infinity and anchor

Take me to the seaside or somewhere the sky matters and
don’t kiss me
do something unexpected, do something horrific
gaze into my eyes and ask me about life like I know something more
than how to endlessly disappoint

heavy heart, moonlit face,
poetry for brains

lie with me
I have so much to say about the universe expanding
pressed hard against your jeans
as we buckle under the weight of it all,
unbuckle each other

wake me at midnight, make me confess:
I want to be assessed the same way
astronomers weigh galaxies –
by measuring the brightness of stars

sometimes ceaselessly floating in infinity
sometimes anchored in empty space  

I am hot white imprints on your eyelids when you look away

dawn the colour of porcelain plates, day breaks
 pale and fragile

      a slip of a girl silhouetted against the sky

      a slow realisation of the unimportance of everything

My new Ariel tattoo! It came out so good! I went back to the artist who did my infinity anchor tattoo and she did a great job yet again (: I grew up loving the little mermaid and always admired her adventurous spirit. Before I moved to San Francisco all i wanted to do was leave home. I was miserable and bored of the people. (besides my family) So I moved to San Francisco, I didn’t know the city or anyone in it. 4 years later I have some amazing people around me, I am supporting myself and studying what I love to do. So this tattoo is a reminder to be adventurous. To try new things no matter how scary they seem, could get something good out of it. (;
Artist: Andi Evrard @ Brave New World Tattoo in