you were talking about. 

Choker: $5.99 Oh, I love this choker! 

Necklace: $8.95 This is such a beautiful necklace! 

Red Leggings: $11.99 Ohh, these are so pretty. You can wear them under cargo shorts for a more androgynous look. 

Scale Shirt: $40.00 Nice! 

Chevron Bag: $38.48 Oh, how nice! It has sequins! 

Bandana: $14.99 Wear it around your neck or wrist or whatever! 

Infinity Scarf: $8.99 Oh, it’s also chevron! No sequins on this one, though! 

Plaid Leggings: $10.99 Again, you can wear these under cargo shorts for a more androgynous look! 


I decided that I spent too much money on clothes last year, so one of my goals for 2016 is to not spend any money on clothing unless absolutely  necessary.  But, I like new clothes, so I’ve started making myself a few new things.

This infinity scarf is made from 2 t-shirts and requires minimal hand sewing to  connect the ends of the grey strip together.

Photos by Marlene Picard and Jason Troff.  Tutorial by me.