infinity cloth


I decided that I spent too much money on clothes last year, so one of my goals for 2016 is to not spend any money on clothing unless absolutely  necessary.  But, I like new clothes, so I’ve started making myself a few new things.

This infinity scarf is made from 2 t-shirts and requires minimal hand sewing to  connect the ends of the grey strip together.

Photos by Marlene Picard and Jason Troff.  Tutorial by me.

Tomoyo's fashion check [Tsubasa Caractere Chronicle]

[page 41]

It is clothing that has made black – which is even his image color – the prevailing color, and the relaxed appearance is his characteristic.

Selece Country: The belt pouch is a good accent to the simple long coat!
Nihon Country: The crescent moon design promotes harmony. As expected, he is dressed tastefully, isn’t he? ♪
Infinity: It is clothing that has prioritized [the ability to] move easily, isn’t it!? The bandana around his forehead suits him, too ♪

[page 47]

Magician-san [has] great posture, like a gentleman. He is elegant, with smooth movements~.

Nihon Country: His tasteful way of dressing in Japanese clothing [is] marvelous, too! The delicate impression is strangely radiating sex appeal.
Infinity: A hard style dyed with black. The elegance is different from his usual, tender impression.
Selece Country: A robe with a hood attached. It is a garment befitting Magician-san, and it suits him.