Infinite Meme: Four Two pairings
↳ {½} Woogyu

Sungjong: Then what about us?
Sunggyu: You guys are just my men.


♡ Day 3 – Current favorite Infinite member and why

Haha, you really think I can pick a favorite? I was thinking of putting my top favorites but then I was like, “NO I LYK DEM ALL!!1” So I couldn’t help myself and put them all, jfc.

Well, what’s not to like about all of them? How am I suppose to explain why I like them all, ugh. Everything about them is perfect, okay. If you’re an Inspirit, not saying that if you are and this hasn’t happened to you…, then you must have at least had a period of your time loving one member more than another but then going back again right? Well, that’s happened to me, omg.

At first I was like, “H3y W00hyun, u r my bias!!” Lol and then Howon came along and ruined everything!! But then there’s that freaking perfect Myungsooface, gdi. And omg, later I fell in love with Dongwoo’s voice and shit. Then I got into like a Sungyeol fetish, LOLJDKLSAJDKSL. I’m still waiting for my Sunggyu and Sungjong moments, I’ve never had any yet. IT WILL HAPPEN SOON.

Lol, wtf did I even write up there. So in short, they’re all my favorite as of now!