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It’s been way too long since I finished an Infinity Base. I got hung up on the design of Jasmine’s, but when Mulan came out I knew exactly what to do. So with that, I present the latest in my series of Disney Infinity character bases: Mulan!

As always, designed in Rhino, 3D printed, and hand painted.

Fic post

I wrote a ficlet in honour of today. It’s dedicated to @thisstableground, for encouraging neurodiversity headcanons and humouring my art prompts.

June 18th

“Nice shirt. Is that a polyamory thing?”

“Huh?” Startled out of his train of thought, Alex took a second to glance down at the multi-coloured infinity symbol printed on his tank, then up at the man standing next to him on the subway platform. “Oh, um no.”

Alex squinted at the man who had addressed him, trying to pick up clues. He was pretty sure he didn’t know the guy, and he hadn’t used his name, which also supported the stranger theory. White, sandy-haired, clean-shaven. Black t-shirt subtly displaying arms that he had obviously spent time on. Rainbow-coloured silicon band on his wrist; the ghost of last night’s club stamp on the back of his hand; manicured nails.

The man noticed Alex surveying him and gave an expensive-looking grin. Oh.

Jeez, couldn’t he use Grindr for his hook-ups like everyone else? This shit was tacky, even for the fuckfest of Pride weekend, and it was too goddamn early in the day to deal with being fetishised for his skin tone. Alex tugged on the loose ends of his backpack’s straps, pulling them taut but with not quite enough pressure to actually tighten them. He took a breath.

“It’s not a gay thing either – although I am, in fact, bisexual.” The guy’s flinch was subtle, but Alex caught it. “It’s a neurodiversity thing. Because today’s Autistic Pride Day, and I’m autistic.”

The man’s expression shifted from flirtatious into the kind of fixed smile used to humour crazy people. “Ah. I see. That’s, uh…”

“It’s pretty cool, actually. I mean, having two different Prides to celebrate in one weekend gets kind of exhausting – whoever came up with the scheduling obviously did not think about it intersectionally – but it’s okay because I get to spend today hanging out with other autistic people, and I don’t need to put any effort into not looking weird.”

By now the other man had broken eye contact with Alex as he cast around for a way to excuse himself from the increasingly awkward situation. As if on cue, the train rattled into the station before Alex could explain any further about the benefits of a mutually-supportive autistic peer group, and the man made a break for the door of the next-but-one car.

Alex took his own seat in the train and pulled out his headphones, selecting a familiar playlist on his phone to block out the other passengers’ chatter. He leaned his head back to rest against the window for a moment, eyes closed, enjoying the rocking motion as the train gathered speed.

He smiled to himself. Neurotypicals had such a fucked-up approach to boundaries.


Beauiful handmade Aboriginal Print Infinity Scarf - 100% cotton and double sided.The scarf is so vibrant, beautifully bold and very long so you can wrap it around a few times or wear it over your head. Perfect for keeping warm through the winter months but also suitable for spring and cool summer evenings…


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do you ever wonder what aesthetic the 2010s will be remembered for? I feel like with the rise of fast fashion we’re not even gonna have that concept anymore bc okay yeah now is all about like chokers, overlined lips, highlighters “that can be seen from space”, distressed or see-through clothing, but not that long ago we were flooded with images of galaxy print, infinity scarves, sock buns, honestly who are we

My Rapunzel base is finished! It might even be my favorite one too. The lampposts were super intricate to print and the cobblestone was a pain to paint, but I think it came out great.

So this will be my final base for a little while as I’m out of infinity characters that I want to make them for (the starter pack of Jack Sparrow, Mr. Incredible, and Sully doesn’t do much for me). I am thinking about buying Jack Skellington or Sorcerer Mickey to make them for, but what I’m really waiting for is the Merida figure to come out this fall!

Passion for obnoxiously large scarves 💕
• Aztec print infinity scarf (Charlotte Russe $7.50)
• cream sheer sleeveless high low blouse (H&M)
• grey stonewashed leggings (TJ Maxx)
• cream knee socks
• tan combat boots (delia*s)
• gold geometric pendant necklace (Charlotte Russe)
• green military jacket (F21)


Beauiful handmade Ankara Print Infinity Scarf - 100% cotton and double sided.The scarf is so vibrant, beautifully bold and very long so you can wrap it around a few times. Perfect for keeping warm through the winter months but also suitable for spring and summer evenings…


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