He took off his navy blue coat and tried placing it over my shoulders. 
“Thank you, but I’m not cold.” I lied.
“Don’t be stubborn. Your nose is red and you’re shivering.” He argued. 
I silently nod my head and let his coat keep me warmth. 
“You never minded before.” He pointed out. “Is there someone else?" 
I silently nod, "I like someone even though I’m not sure if they feel the same.”
He takes my hand and whisper, “With me you’ll never question whether I feel the same for you.”
I take my hand back, “But I’d always question my feelings for you. And I don’t want to see you get hurt." 
He laughs, "I don’t know whether you’re noble or stupid to endure all this pain just so others won’t get hurt.”


an excerpt from a book i’ll never write #5