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friendly reminder that bobbi morse, SHIELD agent, super spy, scientist, avenger, has replicated a FUNCTIONAL version of the ORIGINAL super soldier serum which she was given along with the infinity formula to save her life. therefore bobbi morse is also a super soldier. it’s funny because she has always wanted to be captain america. she should be given more credits. she’s so underrated it’s fucking annoying.

Infiniti and Pirelli Partner on ‘Project Black S”

Premium car manufacturer Infiniti and Official Formula One tire supplier Pirelli have announced they will collaborate on Infiniti’s ‘Project Black S’.

The new partnership was announced at the Canadian GP by Tommaso Volpe, Director, Infiniti Global Motorsport, & Paul Hembery, Motorsport Director, Pirelli.

Unveiled in March 2017, ‘Project Black S’ explores the potential of a future performance grade for Infiniti. Pirelli’s contribution will include the design and construction of bespoke tires developed exclusively for ‘Project Black S’.

The ground-breaking project hints at how a performance hybrid powertrain – developed in close collaboration with Renault Sport Formula One Team – could significantly enhance the performance and dynamics of an Infiniti Q60.

Pirelli was attracted to the Project Black S as a true track-to-road technology transfer project. Thanks to motorsport and Formula One, Pirelli embarks on a new and challenging collaboration to develop dedicated tires for a car that features outstanding performance coupled with extreme aerodynamics. Through this partnership, Pirelli’s renowned sporting DNA is demonstrated once more, which is chosen to guarantee the best compromise between performance and safety.

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do you think it's possible that in the mcu nat's birthdate is not necessarily true? i think it's possible that 1984 is the birthdate she set for herself/shield set for her to hide her past and whatnot.

Is it possible that it’s a fake and either Natasha gave SHIELD a fake date or doesn’t know how old she really is? Until we are finally given most of her backstory, that is always a possibility, and there’s no telling what a director and screenwriter might do in event of an actual Black Widow movie. 

But for right now, with the creative team Marvel currently has working on these movies, I think there is little chance that Natasha will end up being secretly older than what we were told in CA:TWS. This is because during the press junket for CA:TWS, the screenwriters (who also wrote CA:CW and A:IW) were asked a question about Natasha’s age:

The comics obviously have this history between Winter Soldier and Black Widow, although Black Widow, as far as we know, was not born in WWII. Was there a different way you could approach that dynamic between them?

CM: They have crossed paths.
SM: Yeah, we will leave it at that. But yeah, we acknowledge all of that stuff. We get it, but it’s—
CM: Then you wind up in Infinity Formula territory where everyone is a 100 years old. That’s a strange world. [X]

So as of right now, Markus and McFeely are writing Natasha as a 33-year-old woman who was born in 1984. Until there’s a change in screenwriters, I don’t think there’s a possibility that she’s secretly older, and that’s why I personally expect that any pre-Odessa interactions between Natasha and the Winter Soldier will be set sometime between 2003-2007.

(Now if anyone wants to read a really amazing fanfic about Natasha being secretly older, I can’t recommend not the most honest means of travel by irnan enough.)

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Who are the other marvel heroes without powers?

well I mean there are more then a few (like more than I can list) but comparatively to DC there’s a lot fewer, some of the major ones are like the iron man family, Hawkeye (NOT black widow, she’s had the super soldier serum), Ka-Zar, Punisher, Nick Fury Jr/Sr, Star-Lord, Union Jack (I think all three of em, Chapman I’m sure tho), Mockingbird*, Silver Sable

marvel seems to do a lot less of the tech heavy vigilante thing than DC does

*is later given the super soldier serum/infinity formula