infinity leggings

Passion for obnoxiously large scarves 💕
• Aztec print infinity scarf (Charlotte Russe $7.50)
• cream sheer sleeveless high low blouse (H&M)
• grey stonewashed leggings (TJ Maxx)
• cream knee socks
• tan combat boots (delia*s)
• gold geometric pendant necklace (Charlotte Russe)
• green military jacket (F21)

HEEEY again, it’s been a bit since I posted my first tip and I decided we need a new one now so here it is, fall outfits. There’s going to be a bit of a different layout now, but it’s not super different.


Outfit 1:
• Flannel: wear either over halter top or around waist, depending on weather
• Halter top
• Ripped skinny jeans
• Combat boots
♡ this is cute for a sort of grunge vibe in chillier but not COLD weather

Outfit 2:
• Skater skirt
• Sweaters: tuck front middle loosely into skater skirt for a more “streamlined” look
• Knee high socks
• Vans or oxfords (is that what they’re called??)
♡ this is super cute for fall and the knee high socks are totally in right now

Outfit 3:
• Red and black flannel
• Black baby doll dress (Brandy Melville Jada Dress is perfect for this)
• Black tights
• Combat boots
♡ this is very grunge and so cute, the best part is that you can wear your summer dresses during fall as well

Outfit 4:
• Sweater
• Skinny jeans
• Military jacket
• Plaid scarf
• Chelsea boots
♡ this is a simple, polished looking outfit for the chillier days when you need a jacket

Outfit 5:
• Oversized hoodie/ sweatshirt
• Black leggings
• Converse
• Infinity scarf
♡ this is a super comfy outfit for those days when you just don’t feel like getting dressed up. A messy bun looks perfect with this

Outfit 6:
• Jean vest hoodie
• Flannel
• Black jeans
• Black chunky boots
♡ also very grunge and fairly warm too

Outfit 7:
• Striped tee
• Denim jacket
• Jeans
• Chelsea boots
♡ this super simple outfit is perfect for school days

Outfit 8:
• Long cardigan
• Crop top
• Light wash skinny jeans
♡ cute way to wear crop tops after crop top season

Outfit 9:
• Ringer tee
• Plaid skirt
• Converse
♡ this outfit has a very tumblr, cool vibe that’ll make you the best dressed girl you know

Outfit 10:
• Shirt dress
• Infinity scarf
• Flannel around waist
• Knee high socks
♡ You can alternate the shirt dress with a sweater dress depending on the weather


• Beanies
• Scarves
• Chokers
• Long pendant necklaces
• Friendship bracelets


Hope this helped you! Feel free to request tips in my ask box :)

a million of these moments, please.

My favorite moments are the smallest ones.

He perpetually traces a figure eight on my skin with the tip of his finger, a small, nervous habit I noticed on one of our earliest dates. Forever, forever, forever, an invisible infinity loop on my leg, my arm, the back of my hand.

At concerts, he stands just behind me, hands on my shoulders, thumbs drumming along to his favorite songs in the hollow spaces between my shoulder blades. 

He’s had insomnia that has turned him nocturnal for weeks, but he still goes to bed early with me, just because he knows I’ll sleep better if he’s there to read comic books beside my unconscious, snoring body.

Ralph has been waking up with angry, teething gums and when he’s inconsolable, Aaron will pick up his sweaty little body and take to the rocking chair. From down the hallway, I can hear Aaron’s soft, sweet rendition of Thunder Road coaxing Buster back to sleep. 

At some point, other people are going to tire of reading about how much I love this guy, but no matter how many times I open my laptop or any of the notebooks crammed beside my bed and into my purses, I cannot for the life of me write about anything else.