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Harley Quinn Outfits

Every Harley Quinn outfit ever. 



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a new post this time since not everyone has seen the reblogged additions on the last one and i cannot resist sharing these hellacious memes

Every Poison Ivy Outfit Ever

For some of these I couldn’t find the comic name or where it’s from, but if you know please tell me so I can fix it!

Batman: The Animated Series

Joker’s Asylum

Arkham Asylum

Arkham Asylum Database

Arkham Knight

Batman: Crimson Mist

Batman & Demon: A Tragedy

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Unknown Poison Ivys

Playing with a personal timeline of the Batman Comics- might be helpful for you guys! :0 
any comments/critiques is welcomed, this is sort of a hand picked mix of Preboot/new 52/rebirth. Mostly preboot history though. 

1974- Bruce Wayne was Born
1983- Barbara Gordon was born
1986- Dick Grayson was born
1987- Helena Bertinelli  was born

1990- Jason was born
1993- Cassandra Cain was born
1994- Stephanie Brown was born
1995- Tim was born. Harper Rowe is born 
1999- Dick Grayson becomes Robin; Tim sees the Graysons fall. 
2000- Barbara Gordon becomes Batgirl. Duke Thomas was born. Dick creates/joins Teen Titans 
2001- Cass kills her first person
2002- Damian Born. the “New Teen Titans” are created. 
2003- Jason becomes robin. Dick becomes Nightwing. 
2006- Babs is paralyzed. Jason dies. Helena becomes Huntress 
2007- Tim becomes Robin. Steph becomes Spoiler 
2008- Cass becomes Batgirl. Tim joins/creates Young Justice. Babs creates “Birds of Prey”. ( “No Man’s Land” ) event occurs. 
2009- Tim joins Teen Titans. Jason comes back to life.

2010- Jason Todd returns to Gotham (”Under the Hood”)   
2011- Steph is Robin, Steph dies. Tim’s dad is killed. Infinite Crisis 
2012- Bruce dies, Dick becomes Batman. Tim leaves Robin. Damian becomes Robin. Cass is “Black Bat” . Steph becomes Batgirl
2013 - Bruce is resurrected Dick returns to Nightwing. 

2012- Damian dies. Dick “dies” . Jason joins the Outlaws. Steph returns to Spoiler (Babs is fit enough to return to “Batgirl”). Harper Rowe becomes Blue Jay
2015- Damian is revived. Duke Thomas starts “We Are Robin”
2016- Tim is “killed”. Damian takes over TT . Duke Thomas becomes “Lark”
2017-current year. 

Current Ages: 
Bruce Wayne: 43
Barbara Gordon: 34
Dick Grayson: 31
Helena Bertinelli: 30
Jason Todd: 23
Cassandra Cain: 24
Stephanie Brown: 23
Tim Drake: 22
Harper Rowe: 22
Duke Thomas: 17
Damian Wayne: 15 

Notes to Clear Somethings Up: 
I know, currently, Damian is about 13, but I felt there needed to be more time in between events. Also, I aged up Tim “I’ve been 17 forever” Drake. Will update if we find out what happens to Tim soon… 
One could assume, since I currently have no events listed in 2017, that this version of the batman verse is still in 2016 (making Damian 14) 

For sake of the time line, “One Year Later” after Infinite Crisis is actually only about 4-6 months. 

not really sure how old Alfred Pennysworth is…let’s just say: immortal. 

I know it could be controversial, but I have Dick starting Robin at 13 (allowing Tim Drake to see the Flying Graysons). In some continuities Dick is robin at 8 or 10; but I feel like making him 13 isn’t too big of a deal. 
Jason starts at 13 as well, he dies a little before he was 16. 
Tim starts at 12
Stephanie Brown is only robin for about 2-3 months
Damian starts at 10