Infinite Meme: Four Two pairings
↳ {½} Woogyu

Sungjong: Then what about us?
Sunggyu: You guys are just my men.


♡ Day 2 – First favorite Infinite member

I think almost everyone that follows me knows that he’s my first Infinite bias, lol. If not then… who’d you think it was?… Lol.

I don’t think I’m suppose to write why he’s my first Infinite bias, lol. But I will anyway… I’m actually rewriting it, since I wrote this already. Well, I don’t remember what I wrote the first time but whatever.

Woohyun was the first one that caught my attention when I watched their performances, I usually bias vocalists because I love them. And he was one of the three members I easily recognized back in 2010. I remember his blondish hair, oh those times. I wish it was back to that era, ha. And he had the cutest cheeks ever, omg. I really miss those chubby cheeks, ugh. Woohyun, stop. Just go and get your cheeks back, GO.

Sometimes I think really hard and ask myself if he’s truly my bias in Infinite and if it’s actually ever changed.


♡ Day 3 – Current favorite Infinite member and why

Haha, you really think I can pick a favorite? I was thinking of putting my top favorites but then I was like, “NO I LYK DEM ALL!!1” So I couldn’t help myself and put them all, jfc.

Well, what’s not to like about all of them? How am I suppose to explain why I like them all, ugh. Everything about them is perfect, okay. If you’re an Inspirit, not saying that if you are and this hasn’t happened to you…, then you must have at least had a period of your time loving one member more than another but then going back again right? Well, that’s happened to me, omg.

At first I was like, “H3y W00hyun, u r my bias!!” Lol and then Howon came along and ruined everything!! But then there’s that freaking perfect Myungsooface, gdi. And omg, later I fell in love with Dongwoo’s voice and shit. Then I got into like a Sungyeol fetish, LOLJDKLSAJDKSL. I’m still waiting for my Sunggyu and Sungjong moments, I’ve never had any yet. IT WILL HAPPEN SOON.

Lol, wtf did I even write up there. So in short, they’re all my favorite as of now!

♡ Day 1 — How you discovered Infinite

It’s kinda weird rewriting this, lol. Cause I wrote this once like in May or something. Wow, yeah, I’ve matured from being a newbie Inspirit to the one I am now. Amazing huh? In just 5 months… lol actually more than 5, but still.

Okay, first off I discovered Infinite from my friend I met in eighth grade. Lol yes, I got into KPOP when I was in eighth grade, which was like 2 years ago or something. We were like chill/cool kpop people. Well, I only knew SHINee back then, lol. And that’s all we discussed, but then I got more into KPOP and found out she was a bigger B2UTY, she was a Yeobo [ Yoseob Stan ] and I didn’t know any B2ST members back then, omg. Then Infinite debuted in like June and I think she told me to watch their performance or something…

Actually… she asked me to choose a name, Woohyun or Sungjong. I was oblivious to the situation so I chose Sungjong because I was obsessive over Kim Jonghyun [ SHINee ] and Lee Sungmin [ Super Junior ]. I was in a crises of picking a Super Junior bias back then, keke. And she asked me why, lol. And I didn’t even know what Woohyun or Sungjong looked like. I explained to her that Sungmin + Jonghyun = SungJong, LOL. /smacks self.

I then asked her why she asked me and I don’t remember what she said, /sigh. But I soon discovered Music Bank, Music Core, Inkigayo, Mnet Countdown and stuff. Then I stumbled upon an Infinite performance and just watched it, I didn’t like it at first, lol. And the only members I recognized was Sunggyu, Woohyun, and Sungjong. I didn’t know their names though. And yeah, I just kept watching their performances since then. And I didn’t even know their songs/tracks/album.

I don’t even know why I got excited when they released She’s Back. Lol it was already in the First Invasion album, but I didn’t have the album and I didn’t know. I didn’t even research anything about them. I really liked the She’s Back era, I paid more attention to them but later on… I just clicked on their performances and didn’t watch them, I just listened to them cause it didn’t really catch my eye. Now I regret so because I once lived through those times and I can’t go back… /sigh. You probably don’t know what I mean, huh?

Now I’m just rambling on my Inspirit life, lol. I was going to get into the Evolution era and stuff but that has nothing to do with this… LOL. Hope you had fun reading about my life.