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Leaked photo of Anthony Mackie and Tom Holland on set of Infinity War

I needed more Steve/Tony themed infinity War iPhone backgrounds so I made these. I thought I would share them with you! :) 

This is the same artwork from the posters cause I think it depicts the two and how they feel during infinity wars. Tony the scared but determined Bambi and Steve the angry papa bear that is ready to tear someone a new one. 

To have the individual ones I will put them under the ‘keep reading’ sign below!

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surprisinglyattached  asked:

Do you have any tips on product photography? All of your pouch and dice set photos look so good!

Thanks!! I’ve had plenty of practice - I did a lot of product photography in my previous job so that’s definitely part of it, but as far as tips go:

- Lighting! IMO the most important of all, especially for all the close up shots I do. Use natural daylight (no yellow/warm lights), or a daylight lamp. A softbox can really help to diffuse the light if you find the shadows are looking too harsh, and you can actually DIY your own pretty easily if you don’t fancy buying one.

- Regular camera. Don’t bother spending a ton of money on a super fancy camera. I picked mine up for something like two or three hundred quid from Amazon, and even if that broke down, the camera on my phone is actually really decent too. A good depth of field and crisp resolution are all you need, and I find those features are part of most affordable equipment nowadays.

- Infinity curve background. Makes editing super easy (unless all your dice in the photo are white then it’s a nightmare lol). It’s also easy to make one yourself if you have a big sheet of white paper and a bit of tape.

- Photoshop! It is the saviour of all things, and makes everything sparkle. I spend a lot of editing time making sure the photo matches the product as closely as possible, but also getting the contrast and levels juuust right so that each image is clear and eye-catching. 

I hope these tips are useful?!? No one’s ever asked me this before, and I absolutely do not consider myself an expert in this field in the slightest!
Proper photographers: feel free to chip in/correct me!