infinity formula


friendly reminder that bobbi morse, SHIELD agent, super spy, scientist, avenger, has replicated a FUNCTIONAL version of the ORIGINAL super soldier serum which she was given along with the infinity formula to save her life. therefore bobbi morse is also a super soldier. it’s funny because she has always wanted to be captain america. she should be given more credits. she’s so underrated it’s fucking annoying.

Nervous Energy || OPEN

It wasn’t that Bobbi didn’t like the lab.  In fact, working on curing the virus was one of the few things that made sense at the moment.  A specific problem.  An elusive, but defined solution.  As a spy she had worked in so many shades of grey, sometimes a little bit of black and white can only help you.  But there was something that wasn’t satisfied by lab work.

Bobbi’s specific condition was complicated.  The serum she had taken still needed work, and it sometimes interacted strangely with the infinity formula Fury had her dosed with.  So when she tried to do things like maintain 12 hours in the lab every day, well, she got pent up.  She was so glad that Tony designed the gym for superhumans.

She was halfway through a routine she set up for herself, weights, cardio, boxing; it was intensive, and at least at this time of night, she really didn’t expect anyone to come into the gym.  After this she would be able to sleep, she was sure of it – as long as she didn’t think about how much she felt she could be doing on top of the lab work.  She had gotten used to taking the risks.

She was part way through a set of weighted squats, a long barbell held behind her head was near enough to bending with the heavy plates she had loaded it with, when she heard movement behind her.  “I didn’t expect anyone would be in the gym this late.”  She commented as she lowered herself into the squat, whoever it was, they weren’t in her line of sight yet.