infinitropolis  asked:

Does that last post "I was just thinking about you in the shower" mean a. You were thinking about me showering? or b. you were thinking in the shower and you happened to be thinking about me. Me by the way is whoever the subject is, not actually me. because either way, i'd feel a little weird.

Here’s an example of what the post means best fran :D

I was cleaning myself and then I thought

  • hey this bar smells like potatoes. 
  • potatoes remind me of Rick’s fetish for potatoes
  • His fetish for potatoes remind me therefore of him
  • oh god I’m thinking of Rick while I’m showering. 
  • I wonder if he keeps himself clean. 


Something reminded me of you (not you, and deff not Rick) while I was showering and I realized that I’m crazy.