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Steven Universe 

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Star vs The Forces of Evil (Starco)

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Star vs The Forces of Evil

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Samurai Jack Season 5

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We Bare Bears 

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My Little Pony Friendship is Magic

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Rick and Morty 

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The Legend of Korra

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Gravity Falls 

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Adventure Time 

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Infinity Train

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Over the Garden Wall 

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Wander Over Yonder

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Danny Phantom 

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I present to you: My attempt at a fandom shitpost to end all fandom shitposts.

Thanks to @crystalitar and @thegreyturtle for letting me borrow their icons to make it look more authentic

When you expect a little but you receive a LOT 

I did this a week ago but then forgot about it and i know its crappy but its already done so here just take it

you cannot tell me that peter won’t have major ptsd after iw. like imagine during history class, flash raises his hand and brings up iw and peter starts to get all fidgety. he tries to block out flash with his everything but he can’t. the memories all come back to him like a punch to the face. suddenly peter can’t breathe and he feels everything crashing onto him. peter quickly runs out of the classroom and into the bathroom to try to escape everything.

When the squad & I roll up to the club
We sit in the corner and huddle together
Trying to talk over the music & feeling awkward
Next week we go back to board game night
It’s a lot less scary

Imagine going to San Diego Comic Con with your boyfriend, Tom. The crowd goes crazy when they see him wink to you in the audience; it’s the first time you’ve been to an event together as a couple. It’s hard to explain the thrill of excitement in seeing your very own boyfriend on stage, but the best part of it all is seeing the newest trailers before all your friends.

“They feed on energy alone. From life-force they live. They know not what they do, they simply do what they must.”

Words by C.R. Sheehan

Disney Infinity idea: Star Butterfly by joltzen (deviantart)
Ok Disney, you need to get to work on your Star merchandise. I would love to play Star and Marco in the game and have them interact with the other Disney characters! 😀

I can imagine people wanting to blow everything up with Star’s wand or beating up everyone with Marco’s karate…

Heroes of Targos #6

Marvoril Fylaeneiros - Lawful Evil Aasimar Necromancer, Age 30

With a dignified smirk and the deliberate ruffling of his collar, MARVORIL proudly proclaims that he is a graduate of a distinguished magical academy in central Cormyr, where he specialized in the magical school of Necromancy. He claims that the art of magically manipulating the energies of life is often misunderstood and mistrusted, and blames such views on ignorance. He is determined to make light of the profession by showing that such arts can be used for good, and is often the first to point out that many clerical arts are nercomancy by nature.

Marvoril declines to share much of his past beyond his academic achievements, and assures you that his intentions are quite noble. Though he is rather haughty and dismissive of his ‘lessers’, his claims of furthering the image of necromancy in the eyes of the common man seem legitimate enough. However, you cannot deny the feeling that the aasimar is hiding something about his past or his motivations.

It should be noted that the symbol of Ilmater is visible as a birthmark on the right side of his face despite heavy scarring on the area, indicating that his celestial heritage comes from a daeva or angel in service of the Crying God.

The enigmatic, noble necromancer Marvoril is the support spellcaster of the Company of Mysteries. As his title implies, he specializes in the manipulation of life energies and the raising of the dead. He also is quite proficient at creating magical barriers and defenses for himself and his companions.

Though his celestial blood implies a deep-seated predisposition for goodness and virtue, Marvoril more often comes off as haughty, dismissive, and pretentious. He is convinced of the higher role of law and order, and dislikes the ‘barbaric’ living situations of the Ten-Towners in the north. Still, he seems true to his cause of furthering the name of necromancy in the eyes of the common man. It is suspected that if he is indeed a virtuous person as his heritage would imply, it is hidden beneath his less kindly traits.

His difficult personality quirks make him somewhat hard to deal with, and his practiced magical arts lead to mistrust within the group. Magnar in particular dislikes the man and does not trust him in the slightest, and while Grace respects his magical potency, their differing heritages are a point of tension between the two. Lucian, in his drive to see the best in everyone, believes his intent, and despite his dismissive view of her, Mori likes to try to cheer him up in her own time. As expected, Ophelia thinks little of him, and talks to him perhaps the least of the entire group.

Unbeknownst to the party, Marvoril’s intentions in the north are far more personal than they would inspect; Marvoril is a product of the demon Belhifet’s schemes thirty years prior. The cult using the worship of Ilmater as a front for their devious plot devised a plan to create a ‘prophet’ of Ilmater, forcing a ritualistically bound daeva to conceive an aasimar child with the blood of Ilmater himself.

Unfortunately for the cult, the intervention of the Company of the Even Hand, under the command of the paladin Varius Wintergaze, put an end to their plans. A lone cultist was able to escape with the young Marvoril to Cormyr, where they raised the child alone to perhaps fulfill the cult’s goals at a later date. However, upon telling Marvoril of his birth when he came of age, the cultist met an unfortunate end when the young aasimar killed him out of anger. Marvoril finished his education, and then proceeded to venture north to stamp out the successors of Belhifet, and to rid himself of his unwanted destiny.

In combat, Marvoril focuses on defensive magic with the occasional evocation spell, and falls back to a club or throwing dagger for personal defense.