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I looked everywhere before asking, but the pink bunk bed, I saw that you said it is in game (picture 2). Are you sure? Would you happen to know with which EP? I have BG-Pets and maybe I missed it in Generations? I would greatly appreciate it. /post/39191356774/my-best-posts-of-2012-01-02-03-04-05-06 P.S. I have been following you since Femke's Sims 2 alternative contest in which she won. Do you still have your pictures? They inspired my CAS process.

The bunk bed is from the store actually, this one.
And WOW, that was years ago. :O
I’m surprised anyone remembers that, the Miss Indie Teen contest, when she had bubble-pink hair and huge eyes, lol.
Thank you dear, for remembering and following me. :)
I still have my flickr with some edits, though, most of them are set to private so I made a little compilation for you. :D