infinity arc


So what happen to the Senshi  during  the finale battle of each season/arc during the 90′s, manga and hopefully Crystal.  This is just a brief run down. I know I probably forgotten something. 

Classic/Dark Kingdom 

Anime- Gets killed individually by DD girls which leaves USa alone to face Beryl.. Comes back as ghost to give Usa energy to defeat  Metallia

Manga- Gives energy to Usa to help revive her so she can defeat Metallia to become unconscious and dies. Same for Crystal. 

R/Black Moon

Anime- Actively participates in the battle along with Mamoru which they gives Usa energy. ( Almost the same set-up in the R movie)

Manga- Eventually everyone falls into the Death Phantom’s lair. At the end of the Act Sailor Moon blasts Death Phantom which they are still conscious. They go on a mission to find Sailor Moon with Chibi Moon. They aren’t seen again until after Chibi Moon and Sailor Moon destroy Death Phantom.
(not unconscious) (thanks guardress

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Well It Took us almost 25 years but we got a Transformation Sequence for Saturn. Can’t Wait Too See the whole thing for the Dream Arc